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Blessed Sword of Anar-Ralk

This gorgeous jade bladed sword has sigils of power designed from hammered gold inlaid beneath its glass-like polished surface and cutting edge.
    Anar-Ralk was a giant among dwarves who dedicated his life in service to the dwarven gods of the Daernarthor, chiefly to those of good. Though he was not a paladin, Anar-Ralk was a mighty warrior and through him many great deeds were done.
    While he was a good man, Anar-Ralk was also a prideful one and agents of the powers of good saw fit to humble him by sending the angel Idaochar from the heavens to test him and teach him humility. He was brought low with weakening disease and yet he still climbed the Shining Cliffs of Glass. He was stricken with mortal tragedy when demons were allowed to take the body of his fallen retainer, yet he traveled into Balbros, freed his the spirit of his cohort from imprisonment and returned him to the world of the living. His mighty axe cracked in two whilst he fought the dragon Ieflnaern, yet he speared its heart upon the shattered haft that remained of his weapon. Finally, the angel Idaochar descended to stand before the dwarf and challenged him to a wrestling match, hoping to humble Anar-Ralk with its mighty prowess. Too prideful to refuse, Anar-Ralk accepted the challenge, but on the condition that should he win then the angel must relinquish its sword to him. Should he lose, then he would don a sack-cloth, walk barefoot, and wear ashes upon his brow for one years time. They wrestled for thirty days and through-out each of the nights between, for neither would relent. At high noon of the thirtieth day Anar-Ralk won the better of Idaochar and claimed victory with his wrestling skill. The angel fulfilled its oath and bestowed its jade sword to Anar-Ralk and wished him well for there were no challenges left that the heavens dared set against the hero. Yet, Anar-Ralk saw true his prideful ways and still donned a sack-cloth, walked barefoot, and wore ashes upon his brow for one year to show his esteem for the judgement of the heavens. This is how the blessed sword passed into the hands of mortals.
    The blessed sword of Anar-Ralk is a blessed +7 bastard-sword of dread to evil outsiders. The weapon is permanently under the effect of a bless weapon spell. This allows it to bypass the damage reduction of certain evil creatures as though it were a good weapon. Further it causes all critical hit rolls against evil foes to be automatically successful, so every threat is a critical hit.
    As it is a dread weapon, this sword's effective enhancement bonus is +4 better when used against evil outsiders. Further, it deals +4d6 points of bonus damage against such foes and if it scores a critical hit against such a foe then that creature must make a Fortitude save (DC 27) or be destroyed instantly and turned to dust. This destruction effect even affects creatures which are immune to critical hits or death magic.
    On command the blade shines a brilliant golden light as its sigils flare with flame, radiating light up to a 20 foot radius and granting a protection from evil to all creatures within the radius of the light so long as it endures.
    Finally, the blade grants its bearer the Valorous Charge feat. This allows the bearer to make a charge action with this weapon. If the bearer successfully strikes the target of its charge with their first attack then all allies within 30 feet of the path of the charge are inspired by their courageous act and gain a +4 morale bonus to attack, save, damage, and skill rolls for a number of rounds equal to the 1 + the Charisma bonus of the sword bearer.
Magical Aura: Strong evocation;
Caster Level: 24th;
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Epic Magic Arms and Armor, bless weapon, greater heroism, protection from evil, summon monster IX;
Market Price: 4,595,335gp;
Cost to Create: 2,297,667gp and 55,953 XP;
Weight: 6 lbs.