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Journey to the Surface

Late Hunger 1
I am nervous with excitement on the coming reconnaissance mission. My group will be gone for many Hunger Cycles, which should give me the opportunity to slip away and travel to the surface to learn their knowledge. Our official mission is to make gather information on a dwarven colony that our ancestors fought with. They live near to the surface and this should give me the chance I need to see explore new knowledge. I am nervous to see the light that is talked of in legends. To walk in the great cavern with no ceiling… We leave at next Early Hunger.

Late Hunger 2
We set out soon after breaking our fast after Early Hunger as planned. We made good distance by the end of the Hunger Cycle. We are setting up watch now and I must share in these duties.

Early Hunger 3
After having first watch with Alonia, I meditated a few hours and woke early to practice my swordplay. While practicing I heard a strange sound and awoke some of my companions. We drew out our bows and swords and waited. After a great length of silence we relaxed a bit, and decided to break the fast early and begin marching.

Late Hunger 4
By the end of this Hunger we neared the edge of our claimed territory.

Early Hunger 5
Before marching this Hunger we carefully studied the maps prepared for us. They are a valuable tool for this journey as only one of us has ever been near the surface before.

PreLate Hunger 5
We found some terrible screaming fungi that disoriented us with the loud noise. Thanks to Drugal, our leader, we put an end to the screams. We decided to rest here a bit and feast on this miserable fungus. It's actually very tasty.

Late Hunger 7
I can't believe Alonia attempted to exchange stones with me! It pains me to turn her down, but she well knows that I could loose my magic potency if we lay together. I do not understand her at times.

Early Hunger 8
After a full rest while meditating I will attempt to make amends with Alonia.

Late Hunger 8
We have found a small herd of beasts near a stream. We decided to camp here several Hunger Cycles to take advantage of the meat these beasts offer. Who knows when we might run out of food. Drugal directed us to kill the older males that were no longer needed for the herd's survival.

Early Hunger 11
After loading our packs with food and making sure the herd has plenty of food we will march this Hunger.

Late Hunger 11
Tragedy has struck our band! While ascending some walls we were attacked by a fierce group of dark brutes. Half of us now lie beneath the earth. We took their equipment for practical reasons. Alonia is among them. At least we killed all the brutes.

PostLate Hunger 11
We kept a careful lookout for more brutes while we rested. I looked over the wounds of my companions and healed the worst of the lot. I fear we will need to stay here a few Hungers to recuperate.

Late Hunger 12
I continue to meditate and heal when I have the strength. We will be strong enough to march after sleep.

Late Hunger 13
We marched a short distance before setting up camp. I healed more wounds before resting.

Late Hunger 14
We found signs of the brutes while marching and it has put the 6 of us on our toes.

Early Hunger 15
Attacked again!

Late Hunger 15
Drugal and 3 others fell during the battle earlier. I can not believe the ill fortune we are facing. I am alone with one companion left. A strong warrior named Lar, but lacking the cunning that I fear we will need to survive this.

PostLate Hunger 15
I heal Lar's wounds before meditating. I will take the last watch.

Early Hunger 16
Nothing happens. Lar decides that we should return to our homeland, for what can the two of us do against the surface? This is not what I plan to do.

Late Hunger 16
We camp after eating and I take the second watch again. Lar is very tired this Hunger and sleeps deeply. I plan to slip away.

Late Hunger 17
I have traveled as quickly and as quietly as possible. I memorized the map before sneaking away. I did my best to redraw it, but fear that I have little talent for such things and will rely on my memory for the most part. From my calculations I should reach the surface within the next 15 Cycles.

Late Hunger 23
Traveling as quickly as possible I make little time to write of my travels. So far things have been uneventful. I feel the surface drawing nearer.

Late Hunger 27
A fight with some walking dead creature today has left me weak from exhausting my magical stores. I will rest in a little niche. Travel alone is treacherous.

Late Hunger 31
After my next rest I will be on the surface. I am almost too excited to rest, but I know I will need the energy to handle the situation.

Early Hunger 32
The first breath of surface air was pleasantly fresh, but as I walked out of the earth the most horrible feeling overcame my senses. All of my senses were bombarded with the vast openness of the surface. My breath clutched at my throat like a hook horror. I ducked back into the safeness of the cave and calmed my mind. As I sorted things out I was able to breathe again. Slowly I made my way out of the cave, allowing myself to adjust to the surface world.
    After some time I actually enjoyed the open space and how far I could see. I basked in the darkness of the surface. I will rest here a while as I feel basically lost in the open space.

Late Hunger 32
I have experienced this thing called light. Truly horrible and strangely curious. As the horizon began to brighten, my eyes adjusted and my distance of vision slowly decreased. I felt my breath begin to choke again as my body was paralyzed with fear and excitement at the same time. I understand why my people dislike the surface so much, but my thirst for knowledge will see me through this world of light.