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Axe of Fatar

This beautiful battleaxe is spiked at both ends of its haft. The double-edged blade's interior is empty. The metal of the blade is of a strangely light weight, unknown, combination of metals. The haft is carved from red bloodwood.
    Three times per day, no more than once per round, when blood touches the blade of the axe a 10 foot tall ring of fire expands out and away from its wielder in a 20 foot radius burst for 10d10 points of fire damage to all who stand in the way. The axe bears a +3 weapon enhancement and grants its bearer immunity to fire damage.
    The axe is named after the Djinn which created it and made devestating use of the weapon against its enemies.
Caster Level: 9th;
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, wall of fire;
Market Price: 93,600 gp;
Weight: 3 lb.