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Gloves of the Winds

These wondrous mithral gloves are exhaustively etched with scenes of air elemental beings in battle against various creatures in tiny detail upon every single chain link surface. Sapphires accent the knuckles of the gloves and their interior is padded with soft doe skin.
    As a move action the wearer of these gloves can reach up into the air, as though making a grabbing and pulling motion, and cause unseen powers of air to forcibly cause all creatures within a 50-foot radius burst to be pulled (Reflex negates, DC 25) to within 5 feet of the gloves' wearer, or as close as can be allowed.
Magical Aura: Strong conjuration;
Caster Level: 21st;
Prerequisites: ;
Market Price: 119,150gp;
Cost to Create: 59,575gp and 11,192 XP;
Weight: 2 lbs.