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Lord of Gales

This sword was said to have been stolen from the treasures of the Serpent of the World, from deep beneath the sea. Though the serpent could not catch the thief, it cursed the blade, darkening its powers. Since then, the sword has changed hands through-out the world, but it is always followed by angry windstorms which make known the displeasure of the Serpent of the World at having its prize stolen. On any given day, there is a 50% chance that a mighty windstorm (DMG pg 87 for details) is summoned. The storm lasts for 1d4 days. The bearer can exert control over the direction of the wind by concentration.
    The charisma of the swords bearer is lowered by 2 points for as long as the sword is carried. When angered, the penalty becomes a -5 charisma modifier and storm clouds begin to gather. It is said that the anger of the Serpent of the World corrupts and fills those who hold the blade. At a word, an angered sword wielder can cause the sky to ripple with deep thunder or flash with lightning. The sword also bestows an uncannily perfect sense of weather prediction to its owner, granting weather prescience of one day into the future. The sword also grants its bearer the ability to wind walk. Further, any ship captaineered by someone who holds the blade will have stormy weather, but will travel at twice the ships normal pace, always at the head of the storm.
    Finally, the greatest power of the sword is called the "lightning dance." The bearer can invoke this power once per week, when a storm is overhead. The dance begins with the wielder raising the sword to the sky, whereupon he is strick by a powerful blast of lightning, causing him and anyone within 10 feet 3d6 points of damage, no save. The lightning cloaks the wielder of the sword in electricity for 4d4 rounds. During this time, any who strike the sword wielder, or who the wielder strikes, suffer 2d6 electrical damage (Fort save DC 15 for one-half damage). The lightning dance is a noisy affair, with many great booms of thunder eminating with each sword strike. Creatures within 60 feet must make Fortitude saves (DC 13) or be deafened.
Weight: 3 lb.