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Tolman Prophecies

Once, dearly beloved, upon this reality and within the lands of the universe of Su-Laad, dwelt a beast without name and called unholy. This beast of glorious might had coveted a great domain beyond the Curtain which locks away the Void. There in the underworlds of the universe it rose to great power. Then, the beast sought council in the worlds above and waited to stretch it's arm from beyond the void to taint the lands. Imprisoned, as it was beyond the Curtain of the Void, it waited for a calling.
    Meanwhile, Sol flowed.
    So, it strove to find foolishness which could loose it from its prison lair and there came a learned man of power but who lacked the wisdom to resist the Nameless One's calling. Unwittingly, this man of power wrought the tangled Weave and there came a gateway to beyond the Great Curtain.
    This beast ravaged the man of power, taking his form for substance, and sought to gather the masses to make war and gain a foothold in the worlds above.
    Out of Sol then fell into the worlds above a fragment of Chagode. Deposited in a deep warren of caverns called the Abyss of Tything by mortals of the land, it sent a calling outward to the powers of the worlds above and the nameless one answered the summons.
    As this came to be, a gathering of mortals was founded in nearby lands. Collected and assembled in the lands of called the United Kingdoms, they sought to delve into the depths of the Abyss of...