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This charred black staff is about 6 feet long. At one end, the staff splits into a "Y" crook, like a hopack. There, between the two prongs of the "Y" floats a slowly spinning shard of black crystal.
    The staff strikes as a +3 weapon and has 10 charges which renew at a rate of 5 per day. By expending a charge, the wielder of the staff can cause black, rubbery tendrils to lash out from the staff and strike at one creature within 100 feet. This requires a ranged touch attack. The targeted creature must then make a Reflex saving throw (DC 20) or become grappled and suffer 4d6 points of negative energy damage and 4d6 points of slam damage. Creatures which successfully save are not grappled and suffer half damage. The wielder of the staff is then healed 1d8+1 points of damage. On following rounds the grappled character suffers an additional 2d6 points of crushing damage and 2d6 points of negative energy damage, and may attempt to escape by making a grapple check (DC 30).
    Blackwinder's tendrils can be targeted against objects, dealing slam damage. Undead struck by the tendrils are healed, rather than harmed, by the negative energy of the staff's attack.
Caster Level: 13th;
Prerequisites: Craft Staff, Evard's Black Tentacles;
Market Price: 64,850 gp;
Cost to Create: 42,635 gp +1,705 XP;
Weight: 4 lb.