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Steading Sword

The Steading Swords are cold forged from ice taken from the heart of a glacier and worked by the magic of barbarian shamans from the Jarik Glacier. They appear as a slender, jagged edged shard of ice set into a leather wrapped pommel. They are razor sharp and no heat can harm them. Very few of these weapons exist. They are usually given to heroes of the Jars (prn. Haars, the people of the Jarik Glacier) who have served their tribe in some particularly daring fashion.
    A Steading Sword is a +3 bastard sword of frost. The bearer of the sword gains a cold and fire resistance 10, the ability to find true north by setting the blade on the ground and spinning it till it comes to rest, and immunity to exhaustion (but not fatigue). The blade penetrates Damage Reduction cold.
Aura: Strong evocation, moderate abjuration, faint divination.
Prerequisites: Survival 5 ranks, resist energy, endurance;
Market Price: 72,670gp;
Cost to Create: 36,670gp +2906xp
Weight: 5 lb.