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Divine Chainmail of Khazadul

This red enameled chain mail appears to have flames rippling over its mithril links. The wearer of the Chainmail has greater fire resistance (resistance 30). Bearers who engage in melee fighting (by wielding a melee weapon) while wearing the armor gain a +4 enhancement bonus to AC (+6 for priests of Khazadul). Non-melee fighting creatures (who wield ranged weapons in combat) gain only a +1 AC enhancement bonus. Priests of Khazadul treat the AC bonus as a Sacred bonus.
    Lastly, no priest of Khazadul need be without weapon and shield in their hour of need. There is a 5% chance per character level that a devout follower of Khazadul can successfully call upon their god with a prayer, as a full round action, and become equipped with a fire shield and a flame blade, these function as the spells of the same though cast by a 20th level priest of Khazadul. Only one attempt may be made per day to activate this power.
Magical Aura: Strong evocation and abjuration;
Caster Level: 20th;
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms & Armor, fire shield, flame blade, resist energy, priest of Khazadul;
Market Price: 146,850 gp
Cost to Create: 73,425 gp and 5,874 XP;
Weight: 20 lb.