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Phoenix Gifted Gloves

These scale gloves are decorated to look like feathers of a phoenix with the thumb as its talons and the side of the fingers as its beak. They glitter red and the leather hem is stylized like flames. The wearer of these gloves can cause any weapon (or the gloves themselves) to gain the flaming weapon attribute (+1d6 fire damage).
    Further, the wearer's saving throws are raised by +4 when saving against death effects. Should the wearer successfully save against a death effect then the gloves briefly burn with a strange white-red fire. This effect is harmless.
Magical Aura: Moderate evocation and abjuration;
Caster Level: 6th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item; flame blade, flame strike, or fireball; a phoenix feather plume;
Market Price: 16,120 gp;
Cost to Create: 8,060 gp and 645 XP;
Weight: 1 lb.