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Feather of Vushundra

Vushundra, was an Ardenite that was martyred during the time of the Black Scourge. During the early years of his ministry, in the city of Hana, the story is told that he met a child who suffered from possession by an evil spirit. When he expelled the spirit it manifested as a bitter demon, a vrock. Vushundra was not a warrior, but it is said that the heavens opened up and that the vrock was consumed in their light before him. Bending down he picked up a feather from the dust that remained and blessed it, saying that even from the vilest of evil could be born something of good.
    The Feather of Vushundra is a gray feather, like that from a gull, about a foot long. When swept in motion over an individual or item it has an effect similar to detect good and detect evil. If the subject in question is good then the feather becomes white and glows softly, however if the subject is evil then the feather ominously blackens.
Magical Aura: Weak divination, good;
Caster Level: 15th;
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, detect good, detect evil;
Market Price: 3,500gp;
Cost to Create: 1,750gp plus 140 XP;
Weight: -