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Eye of the Phoenix

This small, white-red and otherwise featureless marble is a little less than an inch across. It is warm to the touch, but otherwise unremarkable.
    The Eye of the Phoenix is a powerful item. To be worn it must be placed in an empty eye socket. Once so placed, it cannot be removed. Immediately it flares with a fiery ember glow, but then returns to its muted red coloration. The wearer gains the Fire subtype and 60 foot darkvisiion. At will its wearer can create an effect similar to the spell, produce flame. Intended for spell-casters, the eye also grants the ability to quicken up to three spells with the Fire descriptor. Once three such spells have been quickened the eye goes dormant and none of its powers function until the wearer observes a sunrise.
    Its final power is most miraculous. If nor dormant, upon the violent death of its wearer a huge pyre of fire engulfs the dead body and isntantly reduces it to ash and a fist sized red-veined, marble egg, which is warm to the touch. When the next sunrise illuminates the egg, it crumbles and in another roaring burst of flame the wearer is resurrected (as true resurrection). When this occurs, the Eye of the Phoenix vanishes, perhaps to appear elsewhere in the world.
    Any time the wearer calls upon the powers of the eye or are subjected to a spell with the Fire descriptor, the Eye of the Phoenix flares with a flame, harmless to the bearer.
Magical Aura: Powerful evocation;
Caster Level: 20th;
Weight: -