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Heart of Ravadin

If stories are to be believed, Ravadin was a powerful god at the dawn of creation, also known as the Shaper of Flesh. It is said that he birthed all the monsters of the world in an act of vengeance to plague a disloyal goddess, Niosha, who was his lover, and her minions. Niosha was a lustful goddess who seduced many of the young gods and fed upon their essence as payment for her pleasures; an act for which she was to be cast out from the heavens. As the tale goes, although Ravadin was frequently wrought with jealousy and anger against his Niosha, his passion was still such that he cut out his heart when the other gods cast her down. Alas, Ravadin too fell from grace as the gods turned against him for his monstrous creatures that preyed upon the first creations.
    The Heart of Ravadin is ancient beyond measure, it comes from a time before time, and were its creation story true it would contradict other stories that tell of the first appearances of gods in the time following the Age of Chaos. It is a strange black stone, curved and bulbous in places, with striations texturing its black surface like petrified muscle tendons. It has a sturdy weight and heft to it. It does not reflect light but for a dull glimmer in its depth that can occasionally be seen. Whoever carries the Heart is said to have the favor of Ravadin. Some tales say that once the Heart held much more power than the present, but Ravadin's power has been in decline for many thousands of years and so too have the powers of his Heart waned.
    Although faded, the relic is still potent. Its bearer gains DR 3/- and a +2 divine bonus to saves against Transmutations. The bearer may also sacrifice a spell of 3rd level or higher to the relic and thereby gain a +5 bonus to one knowledge check as Ravadin's whispers of ancient knowledge drift through their consciousness. This power can be used three times per day.
Magical Aura: Weak conjuration;
Caster Level: 20th;
Weight: 2 lbs