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Ameliorative Necklace

These wondrous cords can be fastened to magical amulets and then worn about the neck. Twenty-four hours after being attached to a magical amulet the cord begins to enhance its magical potency, increasing the magical "plus" of the amulet by the indicated amount.
    These magical necklaces only enhance single-function amulets. Amulets with multiple functions dilute the potency of the necklace too much to be effective. This necklace cannot raise the effective "plus" of an amulet over +5 total.
Magical Aura: Transmutation;
Caster Level: +1 (9th), +2 (15th), +3 (20th);
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item;
Market Price: 16,000gp (+1), 64,000gp (+2), 144,000gp (+3);
Cost to Create: 8,000gp plus 640 XP (+1), 32,000gp plus 2,560 XP (+2), 72,000gp plus 5,760 XP (+3);
Weight: -