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Figurine of Wondrous Power, Jade Monkey

This miniature statuette of a monkey is carved from green-blue jade. It is about an inch tall, squatting upon its haunches. When the figurine is tossed down and the correct command word spoken, it becomes a living creature of normal size. The creature obeys and serves its owner. It understands common, but cannot speak. It uses telepathy to communicate (120' range). If broken while in its statue form it is forever destroyed, however if slain in its animal form it simply reverts back to a statuette that can be used again at a later time.
    The jade monkey acts in always like a normal monkey under the command of its possessor. The item can be used once per day with a maximum duration of eight hours. When activated, the jade monkey can animate as either a fine sized spider monkey with an Intelligence of 5 or as a normal monkey. The monkey telepathically communicates all that it sees and hears to its owner (100' range); Dungeon Masters should keep in mind the intelligence of the monkey. The monkey has a +4 bonus to its Spot and Listen, as well as a +8 bonus to its Sleight of Hand checks. Once per day it can create an effect similar to a whispering wind spell to contact its master. The jade monkey can be commanded to automatically animate and perform a single specific duty, for example, "Animate as a spider-monkey and describe them to me if someone enters this room."
Magical Aura: Moderate Transmutation;
Caster Level: 11th;
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, animate objects;
Market Price: 15,500gp;
Cost to Create: 7,750gp and 620 XP;
Weight: -