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Coins of Tas

These gold coins have the imprint of a single feathered wing on each side. They are said to be coins which, in the time of the First Men, a Shin-Men warrior of the Elvd tribes found during his travels with the Aenid, to their homeland. When they emerged from the great caves of the earth and were near the sandy deserts that surround the Gardens of Sorrows and the Nexus of Lin, he stopped his weary footsteps only long enough to recover these coins from the desert sand.
    The Coins of Tas are legendary items, highly sought after by historians for their great age and for their way of strangely entering among the possessions of many famous heroes. They are also known for their ability to disrupt planar transportation. Though it is speculated and legends hint that a handful of these coins exist, only one has ever been found at a time.
    When touched to a creature that is under a magical planar travel effect (astral travel, blink, etc) then that magic effect is immediately ended. Spell-like powers are canceled out and supernatural powers are suppressed for one hours time. A single coin placed at the foot of any planar portal causes that planar passage to be closed for as long as the coin rests before it. When used to end a planar travel effect or when disturbed from its position while sealing a planar portal, the Coin of Tas disappears.
    A coin of tas can also be used to part the Ley of the Void, allowing passage into the Walk of Flames in the Halls of Za.
Magical Aura: Faint Abjuration;
Weight: 1/10th lb.