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Once the weapon of a mighty Djinn's prized huntsman, this beautiful glass bow was bestowed into the hands of a mortal man in return for the gift of a rare and valueable Pearl of Wind. A sound like a whispery breath being drawn in accompanies each pull of its string when an arrow is nocked. When loosed, arrows from this bow are propelled forward by spiriling zephyrs of wind towards their target.
    Windrip is a +6 composite longbow with a threat range of 19-20 and a range increment of 400 feet. It deals normal composite longbow damage (1d8), but it magically adapts to its wielder's strength, allowing them to use their full strength bonus. Windrip is bane to all elementals without the air subtype (+2 additional enhancement bonus and +2d6 damage against such creatures) and it deals an additional +3d6 sonic damage (sonic blast property) to all targets that its ammunition strikes. Windrip bestows proficiency in its use to any who pick it up.
Magical Aura: Strong evocation;
Caster Level: 36th;
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Epic Magic Arms and Armor, shout, summon monster I;
Market Price: 6,492,400gp;
Cost to Create: 3,246,200gp, 74,924 XP;
Weight: 3 lbs.