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Crystal Ball, Dream Speaker

This small crystal easily fits into the palm of a human's hand. It is clear but for slowly changing whorls of ethereal white that twist within it. To one side of the crystal are four finger-print size indentations. To activate the orb, you simply hold the crystal such that four fingers press against the shallow indentations and gaze upon the crystal. Having done so the orb grows warm to the touch and the your gaze focuses upon the crystal with tunnel vision (-10 to all Spot checks while using the crystal).
    While focusing upon the crystal you may send messages to sleeping creatures. An image of you appears in the target creature's dream where you and the target creature may exchange conversation. You hear the target creature's reply as though spoken from nearby, though only the bearer of the crystal can hear a dreaming creature's responses. The target creature remembers its dreamed conversation with you when it awakens. You gain no insight into the dreams of the creature with which you converse.
    Activating the crystal takes one standard action, after which its duration is only limited by how long a conversation you wish to have. You must be able to uniquely identify or clearly visualize the target creature you wish to contact, however it is not necessary to have any previous relationship with the creature you wish to contact.
    Unwilling target creatures may make a Will save (DC 17) to resist hearing your message. A creature must consciously anticipate and accept your intrusion into their dreams upon going to sleep, otherwise the target creature is automatically allowed a saving throw to resist contact. Once each round, unwilling targets may attempt to sever the connection with a successful Will save.
Magical Aura: Moderate divination;
Prerequisites: Dream or Dream Speak;
Market Price: 45,000gp;
Cost to Create: 22,500gp and 1800xp;
Weight: 1 lbs.