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Tome of Ambitions

This heavy book is quite large, weighing more than fifty pounds, with covers of two feet tall by 18 inches wide of sculpted ivory showing a scene of a parade, with elephants, men, women and creatures of all fantastical sorts. Its pages are thin sheets of hammered copper, lightly stamped with tiny lettering. Each page seems to tell the tale of a different individualís desires, hopes, and dreams. Most revolve around simple themes of acquiring wealth, fame, success over a rival, status within a guild, the revivification of a lost love one, and so on. Each story is written in a different language, with a different style of script. The last page is blank.
    By pressing oneís hand to the last page of this book and stating a wish, scrolling text appears beneath the hand, illustrating a story, this story then becomes true, fulfilling the recited wish. Upon the third such recitation, the book disappears and is placed by fate elsewhere.
Magical Aura: Minor Conjuration;
Caster Level: 20th;
Weight: 50lb