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Rod of Aramis

This long black lacquered wooden rod has a large blue crystal at its tip, like a spearhead, that is about the size of a fist and crackles with arching electricity. The rod was created by the powerful mage, Aramis, who lived upon an isle somewhere in the Sea of Rains. However, the rod has not been seen since a terrible explosion rocked the island he had built his tower upon, and like the island, it is suspected that the rod now lays at the bottom of ocean.
    Whatever happened to it may be unknown, but its many powers are well recorded for Aramis left a notebook detailing its powers with a fellow mage before the island sank.
    The rod bears a +2 weapon enchantment The rod is +2 to damage and to hit. If the wielder of the rod attacks using the crystal at the end of it, the recipient of the attack suffers 1d8 points of electrical damage. The bearer of the rod receives electrical resistance 20. Once per day the wielder of the rod can invoke the power, "Lightning Sheath". This power causes the wielders body to be encased in electricity, granting them a +2 deflection bonus. Attacks made on the bearer with conductive materials (metal, flesh) cause the attacker to suffer 1d8 points of electrical damage. The lightning sheath lasts for 3d4 rounds.
    Finally, the bearer of the rod may key the item to himself by command so that any other being who picks it up suffers 1 point of electrical damage (no save) each round that the item is held. A successful dispel magic (DC 20) will turn the rods key off.
Caster Level: 9th;
Prerequisites: Craft Rod, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, lightning;
Market Price: 27,580 gp;
Weight: 4 lb.