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Creed of Dreams

The Creed was a collection of scrolls that were found buried high in the Cruth mountains surrounding the Desert of the Sinnd.
    Despite the obvious human centric themes presented herein, there are some interesting clues into the culture and history of ancient times. Two particular items of interest seem to indicate a certain advanced knowledge of the universe possessed by ancients. Why this knowledge was lost can only be speculated upon, though it is noteworthy that no texts written after the Unholy Wars have been found to date which make mention the use of Sol as a source of magic.
    On the other hand - a certain ignorance is also shown. No mention is made of the elder race from which the Silothreni and Haruninki descended from, the Sultan, nor of other races such as the Oruli or the Lupinal. Some scholars argue that the Sultan were secretive, perhaps evading discovery, that the Oruli were not found because of their dwelling in the Ki'Kiri Jungles, and the Lupinal (if Lupinal historical lore is accurate) had not arrived upon our world as of the time of this scrolls composition.
    Scholars have studied these documents for many years, and recently, corroborative texts revealed that indeed, in ancient times there was a source of magical power called Sol, which was used in a fashion similar to present day magic. However, texts describe magicks which used this source called Sol which were far more powerful than any known present day invocation.
    Also of interest, since the return of the practice of so called "Greater Path" magic, study of the essence called Chagode, has progressed. Sages speculate that there is, in fact, a great barrier of void which divides the multiverse into at least two parts. Though what is beyond this barrier can only be guessed.

In the beginning, there was Void and Sol; the father of time.
Sol had and always shall exist.

As so it was in the beginning
And the Void was lonely and empty; and Sol flowed
endlessly through it, so they existed in unison.

So it was for eons that it was so and the Essence of Time
continued, but then it stopped, as an obstacle blocked its flow
Sol flowed against it and eventually went around it
and rejoined, but this break caused bubbles to form
where Sol had met the barrier and the bubbles flowed
for another seven eons through the Essence...

Then Time filled the Void and all was well, and the Barrier
of Time stood and was in the middle of the Void.
And it was called Chagode, or, One Who Stopped Time.
Chagode was all, and such, it molded itself of two things.
One strove for destruction of itself and Time so that the void
would be alone and die from existence.
The other strove for tranquility of Time and itself
so that all would be preserved.
And they were forced to coexist as they were whole. The one of
destruction and disorder, and the one of wholeness
and law.

Then, they began to separate as one and became two,
the latter called itself Chaos, or One who Brings Destruction.
The other called itself Law, as Law governed wholeness.
And each sought to fill the Void with its presence.
And as each was all, it split itself into factions of itself
into factions of itself so that its influence might broaden.
And Chaos was lonely without its counterpart, for Law would
not fight with Chaos, and so Chaos created minions, lesser
beings of itself. And good created Mankind.
And all was as governed.

And man was dispersed among the crystal spheres which floated
through the Essence of Sol.
And to keep company of mankind, the gods created the Elves, the Fae
the Giantkin, the Dwarves, the Sultan, the Halflings, and the Gnomes.
And to provide sanctuary they created plants and animals
of every kind great and small to thrive among the intelligent
races and Man.
And to keep watch over Man they created all manners of beings
to watch, provide guidance, and to help.
And Chaos perverted the members of the races, causing the Drakher,
the Ogre, the Derro, the Goblins, the Orc,
the Demons, and the creatures of the Undead, the Underdark,
and twisted some of who were Mankind.

And the Gods governed all, and all grew and prospered.

Then an astray God called by some; Kithanan, others;
Aeolus, Aesir, and of various names all meaning,
Creator Of All, One Who Was Before, That Which Is;
wandered past the Void and found places of different nature.
Each different from the other, so he sent word to
his fellow Gods of Chaos and Law and told them of these places.
And each God claimed the one of his tastes, and so the Planes
were created.

And Kithanan saw that there were empty places among these
Heavens and some Planes were empty, so,
he created things of himself to govern these,
and each was one philosophy of himself
This caused so much loss to himself that he disappeared and was
never seen again, although his Spirit thrived in another
Otherwhere and he bode advice to the Gods and was called,
Highfather, as the Gods were thankful for their realms.
It is speculated that he merged and now coexists with Void
and Sol, and governs Chaos and Law who govern all.

Excerpt from, The Articles of Charalen.