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Amulet of Arachnids

This strange amulet appears as a small pewter spider shaped to clasp a small red gem, hanging from a fine chain necklace. Those who are not wearing the amulet may occasionally think that they see the spider flex its legs about the red stone.
    The amulet remains inert, effecting no display of magical power until its wearer comes within 120 feet of 10 or more tiny spiders. At this point, the wearer becomes aware of a high pitched keening sound, coming from the amulet. Then, suddenly, the wearer is paralyzed, while all the spiders within range of the amulets call travel to the wearer, climb their body, and enter in through their mouth. Once all the spiders have entered the body of the wearer, the paralyzation wears off. Upto 50 spiders can be held in the wearers body in this fashion, the amulet keening and attracting them each time until no more can be held.
    Thereafter the wearer gains several powers. First, when barefoot and barehanded, the wearer of the amulet can climb walls as if they had been the recipient of a spider climb spell. There is no duration to this ability. Further, the wearer of the amulet becomes immune to all natural poisons. The wearer gains 60 foot darkvision. The wearer can move freely through areas that have been obstructed by the web spell, or by similar conditions. Lastly, when the wearer sleeps, the tiny spiders climb forth from his body and stand guard. Should any approach, with harmful intent, the spiders suddenly grow to Small size and attack.
Caster Level: 7thth;
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Summon Monster IV;
Market Price: 56,000 gp;
Weight: -