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Demonhelm of Marmon the Hungerer

This evil greathelm was crafted to resemble a vicious, demon-faced beast with great protruding jaws that constantly shift and animatedly move about as though hungry or gnawing upon some unseen food. This disturbing animation does not inconvenience a character that chooses to wear it, and without being worn the helm poses no danger.
    The helm grants its wearer a bite attack, which can be made once each round as part of an attack sequence, with an attack roll equal to the wearer's base attack score. Creatures struck by this bite attack suffer 1d12+5 points of damage and must make a fortitude save (DC14) or immediately contract and suffer the effects of the devil chills disease (injury, 1d4 Str).
    The wearer of the helm is protected by fire resistance 20 and gains a +2 profane bonus to their armor class.
Magical Aura: Moderate Evil, Weak Abjuration, Weak Transmutation;
Caster Level: 11th;
Prerequisites: Craft Arms and Armor, resist energy, animate objects, contagion, shield of faith;
Market Price: 92,000gp;
Cost to Create: 41,000gp, plus 3,680 XP;
Weight: 2 lbs.