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Online Travels with Bolas: Part I - "The Quiet Bard" (IRC)

DM: We last left off at the "Down Under" tavern, which is a pretty happening place.

Sanjian: We are provisioned with 2.5 weeks of rations apiece and are ready to go

Theo: There are four of us in our little all male party.

Bolas is restless and ready to kick some ass.

Sanjian: So lets GO

Theo pats Bolas on the back.

Sanjian: All male review, Huh?

Theo: We'll get to kick ass soon enough, buddy.

Conner is running out of people to annoy.

Sanjian is getting edgy

Conner: whistling tunelessly in the corner of the bar.

Theo groans

Sanjian: Connor, let us go. I tire of waiting.

Bolas: I'm more then ready, and eager to be complete once again.

Theo: Yes, it is time to go.

Conner Sits up from his stool and swigs the last of his drink... k buddies, lets be gone then.

Sanjian: Yes, let us all go and claim ourselves what is rightfully Bolas'

Sanjian: Then onward

Bolas: Indeed

Theo stands up, swigs the last of his wine, and strides for the door.

Sanjian points towards the door.

Bolas follows (new sword in hand)

Sanjian follows outside

Conner dawdles, but follows too...

Theo glowers at Connor.

DM: Outside it is raining lightly.... still wierd considering how deep underground you are...

Sanjian: Get it in gear, Bard

Theo: I wrap my cloak around me to escape the rain.

Sanjian: We are headed north, toward the cave on the other side of the cavern

DM: There is a flash of black lightning and you watch as a rift opens inthe sky not far away... a large frigit looking ship rises up, flying through the dark rift, which quickly closes behind it...

Sanjian covers his head with the hood on his cloak

Bolas: I wonder what else goes on down here.

Sanjian: Don't wanna know Bolas.

Theo: I gotta get me one of those.

Conner mutters some nasty things about rain and underground.

Sanjian: Lets head for the caves

Bolas: Outta the rain then.

Sanjian starts off for the caves

DM: You walk through the woods, which give some cover from the light rain, but also cast shadow from the "sun" above. There is no path, so you travel carefully through the green towaards the other side of the cavern.

Theo draws his cloak tighter and suppresses a shiver.

DM: You all notice theo's ugly footprints still behind him.

Sanjian plays with a shuriken as he walks along.

Theo: Hmmnn... I thought that the antimagic stone would fix this.

Theo: Shit.

Sanjian shakes his head at theo.

Bolas: Apparently not.

Theo: fuck fuck fuckity fuck. FUCK!~!!!!

Conner: Must be a powerful curse or somethin.

DM: The forest ahead is strewn with thick webbing, like that of a spider.

Theo sits down on a stump and scratches his head.


Sanjian: There aren't any beasties in here, we were told so...?

Bolas: Any of you see hte forest ahead? the webs?

Sanjian: There aren't supposed to be in any case.

Theo: Webs?

Sanjian: Yeah the webs

Conner Well, just what a bunch of powerful people like that might consider a monster may be questionable.

Theo: Hmmnn.

Sanjian: look similar to the others we had encountered?

DM: The webs look much finer then the ones you have seen before. More like a silky gause.

Sanjian: tries to cut some webbing

Theo: How about compared to the ones back near where we met Bolas?
Theo looks up into the trees above for spiders

DM: yuou all can hear the soft consistant rustling now. Above in the trees.

Sanjian: Prepare for combat.

Theo: I take off that ring and put it in a pouch

Sanjian climbs a tree.

DM: Down from above several large (1' across) spiders pounce upon you four!

Theo: Damn Spiders!!!

DM: ROUND ONE, your initiative. There are 6 spiders.

widg: Sanjian with a wakizashi: (1/2)hits AC-4 for 8s/8L hp, (2/2)hits AC9 for 9s/7L hp

Theo: 3#d4+1
widg: Theo (3#d4+1): (3 2 5)

Theo: all three missiles on one spider

DM: you can roll just d20 or use the swing() nomenclature.

DM: the spiders pounce upon you from all sides...

DM: 6#1d20
widg: DM (6#1d20): (19 9 7 16 3 2)

DM: Theo, save vs poison and take 4pts damage as a spider bites you.

Theo: d20
widg: Theo (d20):17

Conner parries

DM: Theo is slowed.

widg: NEXT ROUND =================================================

Theo: cast(magicmissile,7) at the SAME spider I blasted before.
widg: Theo(7) casts MAGIC MISSILE[4] 3hp 5hp 5hp 5hp for a total:18

DM: The spider is blasted to smithereens!

Sanjian: 2#swing(14,wak,0,2)
widg: Sanjian with a wakizashi: (1/2)hits AC-2 for 9s/9L hp, (2/2)hits AC8 for 5s/9L hp

DM: The spider perishes beneath sanjians blow. Two spiders leap upon Theo.

Sanjian slashes at the same spider

Theo: Ahhhhh!

DM: Suffer 3 dmg theo... save vs poison again

Theo: d20
widg: Theo (d20):9

DM: 2#1d20

Theo: Whew! Made it.
widg: DM (2#1d20): (18 4)

DM: Bolas and Conner each strike thier opponants once each.

DM: Theo, you are feelin dizzy from all that poison. -2 to attacks.

Bolas shakes a spider off his arm,

Conner remains safe.

DM: ROUND THREE, spiders.
widg: NEXT ROUND =================================================

DM: the spiders attack. One scores a scarring gash to Theo's leg as a spider bites down HARD with its venomed fangs. Take 2 pts damage, Theo.

Theo: Dammit! Ruined my spell!

DM: save vs poison, again, Theo.

Theo: d20
widg: Theo (d20):15

Conner falls to the ground paralyzed. "AAck!"

Theo: how many are left?

Bolas swings his longsword 2#1d20
widg: Bolas (2#1d20): (6 20)

DM: d8
widg: Bolas (d8):7

DM: Four remian. Your turn.

DM: your turn

Sanjian slashes at a spider close to Connor. 2#swing(14,wak,0,2)
widg: Sanjian with a wakizashi: (1/2)hits AC-4 for 9s/10L hp, (2/2)hits AC12 for 8s/10L hp

DM: Another spider bites the dust... sanjian.

Theo: shakes a spider off of him.

DM: The spider just sinks its teeth deeper into you theo... doesn't wanna let go.

Theo: I whack it against a tree.

Sanjian: I'll get him next round Theo

DM: The spider drops off and prepares to pounce again.

Conner [paralyzed]

Theo: phew!

widg: NEXT ROUND =================================================

DM: The spider misses Theo. Another misses Sanjian. A third misses Bolas. Your turn.

Theo: Hallelujah!

Conner [paralyzed]

Bolas swings a strong blow 1d20
widg: Bolas (1d20):6

Bolas misses.

Sanjian slashes at the spider attacking Theo. 2#swing(14,wak,0,2)
widg: Sanjian with a wakizashi: (1/2)hits AC2 for 10s/4L hp, (2/2)hits AC9 for 7s/6L hp

Theo: cast(magicmissile,7)
widg: Theo(7) casts MAGIC MISSILE[4] 4hp 3hp 4hp 4hp for a total:15

DM: Theo fries a spider, 2 remain. The spiders continue the attack

widg: NEXT ROUND =================================================

DM: Sanjian, your first.

Sanjian: I attack twice. 2#d20
widg: Sanjian (2#d20): (13 16)

Sanjian: 2#d8
widg: Sanjian (2#d8): (6 6)

DM: Sanjian slices and dices a spider to death.

Theo: cast(magicmissile,7)
widg: Theo(7) casts MAGIC MISSILE[4] 3hp 2hp 4hp 5hp for a total:14

Theo: first two at one second two at other

DM: The spider survives your magic

DM: One remains

Theo: (retreating behind sanjian)

DM: d20
widg: DM (d20):10

DM: The remaining spider retreats back into the trees.


DM: Theo, the poison kicks in and you are slowed.

Theo: Ack!

DM: EXP 725 each +73 exp bonus if applicable.

Sanjian: I throw a shuriken at it. d20
widg: Sanjian (d20):4

DM: Hmm, a miss. The spiders have retreated and the forest is calm, though the wispy webs are still irritating... gloomy.

Bolas takes out a torch to set the webs aflame.

Sanjian looks over theo and Connor.

Theo: This poison makes my feel woozy.


Sanjian: Bolas, be careful with that.

Theo: But I'm not beat up too badly. Just a little tired, that's all.

Sanjian: Trees burn you know

Bolas: You think I shouldn't burn em?

Theo: NO!

Sanjian: Cut off a small piece and see how quickly it burns

Bolas: tries the torch out on a small web, it goes *poof*

Theo looks around for berries.

DM: All you see are some round white colored berries, theo.

Sanjian: I take a look, are they poisonous?

DM: You have herbalism?

Sanjian: yup

DM: the berries are poisonus.

Theo: Hmmn... Think it'll burn fast enough that it doesn't light the forest?

Sanjian: yes, I think so theo

Theo: What about the berries?

Sanjian: Fast enough not to create enough heat either.

Bolas: lights the webs aflame ... they all go Poof!, some leaves burn , some spiders fall from the trees, but no big fire is started.

DM: The spiders run around onthe ground on fire, ignoring you. Six more of them.

Sanjian slashes at falling spiders. stab stab stab stab mash mash mash

Theo: smacks them with his staff

DM: The spiders are quickly mashed by your efforts since they are unable to retaliate effectively

Theo: I look around in the trees for shiny stuff.

Theo: Look for poison glands!

DM: The spiders are too mashed to recover poison from. Too burnt.

Theo: Heh what about those berries?

Sanjian: Ok, I'll climb up into the trees and see if they were storing anything

Theo: Well, is there anything in the trees? Hey! you up there in the trees!!!

Bolas: whatcha doin up there Sanjian?

Theo: Find anything yet?

Sanjian: What Theo?

Conner [still paralyzed]

Theo: hahahahaha

Sanjian: Yeah, hold on.

Bolas wipes the spider gore from his blade.

Theo: Hmmnn... how bad you messed up, Connor? (patting him on the head)

Sanjian swings his blade to throw excess spider entrails from his blade.

Conner: stares straight ahead.

Bolas: find anything?

Sanjian: Yup, This medallion. How long do you think he'll be out?

Bolas: Dunno. I kinda like him like this... nice and quiet.

Bolas: nudges conner with his foot.

Theo: Eh?

Sanjian: The medalion, take a look. Magic?

Theo: I cast detect magic and look through the trees toward Sanjian.

DM: The medalion is a small golden lion's head attached to a leather thong, to be worn as a necklace. The medalion faintly glows.

Theo: Hmmnn.. I see anything else?

Bolas: Lets get a move on, shall we? Unless you think there is more up there.

Sanjian: I could look, I didn't see anything more when I was up there though Bolas

Theo: Do I notice anything alse by looking around with altered vision?
*DM* the whole place radiates faint greater path magic.

Sanjian: Better put that with the other magic stuff.

Conner[blinks his eyes and remains paralyzed]

Theo: Wait.. there's something...

Bolas grins at Conner.

Bolas: What theo?

Theo: This whole cavern is faintly magicall. Not surprising, really

DM: The soft rain stops... only the sound of water dripping from the pine trees echos through the cavern.

Sanjian: Ok, I guess we aren't suprised by that

Bolas throws conner over his sholder with a grunt.

Sanjian: Connor up yet?

Bolas: If only the poison hadn't affected his legs... and just his mouth...

Conner[blinks, paralyzed]

Sanjian laughs.

Sanjian: Poofed out, Theo?

Theo: I need to rest a bit before I can cast much more.

Sanjian: Oh, you mean magically.

Bolas turns, carrying Conner, and leads the way to the cave.

Theo follows.

Bolas: We'll rest at the cave entrence.

Sanjian: Well, we could wait until Connor of the I-can't-make-a-saving-throw is back in the world of the moving.

DM: You all travel for a couple hours through the rest of the forest, occasionally a bird calls inthe distance, soon you have arrived at the dark cave entrence.

Theo: I settle in the center of camp and meditate for an hour.

Sanjian: Connor back with us?

Conner [paralyzed]

Bolas lays Conner down and goes about sharpening his blade.

Conner [blink blink]

Theo: I meditate for another hour.

Bolas:Sshall we rest or sleep a while before we head in?

Sanjian: We all need to be moving before going in.

Conner twitches his fingers.

Sanjian: Yes.

Theo: I meditate for another hour

Sanjian: Oh My God, Its alive... ALIVE...

DM: Over the next hour Conner slowly un-paralyzes... until he is back to normal, though a little unsteady.

Conner What a trip.

Bolas: I see your mouth has recovered.

Conner glowers at Bolas.

Theo: I hope he's not stoned.

Sanjian: I was hoping there would be side effects for his mouth.

Bolas: How much more time you need Theo?

Theo: I pull out the black ring and put it back on the medalion

Bolas: What about that new medalion we just got?

Theo: Hmm...

Sanjian: Better put it on both Theo.

Theo: Hmm. Ok. Well, we have four rings.

Sanjian: What do we have them on?

Theo: I put on the second amulet and weave it with the ring. (thread both chains through the ring before putting them on)

Bolas: Is that safe?

Sanjian: With their magic voided it should be


Theo, save vs spells.

Theo: d20
widg: Theo (d20):1

DM: Theo falls to the ground and begins to writh in pain. You see his body begin to jerk unnaturally, his skin turning yellowish

Theo: Get IT OFF ME!!!

DM: Hair begins to sprout from his skin... you see his flesh painfully, slowly moving....

Sanjian: Theo, what's wrong?

DM: Theo huddles against the ground, you see his bones moving, growing...

Sanjian: Pull off the medallions


DM: Soon the transformation is complete. Theo is now a lion.

Sanjian: Theo, you look like you have a case of Jaundice.

Theo: Grrr....

Sanjian: I pull it off

Bolas: Holy shit.

Sanjian: I already said that

DM: There is no amulet to pull off

Sanjian: What is he now?

Theo: What the?!

DM: All that is left is a tawny, slightly smaller then usual, but still rather big, lion, which, strangely enough, can speak just fine.

Theo: uh oh...

Sanjian: Ok, now we have Theo the Leo

Theo: Grr....

DM: (the DM.... laughing)

Theo: Am I still leaving those horrendous tracks?

DM: Yup, you are still leaving those wierd tracks.

Sanjian: Theo?

Theo: What? What Are you staring at?

Conner That is fucked up.

Theo: What's wrong?

Bolas: This is bad.

Sanjian: Maybe they fit now?

Bolas: Can you cast spells like that Theo?

Sanjian: Can you talk? Are you in there? What happened?

Bolas: Well he can obviously talk...

Sanjian: You are a lion, or a lion looking thing!

Theo: What!?

Conner: Gives new meaning to the phrase "From the lion's mouth."

Bolas: You sure are...

Theo: Oh SHIT I hope I can still cast spells.

Theo: I try to cast Detect Magic.

Sanjian: You might be a fighter after all

Theo: ROOAAAAARR!!!!!!

Bolas covers his ears.

Sanjian covers his ears too.

DM: The sound of the roar echos across the cavern and into the caves.

Sanjian: What means of magic is this?

Theo: Dammit. I can't use my magic!!!

Conner You could bring a lot of unwanted attention doing that.

Sanjian: Not such a bad thing where we are going.

Bolas: Stupid of you to put that amulet on when you had no clue what it might do.

Theo: slumps on the ground and pouts.

Conner The black stone must not have been touching it accidently

Sanjian: You even have built in weapons and stealth skills now.

Theo: Hmmn. That's true.

Theo pounces at a tree.

Bolas: But he is Yellow! Hardly a stealthy color in a cave.

Sanjian: It could keep you alive through this.

Sanjian: Find soot

Theo: Hhhhggrrrmm.... yes.

Sanjian: Make a small fire, we can cover him with blackened ash

Theo: Mix it with the lard so it'll stick though....

Sanjian: You are still covered Leo, I mean Theo

Bolas takes the lard out of his pack and sets it down.

Theo: This is gonna be nasty.

Sanjian starts the small fire while whistle "Lambert the sheepish Lion"

Bolas: sits back and gets some meat out to cook

Conner chimes in with Sanjian's song.

Bolas puts his meat over the fire to cook

Theo licks his lips.

Theo: Gimme some o that meat!

Bolas: Get your own.

Sanjian: We can re-adjust Theo's backpack into saddlebag type formation.

Conner snickers.

Sanjian: Sanjian's Song?

Conner that lambert song.

Sanjian: Listen, Bub...

Conner begins whistling tunelessly.

Theo pulls some jerky out of his pack.

Sanjian: I wish I could have extracted some of that poison.

Conner warms his feet by the fire.

Theo pops out his claws and deftly undoes the buckle on his pack.

Bolas: Heh. sharp claws, those.

Theo: I pull stuff out of my pack, making a mess, and find the jerky

Theo spears it with a claw and scarfs it down.

Bolas: Raw?

Conner Yuck

Theo: It's jerky, you idiot!

Sanjian: A jerky eating Lion

Theo curls up by the fire.

Theo: What the hell am I going to do now?

Bolas: Be a cat I guess.

Theo: I guess it's better than being a dwarf.

Theo: I just hope I'm not glowing like a christmas tree.

Bolas: I wonder how we are gonna change him back.

Conner Hmm its gonna be hard getting back up those stairs in your present state Theo.

Theo: And where the FUCK is my STUff?

Conner Magicked into your body? Prolly coulda sold that amulet for somethin too... I wonder if it is gone for good.

Theo: I hope so...but then, it had that magic absorbing rock on it before I put it on....

Bolas: Obviously it wasn't touching the ring quite, or you would have been protected from it.

Theo: We'll have to take another way out anyway... there's no way to go back through the gate we came in.

Bolas: Maybe one of the mage folk from that tavern could help?

Theo: Hmmnn...true but it's probably going to be damn expensive.

Sanjian: That's right. We'll figure out what to do afterward.

Conner Sarusar isn't gonna be happy with one of his rings being absorbed into your body Theo.

Theo: Oh...shit.....

Sanjian: We should use the protection this form gives Theo for now and then fix him when we get back.

Theo: If we DON'T get it back we are REALLY fucked over.

Theo: Agreed... I'm probably more useful this way right now anyway.

Bolas: At least we don't have to worry about the magical radiations from his items.

Theo: Looks like Connor's in charge of magic for now....

Conner What magic.... oh yeah. You think you will be quieter in this new form?

Theo gives connor a sly look.

Sanjian: I am sure that everything is fine and that when we fix you it will be back. But that does mean you shouldn't glow. Like I said, we'll deal with the problem later

Theo: But what about the monster tracks? They glow...

Sanjian: Scary.

Bolas: The only magic I need is down that cave somewhere.

Conner They prolly arn't magical after you have taken a step. They look like real foot prints to me. Otherwise we could dispel your prints you left behind, so since we can't they must be non-magical.

Theo: Hmmnn... wait.... maybe if you touch me with another of of those rings I'll switch back.

Conner touches you with his ring... it does no good.

Theo: I wonder if I'm actually stronger as a lion....

Sanjian: I wouldn't want to change your form back yet Theo. Maybe more coordinated.

Theo: Hey! I'm not wounded anymore.

Bolas: Well he wont be throwing things.

Conner snickers.

Sanjian: Let us finish our snack get covered and get going.

Theo: Lets see.. I've got teeth and claws now.... Cats can see better in the dark, too.

Sanjian: Ok, then, lets get to it.

Sanjian: Smell is better

Conner You know, we could prolly make money with a talking Lion...

Sanjian: You pick that one up with Theo another time, Connor.

Theo: At least I can't sing.

Sanjian: That's Ok Theo, neither can Connor.

Conner You could learn... sides, you'll make a great watch-do... err cat, while we are in the caves.

Bolas: At least he didn't turn into a tiger...

Theo ruffles his fur and stretches.

Bolas: How far were the lands of the Zith fromt he cave entrence Theo?

Sanjian: Yeah, Theo, How far in before zith country?

Theo: Uh... lemme check my notes here. I thought it was about a week's journey. Sanjian?

Sanjian: Before zith country or to the stuff?

Bolas: That sounds about right.

Conner: No more icky spiders.

Sanjian: To the stuff or the country?

Bolas: Well if it is too the stuff thats only a day or two into the country, so we should grease up after six or seven days. Just to be safe.

Theo: Ok

Sanjian: Ok

Sanjian: Lets go then

Theo: I can do without the grease until then, maybe

Bolas: Yeah.

Sanjian: Yup

Theo: Ok.

Conner A greased cat... I wonder if that is as bad as water.

Sanjian: A greased bard, I know that's bad. We'll pack some of the ash from the fire for you

Theo: I won't even go there.

Conner Not like we have a choice.

Sanjian: Nope.

Bolas So are we gonna make camp or move on now?

Theo: Let's get a move on.

Sanjian: Shall we?

Theo: We've hours in the day yet.

Bolas stands up

Bolas: At least I dont have to carry you now Conner.

Conner: Whatever, thanks.

Sanjian: Logging?

Conner Logging? Fuck no, we are adventurers, what would we want to be loggers for?

Theo smirks.

Sanjian: Get a brain Connor.

Bolas: Lets get our feet... paws... in motion.

Theo leaps in the air as high as he can go and lands on his feet. He puuuuurs.

Bolas: You think you are pretty cute, dont you Theo?

Theo puuurrrrrrrr....

Theo: What can I see in the cave mouth?

DM: Well, after a few moments of preparation, you make your way into the dark confines of the caves, which seem much smaller after traveling through the open cavern, and much darker as you leave the false sun behind. It is dark. Occasional teeth of stalactites protrude, but it is mostly grey and dismal. You travel for several hours until your bodies tell you it is past dinner time, making camp, you quietly eat, and then resume.

Sanjian: Keep away Connor, we know you haven't had a cute pussy in awhile but this one is off limits.

Conner Gross!

Bolas: He is hardly cute.

Theo smacks Sanjian.

Bolas: whoah there... you gots claws now, remember?

DM: Several days go by as you travel deeper into the caves. On the third day you enter into a labyrinth of splitting tunnels and winding caverns.

Bolas: this is where it gets complicated. A couple wrong turns could put us at the Zith city, before we want to be.

Theo: That would be unpleasant...

Bolas nods.

Conner gulps.

Theo sniffs the air.

Sanjian leaps over Theo.

Theo leaps over Sanjian.