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Conflicted Rod of Mibrus

When the solar called Mibrus perished in the hellish plane of Balbros in great combat against Titalus, the angel was peirced upon a shard of Titalusí forespine, his final prayer wreathed the infernal lord and penetrated its steely flesh, scribing holy words upon the boneshard that burned with the Aasimonís blood.
    Titalus gradually became aware of the holy infusion and broke from its back its greatest spine shard, casting it into the waters of forgetting, pleased to be rid of it even at the loss of one of its spines. The bit of demonic bone drifted through the planes, its struggle between the good and evil within it struggling for supremacy. Retrieved by riverside denizens, its strange material was wondrous to behold and news of the rune encrusted bone reached the ears of Ibezel, the Incubus of Roa, who had once served Titalus, but had abandoned his favored status to focus upon the art of magical craft.
    Ibezel crafted the spine into a wondrous rod, which would serve either good or evil, depending upon the soul that carried it and the realm in which it was held. Then he cast it back into the river to let fate carry it where it may. Since then it has resurfaced time and again in the hands of many champions. Though legends also tell tales of how the rod is treacherous in the hands of a weak willed being.
    The rod resembles a crescent slice of blackness around which float blood red runes, the last words of Mibrus. On the outside edge of the rod are shadowy barbs, though it may be gripped safely by its possessor once it has been named.
    In the hands of evil it weeps a trail of brackish blood and its movement through the air seems to stir whispering voices of anguish. In the hands of good the tracery of runes that float about it glow brightly, seeming to vibrate with a barely audible resonating chorus-like hum, and the black shadows that flicker from it become subdued and limned with a golden lining.
    The powers of the rod reflect the powers of good and evil which endlessly vie within it. The Conflicted Rod of Mibrus has the following powers:

  • Before the rod can be safely used it must be properly named by a creature who must hold it aloft and speak aloud its name. Until this has been done, the rod bestows four negative levels upon any creature that possesses it and burns 1d6 hps of damage per round held. Lesser beings who touch the rod may be slain by the negative levels. Neutral beings which possess the rod must make a Will save just to pick it up (DC 35) as it resists being held by such beings, and they suffer maximum damage each round while possessing it. A neutral being which attempts to name the rod must make a Fortitude save (DC 35) or die, even a successful save results in a single level drain. Naming the rod is a full round action.
  • Each time the rod enters upon another plane it gains the traits of that plane's alignment, becoming unholy or holy. The carrier of the rod also sways in personality and becomes either good or evil. The carrier may choose to make a Will save (DC 35) to prevent the rod's alignment from changing or a Fortitude save (DC 35) to resist their own alignment change. Resisting the changes affected by the rod upon entering a new plane is a full round action during which the bearer can do nothing but concentrate upon good and evil powers that rage within them and the rod. Regardless of the resulting alignment of the rod, it never afflicts its bearer with negative levels once named. Thus it is entirely possible for an evil creature to use the rod as a good aligned weapon.
  • As a standard action, the bearer may also attempt to influence the alignment of the rod. Influencing the rod is an act commiserate with the alignment that it is turned to, thus turning the rod to evil is an evil act. Doing so causes the rod to become holy or unholy. To change the alignment of the rod the bearer must make a Concentration check (DC 35).
  • The rod grants continual planar adaption to its bearer with regard to all aligned planar effects. Thus it will protect against the inherently evil entrapping effect of the Gray Waste of Hades, but not against the fires of the Elemental Plane of Fire.
  • The rod continuously radiates a doubly powered protection from evil or protection from good in a 20 foot radius, as is appropriate to its current nature. The bearer of the rod can subdue this effect as a standard action with an act of will, requiring a concentration check (DC 30). Re-activating the aura is a free action that requires no effort. The rod does not protect its bearer from the effects of this aura, should their nature be contrary to it.
  • Once per day, the bearer of the rod can eminate a commanding aura in a radius equal to 10 ft x their Charisma bonus modifier. All creatures within the area of effect must make a Will save (DC 25 + bearerís Charisma bonus modifier). Creatures that fail thair saving throw and are of opposing alignment to the rods current nature are stunned for 2d4 rounds; creatures of similar alignment to the rod who fail their save become charmed until either full light (if the wielder is evil) or complete darkness (if the wielder is good) engulfs them, at which time the charm ends.
  • The rod functions as an adamantine club, dealing 1d6 points of damage on a successful hit. It is bane to creatures whose nature oppose its current alignment, dealing an additional 2d6 points of damage to such creatures on a successful hit. Once per day per point of Charisma bonus modifier (minimum once per day) the rod can smite such creatures, dealing additional damage equal to 10 ◊ Charisma bonus modifier (minimum 1). Using the rod to smite a creature is part of an attack action that can be performed once per round. If the attack misses then the smite is wasted.
  • As a magical weapon, the rod has a +10 attack modifier to attacks, but this attack bonus may be changed to an AC bonus which stacks with all other AC bonuses, similar to a sword of defending.

Magical Aura: Strong evocation and enchantment;
Caster Level: 30th
Weight: 3 lbs.