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Malibone's Bow

This +3 enchanted composite longbow is crafted from thick white bone and has a steel string. While firing an arrow from the bow, the wielder can choose to will themselves to travel with the arrow. The bow wielder then reappears wherever the arrow landed, with bow in hand. This effect can be done three times per day.
    Second, should the wielder of the bow shoot three arrows into the air, aimed at the moon, then their spirit departs from their body and soars 1100 feet into the air, gaining an excellent view of the surrounding terrain. The effect lasts for 10 minutes, or until the wielder wills the effect to end. The body of the wielder is helpless while its spirit is distant. Further, the spirit is unaware of any harm that befalls their body while it is absent; unless of course, it sees what happens to its body from its high vantage. Using this power expends the bows magic until the next day.
Caster Level: 9th;
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armors, Bowgentle's fleeting journey;
Market Price: 50,400 gp;
Weight: 4 lb.