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Left Hand of Abaddon

Legends say that the Left Hand of Abaddon was first worn by the demon lord Abaddon, forged from a thousand weapons that had been wielded against Abaddon by failed heroes. When he had slain each one, he took their blades and dipped them into the bodies of the fallen heroes and cursed them to absorb their failings which had led to their demise at the hand of Abaddon. Then, each weapon was destroyed with a great press until all that remained of the thousand was a teardrop of hopelessness. Abaddon took the essence that remained and crushed it within his grasp over the fires of his broken forge until its form obeyed his will and became the shape of a ring. He named it Sef'ru, 'sword breaker.'
    Ages later the ring failed Abaddon when a blessed warrior named Niamon came upon Abaddon and with a skilled strike he severed the hand which wore the ring from Abaddon's body. Abaddon retreated into the flames of his broken furnace and Niamon claimed the ring from the severed hand as his trophy, renaming it Nea Rul, the 'left hand,' and he wore it has Abaddon had.
    Niamon returned to the overworld with his prize and legend of him traveled far and wide as it became known that no dagger pierce his flesh for they shattered upon impact. Niamon had many wives, many more sons than wives, and one daughter. His daughter, Niatashar grew jealous of the love Niamon showed his sons, but not to her, and she poisoned him; this was a danger the ring could not protect him from.
    Niamon's house and possessions were divided and the ring was thus lost among his many descendants.
    Known by many names, this ring appears to be made of a curious blackened metal with numerous cracks and chips covering its surface. Two cracked black opals decorate the top of the ring. The ring can be easily identified since any anvil that it is placed upon cracks in two.
    In addition to the powerful +8 deflection bonus that the ring protects its wearer with, it also causes any weapon which strikes its wearer to shatter if it fails a Fortitude (DC 25) saving throw.
Magical Aura: Strong abjuration;
Weight: -