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Clay Tablets of Aneapta

These small stone clay tablets are rectangular in shape, with one end rounded. In the center of the tablet front is a primitive shape: a circle, square, or equilateral triangle. Radiating from the imprinted shape is arcane lettering.
    A clay tablet can be activated, once, by an act of will. They remain active for as long as their position is undisturbed. Thereafter, any affect (magical or mundane) which that tablet targets is suppressed while within 20 feet. If the tablet is ever moved after it has been activated then its magical effect immediately ends.
    Circle: Suppresses all darkness within its area of effect. Both magical and mundane darkness are suppressed. Creatures can clearly anything within the area of effect, regardless of whether they are within or outside of the area. Prevailing conditions persist (sunlight) when available, or if positioned in complete darkness then the area of effect is strangely "illuminated" by a lack of darkness, which causes colors to appear half-toned and subdued.
    Triangle: Suppresses all sensation of cold and the harmful effects of cold within its area of effect, magical or mundane. Individual creatures are not actually warmed up; thus ice-paraelementals could easily survive within the area of effect. They feel neither warmed nor chilled.
    Square: Suppresses all illusions which are brought within the area of effect. The area of effect cleanly intersects large illusions which are not entirely within the area of effect, causing them to appear as though part of the illusion were mission.
Magical Aura: Strong abjuration;
Caster Level: 20th;
Weight: 2 lbs.