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Tome of Faces

This deadly book is made from the stretched skin of those who have suffered its curse. There are only a couple dozen pages to this book. Any being who opens up the book to view its contents must immediately make a Reflex saving throw (DC XX) or the tome flies up and attaches itself to the bearer's face.
    Unless a remove curse is cast within the following 1d4+1 rounds, the tome then wrenches itself away from the victims head, tearing away their face with it, and then falls to the floor, closed. The victim immediately looses 8 points of charisma (to a minimum of 1). The face of the unfortunate becomes yet another page within the Book of Faces - hideously stretched out into a rectangular shape. Any attempt to harm the tome causes it to teleport away and appear in the nearest library of books, but not that which it last was found in.
    The Tome of Faces is said to have been created by the demon lord Malphraerat-Xal who would place it in the libraries of wizards who had summoned and mistreated his minions. Its effects can only be repaired by a regeneration, wish, or miracle magics.
    Viewers who successfully save when opening the book may be further required to make a horror check at the option of the Dungeon Master.
Caster Level: 15th;
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, horrid wilting, creator must be evil;
Market Price: 112,000gp;
Cost to Create: 96,000gp and 2000 XP;
Weight: 1 lb.