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Cup of Sorrownon

This ornate platinum goblet is covered in mystic runes which erratically pulse and occasionally change shape. Usually the changing of the runes shape heralds the coming of an important event. The cup is about a foot tall and can contain a pint of liquid. The cup displays various powers when different liquids are placed within. Any given substance poured into the cup will only create a magical effect but once per day. When filled with the following substances, the designated effect occurs.
    Sand: The pouring our of this substance upon the shoulders of a singular creature or object has the effects of a haste or slow spell, depending on how quickly the sand was poured forth. The drinking of a cup of this substance causes the imbiber to cease to age for a year and a day. The digestive results of imbibing a pint of sand are left to the Dungeon Master.
    Water: If water taken from a running stream is poured into the cup and then poured out then the resulting puddle may be used as a crystal ball. If imbibed, the drinker need not consume liquids for nourishment for one week.
    Poison: If poison is poured into the cup and imbibed then the drinker gains a powerful vision regarding a specific item, person, place, or event - much like a legend lore spell. In general, the more deadly and powerful the poison consumed, the more potent, accurate, and revealing the revelation.
    Smoke: If smoke is poured into the cup and then poured out upon a creature then that creature gains the benefit of gaseous form. The effects of the enchantment last for 2d6 hours. If imbibed, the imbiber is transported to the para-elemental plane of smoke.
    Holy water: The imbiber of a cupful of holy water receives the benefits of protection from evil.
    Dust of a magic item: The dust of a mid-sized magical item is a sufficient drought to effect a restoration upon the imbiber.
    Blood: If one drinks a full cup of blood, taken from a person other than the imbiber, the benefits of a heal are gained.
    Other powers are said to exist in the cup. Experimentation is encouraged, though may be risky. Other effects may take place when various substances are poured into, out of, or imbibed from the cup.
Weight: 6 lb.