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Enhancement, Shadowed

A shadowed weapon is crafted using planar material taken from the Shadow Realm. When used in unsteady light equivalent to that shed by torch, but also no dimmer than starlight, a shadowed weapon ignores nonliving matter. A shadowed weapon is used as a touch-attack weapon. Shadowed weapons weigh very little, though they can be carried easily enough, even when the lighting about them is not sufficient for them to be used at their full potential. When used in combat, the Charisma modifier of its wielder is used in place of a Strength modifier when calculating damage. Light, such as that created by a daylight spell, and complete darkness such as that found in an unlit cave cause a shadowed weapon to suffer a 50% mischance with each attack. Shadowed weapons pass cleanly through the bodies of creatures which they strike, causing an unnatural chill in the flesh they pass through and leaving strange white scars where they enter and exit a body.
Magical Aura: Strong transmutation;
Prerequisites: CL 16th, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, shadow conjuration;
Market Price: +4 bonus;
Weight: A shadowed weapon weighs 1/10th of a similar weapon of mundane craft.