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Lizard's Scale

On the back of this palm-sized, white-green scale is a pair of strange markings. Tracing these markings in the correct fashion (a standard action that provokes an attack of opportunity) causes the scale to fuse with the wearers skin and then thousands of other scales spread out from there and cover the bearer's body, granting a natural AC of +7.
    Tracing the scale in the wrong fashion (interrupted while invoking the scale, failing to activate blindly, etc) summons a powerful white slaad, demon which speaks "I have come as called to take what is mine!" The creature then attacks the scale bearer for 2d4 rounds. If it lands a successful attack than the bearer must make a Will save (DC 30 [10+½HD+Cha bonus]) or have their spirit drawn out of their body. Should the demon succesfully do this then it disappears with the spirit in hand, leaving the lifeless body behind. Defeating the fiend destroys the scale's magic.
    Tracing the scale's pattern is a standard action.
Caster Level: 20th;
Market Price: 980,000gp;
Weight: -