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Adventures of Xavier: Part I - "Endings and Beginnings" (IRC)

When last we left our hero (ha), Xavier was being held in a cell in the grand keep of Lord Nicodemus of Greentree. Xavier had asked Nicodemus to teach him the secrets of magic because he had forsaken his god, Daer-Koch. Nicodemus told the younger Lord that he would teach him in exchange for a service. Xavier asked what the service would be and was informed that he was to repent for his treachery. Not to his god, but to his world. He was to impersonate a man that he had walked side by side with on the missions from Shaitan. Xavier had killed that man, Bors, in order to prove that he no longer held allegiance to the Lord of Chaos.

Xavier thought it all over and decided that the risks were too much. He made a deal with Nicodemus that he would not intentionally cross his path ever again. Xavier took his leave, in the weighting company of two shadowy beings that seemed only visible to him. They were insurance to that fact that Lord Leonidas would only stay in Greentree as long as it took to get his business done.

Nicodemus had sent him to CaerNabon so that Xavier could get money from his home and then sell it. Xavier arrived to the sight of his house ransacked and evidence that someone had attempted to burn it.

Xavier has left his hotel after finding the innkeeper bedridden with a mysterious sickness. The innkeeper was covered in black lesions that wept a pale yellow puss. Xavier found that many people who had been staying at the hotel when his house had been ransacked had fallen ill. Shaita-tan spread his influence wide to achieve that.

Xavier slept in his hotel and was awakened in the morning by the sound of shattering glass. He dressed quickly and peeked through a slightly cracked door to see to black hooded toughs searching for somethingor someone. Being a bit paranoid about enemies he might have made in CaerNabon, Xavier teleported to the capital of Greentree.

He had decided to forfeit his lands due to the amount of enemies he had accumulated in the north. When he appeared in the capital, artisans of all kinds were busy at work with myriad tasks. The construction on the main keep had been slow due to the amount of artistic detail added.

The young lord looked for someone in charge that might know where the Emperor was. He shortly found one courtier that informed him Emperor Varana was planning on making an appearance later that afternoon to survey construction. The courtier seemed none too impressed that he addressed a lord.

DM: All about the square are many individuals who look to be instruction their men to set up tents and be busy... there are also many courtiers wandering about, enjoying the bustle . . .

Xavier: I look for anyone that looks like they are in charge. I just need to know where the Emperor is.

DM: Speaking to one courtier you learn that emperor Varana is planning on making an appearance later this afternoon to survey the going on of the square. The man yes notices your ring, but takes little care towards you, seeming much more interested in the goings on of the square....

Xavier: I straighten myself to make myself look more presentable. I will try to enjoy myself while I wait for the Emperor. I look for someone to announce my presence to Varana.

DM: Well after a couple hours of watching the bustle of the square, you hear the herald of trumpets triumphantly calling over the courtyard. from the insides of the castle gates there arrives a small procession of armored men, sitting atop a beautiful stallion rides general, and emperor Varana. His gaze spreads over the crowd and a thin smile crosses his face. His eyes touch various faces with the keenness of a man aged from battle... seeing you he nods barely and continues his looking.

Xavier: I take my place to wait for Varana. I slowly follow the procession so that when it ends I am there to talk with him.

DM: The procession continues to the center of the courtyard... gazing about again he notices you standing nearby ... tapping a guard on the shoulder the guard motions for you to approach. Varana speaks, "I know you would not be here unless it was to speak to me, so make your mind to words and tell me what it is."

Xavier: "Varana, I have not done much in the way of development on my lands that you so graciously awarded me. I would like to ask if I may exchange that which I gave you--through Lord Gilthanis--for that which you granted me. If I may, I would like to retain the title, but I am still young and I realize that I have not yet finished my wanderings."

DM: "To leave your lands is to leave your lordship... it may still be possible to grant you title of baron however. should your actions befell such, but as I understand it, they have not. Given time Garben has informed me of many things transpiring within his lands. and while it is not my duty to deposit justice amongst the lords, I find you short of honor befitting a baron. The matter will remain between you and he."

Xavier: "For those occurrences I will forever repent." I bow slightly.

DM: Varana speaks, "As to your lands, should you wish to leave your lordship, you must do so before the council of lords. they will then decide who is to be given the lands."

Xavier: "When, milord, is the next Council meeting?"

DM: "The council will be gathering tonight, so your fortune is, for other reasons then normal, be aware that lord Garben Gilthanis will attend..."

Xavier: "Will Lord Nicodemus also be in attendance?"

DM: "Yes, he never has missed a council of any sort in the 450 years he has held his lordship. Is there anything else then Lord Xavier?"

Xavier: "I will attend. No milord. Thank you for your gracious time. Be well."

DM: Emperor Varana nods to you and then his procession moves on so that he can see more of the work being done...

Xavier: I busy myself worrying over the fact that Nicodemus will be there. I have no teleport to use. I wait for the Council Meeting.

DM: As evening progresses the many persons finish making their tents... the tower climbs yet higher towards completion... at length as the evening draws to, you are asked by a page to follow to him to the council meeting where they await your presence.

Xavier: I follow the young page.

Xavier: *gulp*

DM: All the great lords are gathered about a large table which has its center cut away and a pool of water rests there instead... Khan, Garben, Nicodemus... all of the 12 are here. It appears they have been in council for a while now. the Page announces your title and presence. Lord Xavier Leonidas of the Southwards Lands.

Xavier: "Fellow lords, every man must admit his limits. I realize that I have not yet finished my wanderings of this world. I understand myself enough to know that in my wanderings, I will unfortunately neglect my lands. I would like," he takes of his signet and lays it on the table as he finishes, "to renounce my lands for that which they were bartered. My service will always fall to the crown, but my heart belongs to the wind."

DM: Nicodemus watches you carefully... and you notice the shadowy creature just behind him...Nicodemus, eldest of the council speaks, "It is our power to grant this to you should we deem it fitting. From discussion, we find then that you shall be released of your duties as lord and set henceforth as a common man from the empire of Greentree. You," he speaks directly to you, "know already my disposition to your presence upon my lands. Other lords perhaps will see it differently... Know however that you will retain every right as a common man in the place of this holy empire. Then, I say to you, by the power of this council, that you no longer are Lord to us here, and farewell. As your due, you shall have that which you have placed into value for your lands which will be divided among the hands of those who need, deserve, or whom Emperor Varana sees fit to have. To you, I seize your ring."

Xavier: "Milord Nicodemus, " I wait till he finishes, "our disposition I will forever regret, but know that upon my word Greentree will never fall harm by my hand. These here have taken one from the Rebel Lands and made him your own. For that I am forever indebted. Greentree is honored to have such a group of leaders such as is seated here. In recent months I believe that I am not worthy to sit with such great men and call them my peers. Perhaps, one day, I may do service to the crown that will deserve recognition, but until that time, I fully accept the terms upon which Lord Nicodemus has outlined. " To Nicodemus I then say, "I also swear that only in great time of need to the nation or world, will I ever purposefully step foot upon your lands."

DM: Lord Nicodemus nods to you and you feel the assent of the rest of the council. Varana stands briefly and speaks to you, "I of the council, and emperor of this great nation, bid you safe journey to where you travel. Be well in peace."

Xavier: "Aye milord, aye."

DM: You can sense that you have been dismissed. Lord Khan murmurs, "Yes, travel well." Emperor Varana reaches forth and his hand replaces your lords ring with the ring that you gave him for the lands.

Xavier: I excuse myself and leave to look for a hotel.

DM: It is a beautiful building that twines about the branches of the upper trees... a restful nights rest for a few gold coins...

Xavier: I give the innkeeper a platinum. "It is a special night for the Emperor to walk amongst the common-folk such as ourselves." I meditate on whom I should use as a teacher of the arcane arts.

DM: From your window you can see the merry fires of the artisans lighting the main square.. a soft melody rises through the winds from the fingers of someone skilled with the mandolin the music arrives through the windows.

Xavier: I look for the gentle person with the mandolin. I follow my pointy ears.

DM: Down you travel to the bottom of the tree... about in the darkening time of the evening the treetops are alight with golden sun rays and a purple sky covers above... sitting against a tree rests a tired looking older man... playing a mandolin and sitting on a stool is a fair woman, dressed in riding skirts of green and silver.

Xavier: "Hail, bard. A fine tune you play with your mandolin." ::dressed in my blue silk outfit::

DM: The woman looks up at you from her task as her fingers deftly strum the melody from he heart of the instrument, her eyes reflect the golden trees. "Thank ye kind gentleman."

DM: The older man turns to see you, his eyes wizened watch you and look about your finery.

Xavier: "Rarely do my travels take me within the presence of such instrument or in person"

DM: The bard speaks to you, "Do you travel much Sir?"

Xavier: "Over the world have I spanned and again I will walk. My life is a continuing journey into understanding one's self."

DM: "Surly you will stay the nights of the festival will you not?"

Xavier: "How long does the festival last?"

DM: The melody comes to a ending that leaves you feeling complete and right... her fingers lightly play some whimsical cords as she speaks to you, "It should begin on the morrows eve... and then last for several days... but the artisans may stay here as long as weeks, I myself don't know how long I should stay... but at least for the main part of the festival. From where do you come?"

Xavier: "Well, first I would introduce myself. L.. Xavier Leonidas." I bow.

DM: The elderly man speaks, "He has quite the look of finery though, ... are you of nobility good sir?"

Xavier: "Yes of a sort that would make a good tale for a bard."

DM: The elderly man offers his hand to you from the ground.

Xavier: I shake his hand firmly.

DM: The older man shakes your hand with strength beguiled by his appearance, smiling at you, "Have a seat then sir, and lend a ear, the Lady has the gift you see... she plays marvelously..."

Xavier: I sit. "In my travels, I would like to have with me one with the knack of song. Also anyone who thinks of peace."

DM: The young bard blushes, "My name is Kinnowyer... tis pleasant to make your acquaintance."

Xavier: "To you I will listen and perhaps share stories."

DM: Kinnowyer says to you, "Do you know many, Master Leonidas? I too frequent the lands of faerie tale and legend in my mind."

Xavier: "These are truths of my life and sorrows of a troubled heart. Please call me Xavier."

DM: Kinnowyer speaks, "You are an adventurer of the lands then?"

Xavier: "I wandered the lands under the purpose of faith. For two gods have I lived and now, and forever, I live for myself. And those I allow into my heart as friends and family." he adds quickly, if not awkwardly.

DM: The young woman smiles softly and glances to you. The older man looks at you and says, " My name is Arrimor. Just traveling through like yourself. I come from the western lands of the Lord Gilthanis."

Xavier: "I was Knight and War Priest of Lord Gilthanis."

DM: Kinnowyer looks to you apprehensively... "In truth?"

Xavier: "In truth. I have held many titles. My last I have renounced just this eve."

DM: The Lady watches you with interest, "There must be some tale to that..."

Xavier: "In time, I may tell you, but unfortunately it is not something for which it is entirely honored. I am the former Lord Xavier Leonidas."

DM: The woman smiles shyly... then looks back at you. "Let me play you a tale then gentle sir.." She smiles again as her hands come to play upon the instrument.

Xavier: As the night continues I talk with her and agree to stay for a few days. I tell her bits and pieces, but nothing she can piece together.

DM:As the night continues, Xavier and Kinnowyer talk about small things and get to know each other a bit. The Prince and Bard agree to continue their conversation over breakfast the next morning. At the end of the evening the two elves part ways and Xavier heads back to the inn with a song in his heart and a tune on his lips. The, now former, Lord Leonidas is brought out of his happiness by a resonant voice from the shadows. "She is a beautiful woman with a wonderful voice is she not," the voice asks.

Xavier: "Yes she is," Xavier remarks with a hand moving slightly to his sword. "Who are you, sir?"

DM: "I could not help but to overhear the fact that you renounced your title and lands. Quite noble," the last said with a bit of mocking.

Xavier: "Who are you to speak so freely," Xavier begins to get a bit upset by the intrusion.

DM: "My name is Falcar," the roguish looking gentleman says with a slight bow.

Xavier: "Xavier Leonidas, but you already know that. Who sent you to watch me?" Paranoia getting the better of him.

DM: "No one sent me, my former lord. I have taken enough of your time. When next we meet," Falcar says with a flourish and then vanishes into the shadows of the night.

Xavier: Xavier continues his walk back to the inn with just a hint less spring in his step. In the morning, with the sun shining through the window and songbirds singing to welcome the dawn, Xavier awakens. The young prince dresses himself in a fine suit of deep green silk with a velvet vest of mahogany. Lastly, he fastens his silver long sword to his side and dons his cloak. He is ready to meet the day, especially one so grand as this.
    Xavier walks on the verge of jogging in anticipation of his encounter with the fair bard, Kinnowyer. When he arrives, he finds her seated in much the same fashion as the night before. Dressed in a fabulous dress of pale blue silk, she looks up and greets Xavier with a wonderful light in her eyes. They greet one another formally and Xavier suggests they continue their walk to breakfast. As they walk through the restored city, the two take in the grandeur of the artisans handiwork.

DM:You two elves arrive at the Leaping Stag, a beautiful restaurant built between the enormous roots of an ancient oak. As you entered, the proprietor greets you warmly and offers you a table. After a time to chat and decide on your food a young serving girl walks over and takes your order. After you have received your breakfast, Kinnowyer brings up more questions about Xavier's past.
    "You do not have the look, exactly, of an elf of Greentree. You have a bit of ruggedness about you that would suggest life in a bit of a wilder setting," she says as she gazes intently at his face and eyes.

Xavier: "I... uh... how far have you traveled as a bard?" Xavier says in an attempt to change the subject.

DM: "As I said last night, my parents live in the southlands and Arrimar lives on the western edge of Lord Gilthanis' lands. Also, I have friends in Bluewater and that is outside of the Forest."

Xavier: "I have need of traveling companions that I can trust and you and Arrimar seem to be just those," Xavier says as he leans forward in an calm, but eager posture. "Have you ever seen Tel-Akbar?"

DM: "Where's that at and why"

Xavier: Xavier cuts her off before she can finish her question, "It's on the southern edge of the continent. I have lands just north and to the west of that. Would you be interested in accompanying me. A musician would make the times much more enjoyable," Xavier says the last with a somewhat flirtatious smile.

DM: "I think I would know more about you and why you seem to be avoiding some of my questions before I agree to travel with you," Kinnowyer is becoming flustered at the irregular behavior.

Xavier: "Have you ever heard of the House that left Greentree millennia ago?"

DM: "I have studied a bit of the ancient history with Arrimar. That is House LaLaKith-soon, I believe. But what does that have to do with anything?"

Xavier: "My given name is Xavier LaKith-soon and I am the crown prince of the nation of Elestinlor. My lands were ravaged by the hordes of Murmandamus. I have now taken it upon myself to restore my lands." Xavier looks around nervously and suggests that they take to the streets so that they might discuss things with a bit more privacy.

DM: Kinnowyer agrees and you finish your breakfast in relative silence.

Xavier: I tell her my tale in confidence. Omitting the proper portions.

DM: She is interested in the story's that you are telling.

Xavier: I continue to enjoy my day with her and wait until I can speak with Arrimar.

DM: Well the day passes by... the festival is just beginning to get underway, you still aren't quite sure what it is all about, but all the people seem to be having a great old time. Hawkers and Vendors from around the realms have come to the castle and many different artisans, actors, tale tellers and others share their knowledge of the world in several accents from about the lands... Lords and Ladies can be seen about occasionally as well.

Xavier: I stay out of the spotlight entirely. I hope she doesn't make up a story about me to entertain the crowd.

DM: As evening draws near, colored lamps are hung from the new battlements and from long ropes and trees, there is dancing and music, warm fires and the murmur of the crowd filling the air. She is quite an excellent dancer.

Xavier: I dance with her for a while.

DM: The evening finishes up. She suddenly speaks, "Uh, we are late to meet with Arrimar... it has been such a wonderful day," and she pulls your hand through the crowds and into the darker places of the woods.

Xavier: "Are we to meet him in the same place?"

DM: "Yes, yes. But we are quite late, " she grins.

Xavier: "This is how we would get to Tel-Akbar," with a smile I teleport us to the edge of the grove.

DM: You and her appear in a bustle, her pulling, holding your hand as if she was pulling you through a crowd. Arrimar sits down against the tree looking at the two of you standing there. She drops your hand, grins, and says, "My goodness!"

Xavier: "Hope it didn't bother you too much. Good evening, Arrimar."

DM: Arrimar looks up to you two and grins," You musta gotten here while I wasn't paying attention he says, I just noticed the two of you there."

Xavier: I smile a knowingly to Kinnowyer.

DM: "Good evening to you Master Leonidas," He speaks.

Xavier: "Kinnowyer and I have gotten to know each other a bit better today. There is something I must tell you, otherwise she'll probably clobber me," half chuckle. Quietly, I relate the story.

DM: Arrimar watches you with interest, his gaze occasionally pausing back to Kinnowyer. She goes and sits down on a old log nearby. When you are done with your story he sits there quietly for a moment, you notice Kinnowyer looking at you. He speaks, "You are truly a long ways from home." He grins.

Xavier: "Yes, that I am. Your knowledge would be useful in the reconstruction of my nation. I would like to know if I could enlist you two as friends and allies."

DM: "I don't quite understand why one of your position, from that ancient house, would come back here to Greentree. It seems to me that would be the last place I would look for help."

Xavier: "Into the lions' den..." I say to myself more than to them. I tell them about my search for a faith after the Vanishing.

DM: Arrimar grins again, "Well, we'll just have to give ya hell, " he chuckles.

Xavier: "Is that a yes? I would ask you as individuals, I don't expect an answer for both of you."

DM: "Well, now, I don't know exactly how much traveling a couple thousand miles sounds at the moment, I was hoping the lovely Kinnowyer here would play us some melody to pass the evening, so ill have to think on that for a bit."

Xavier: "Well, we won't have to travel at all. The reason why you didn't notice us is because I teleported us here. It has become a necessary item in my inventory. A tune would be grand. Also, I worry for your safety with this Falcar around," the next a bit louder as if the trees, "I would have him join us if he is listening."

DM: Nothing happens.

DM: Kinnowyer watches you expectantly.

Xavier: ... hmm.

DM: Arrimar says, "Falcar eh? Well, probably just another man drawn here to Lady Kinnowyer's beauty." He pokes Kinnowyer teasingly, "Play us a song please."

Xavier: "You mean, I am not the first?" I say with a laugh and a wink.

DM: "Oh, ye too?" says Arrimar with a quick smile.

Xavier: I listen through the night and then travel home. Sticking to the lighted paths. I tell Kinnowyer that I will meet her in a day in the grove with Arrimar. "I have a bit of business elsewhere, but I will return." I kiss her on the cheek goodnight.

DM: She dodges back a bit and says with a grin, "Um, not quite yet."

Xavier: I smile

DM: After you and Kinnowyer have left paths for the night, her leaving to her stay with Arrimar, you make your way home, to the hotel. She agrees to your offer and you hear her pleasantly murmur as you head off, "Perhaps sooner too though."

DM: On your way home soft footsteps emerge next to you,

Xavier: "Hello Falcar."

DM: "You know, that really wasn't necessary, " speaks Falcar. "I mean, its one thing to mention me, but you don't need to speak up for em to hear, my hearing is quite well, thank you."

Xavier: "I know not who you are or what you want. I only know that my duty is to protect those that my mistakes may impact."

DM: He grins roguishly.

Xavier: "What do you want, exactly?"

DM: "Well, I don't know about your mistakes my-former-lord, but it seems like you are hunting for companionship."

Xavier: "Yes, I need some that aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and people I can trust."

DM: "You know a bit of the old.... " with a twist of his hand some shiny silver dust sparkles, whirls through the air in a complex pattern then disappears up his sleeve.

Xavier: "Magic."

DM: "Heh, just so. Do you know what I am about?"

Xavier: "You are a mage, if I don't miss my guess. I need one of your kind. Would you be interested in working with me?"

DM: "Well, not quite a mage, leafs edge close to correct," he grins. "With you eh.... well, just play your cards right when you come home from your trip, I'll catch you then in those days."

Xavier: "Deal. I have a bit of traveling."

DM: "Good night, my-former-lord, have a safe journey." He vanishes behind you.

Xavier: I continue to the hotel and dress in the morning for traveling. Ephimerdes, here I come.