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Cloak of Splendor

This cloak is stitched from thousands of feathers taken from all kinds of exotic birds. It is quite colorful, yet it seems to naturally compliment anything its wearer might don without looking gaudy or otherwise overdone. It can be fastened about the neck with its golden eagle-claw clip.
    The cloak provides a +4 bonus to Charisma. On command, the wearer may cause the cloak to emit light of myriad and scintillating colors that seem to glimmer off all nearby surfaces. This illuminates a 30 radius area. While doing this, thrice per day, the wearer may induce the effects of a hypnotic pattern spell, affecting 2d4+10 Hit Dice of creatures; a Will save DC 14 negates. The wearer may then issue suggestions as though the subjects were affected by a hypnotize spell. Alternatively the wearer may fix a single creature within 60 feet with their gaze, and should that creature fail a DC 17 Will save they then stand still and stare blankly at the wearer, fascinated. Powers of the cloak function as a 14th level caster.
Magical Aura: Moderate Illusion, Strong Transmutation;
Caster Level: 14;
Prerequisites: Craft Wonderous Item, hypnotic pattern, eagle's spelndor;
Market Price: 22,500gp;
Cost to Create: 11,250gp plus 900XP;
Weight: 2 lb