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Lightning Flower Seeds

These extremely rare and strange flowers are thought to originate from T'Shadin T'Shorak, the Mountain of Storms. This fabled mountain lays hidden in the Evermounts where it is said a tribe of gnome-like beings make their home. Legend has it that on top of the mountain lives the King of Storms, deity to the gnome-men who live below, and that it is from there that all of the storms which rage over the Sea of Lost Souls originate from.
    The story goes that there is a place called Tu'maran, the Rift, which is deep beneath the waves which run turmoil over the Sea of Lost Souls. There lives the T'kraku, a terrible beast. Once the gnome-men lived on the shores of the Sea of Lost Souls and the T'kraku fed upon them by crawling ashore at night and scooping up their homes into the sea. The gnome-men eventually fled deeper and deeper into the hills, but the evil T'kraku continued to slink from the sea's waves to dine upon them at nights. Finally the gnome-men came to T'Shadin, the Mountain, a place where fierce lightning struck constantly. Tales of an immense creature of shattered lightning flying among the clouds spread among the gnome-men and eventually one of their Shaman gathered his courage and climbed the mountain to see what beast lived there.
    The creature of lightning called itself Tu'Renan T'Shorak, or the King of Storms, and it craved to dig into the mountain to claim the endless veins of gems and precious metals which were found within, but could not since it required the power of being struck by lightning to fuel and feed its being. The gnome-men agreed to mine forth the vast wealth which the King of Storms could not get to in return for protection from the T'Kraku.
    So the King of Storms summoned forth a tremendous and ever-lasting storm to torment and stir the waters of the Sea of Lost Souls; across the entire breadth of the great sea he caused darkness and terrible winds to blow, stirring the sea so thoroughly that T'Kraku became lost in the churning waves and could not find its way ashore. When T'Kraku did find shore, the King of Storms struck at it with many painful strokes of lightning until it retreated back into the waves, blinded by the bright flashes.
    T'kraku was however, and though it was blinded it would smell out the gnome men and gobble them up any time they came too near the waters to fish. But the gnome-men needed to fish for food to help them survive and food in the Evermounts is scarce and too dangerous to hunt. So the King of Storms allowed the gnome-men to pluck from the top of the mountain his rare lightning flowers so that the gnome-men could use them against T'Kraku. The seeds let the gnome-men cause lightning to come down from the sky and strike the gluttonous T'Kraku when it came ashore to eat up the fishermen. T'Kraku, blind from the lightning that the King of Storms had struck it with, was tricked into thinking that the King of Storms still waited on the waters edge when the gnome-men used the lightning flower's seeds against it, and so it quickly retreated back into the waters.
    Whether true or not, there are still perpetual storms which rage over the Sea of Lost Souls, and those who fish it's un-navigable waters from the shore do speak of a great silvery serpent which can be seen in the waves and chill waters from time to time. It is also said that only lightning which comes from the seeds can trick the clever T'Kraku who knows the difference between natural lightning and that of the King of Storms.
    When the pearly, round seeds of the lightning flower are hurled at the ground or an enemy there will strike from the sky a stroke of lightning, harming everything within 10 feet of where the seed pieces landed. Any creature within this area suffers 10d10 points of damage from the stroke of lightning. There need not be clouds in the sky to use these magical seeds, though one does need to be under the sky for the King of Storms has no power in places where the sky is not visible above.
    Lightning flowers stand a little over a foot tall, and atop of their stalk is a beautiful white flower which turns blue towards its center. The flower looks something like that of a rhododendron. A single flowering plant will yield 1d4, 1/2 inch across, seeds which dangle from the underside of the flower. The seeds are light and can be thrown like small stones. Again, such lightning flowers are very rare.
Caster Level: 5th;
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, call lightning;
Market Price: 1,500 gp (each);
Weight: -