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Amulet of Second Chances

Fastened to a lightly linked gold chain is a round amulet with the likeness of a nine armed goddess imprinted upon it. In the palm of each of her nine hands the goddess clutches a white pearl. Her eyes are directed to the left-most white pearl.
    Each time the wearer falls unconscious from wounds, or on command as a swift action, the amulet provides the benefit of a Cure Critical Wounds spell, healing 4d8+10 points of damage. On each occasion this is done, one of the pearls becomes black and the eyes of the goddess moves clockwise to the next white pearl. When no white pearls remain, the goddess closes her eyes and drops the black pearls from her fingertips, which fall out of the medallion and turn into dust as they hit the ground.
Magical Aura: Moderate Conjuration (healing);
Caster Level: 10th;
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, cure critical wounds;
Market Price: 5,400gp;
Cost to Create: 2,700gp plus 216XP;
Weight: 1 lb