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Online Travels with Bolas: Part II - "Tapping" (IRC)

DM: So, where we last left off you had been traveling through the caves for three days. Theo, being a lion, sticks out like a sore thumb down here. And you had come into a labrythine area of twisted caves and caverns. Bolas being worried that one wrong turn could bring you into the hands of the Zith themselves. You hear sound is similar to that of a beetle from the direction you wish to travel into. click.... click click...

Conner stops impersonating bruce lee

Theo licks Bolas heartily.

Sanjian: 40 grit sandpaper.

Sanjian with sword drawn, begins sneaking up on it.

Theo slinks after Sanjian

Bolas takes out his new longsword.

Conner softly hums some unknown tune.

Theo follows Sanjian in the shadows.

DM: That tapping noise is getting louder and its getting hard to tell from which direction it is coming from as it gets louder because of the echos.

Theo: grins.

Sanjian: Good, since we are moving towards it, that is a good sign.

Theo: (Whispering) It's from that way. (He points)

Sanjian: I know.

Sanjian follows the loudest source.

DM: There are 3 passages to your left, 2 in front, and 1 to the right from this small cave area.

Bolas waits with his sword ready...

Bolas: (softly) The front one.

Theo slinks back by Bolas and gets ready to charge.

Conner [humming]

Sanjian: Ok, the front or the right cave has the most sound

Sanjian: I'll go to the one on the right and see if the noise is louder

DM: Several large forms , 8 ft tall, are becoming visible from the right and front, but the attack comes from behind. Conner whirls about, but not in time as a large claw clubs his shoulder, Theo, take 6 points damage from a heavy hit from a claw.


Sanjian: d10
widg: Sanjian (d10):3

DM: You win initiative. The creatures have black chitinous shells and stand 8 ft tall, their arms end in pincers. There are about 5 of them. 2 in front, 1 to left, 3 from right.

Sanjian attacks the hulking beasts.

Theo: I whirl around and attack the closest one.

Theo: d4 d4 d10
widg: Theo1 (d4):3 (d4):3 (d10):10

Theo: d20 d20 d20
widg: Theo1 (d20):18 (d20):8 (d20):7

Sanjian: 2#swing(13,0,2)

DM: is 4

Sanjian: 2#swing(13,wak,0,2)
widg: Sanjian with a wakizashi: (1/2)hits AC1 for 4s/8L hp, (2/2)critically HITS!! for 16s/12L hp

Sanjian: Take that beast!

DM: sanjian's blow slices deeply, horribly wounding the creature.

Bolas attacks bravely.
widg: _DM_ (2#d20): (10 7)

DM: and connects once 1d12
widg: _DM_ (1d12):12

Sanjian: cool

Conner rises from the floor where he was knocked down and barely parries a blow.

DM: My turn Sanjian, the heavy creature strikes you with one claw for d10
widg: _DM_ (d10):8

Sanjian: Fuck

DM: Theo, you are pounded by another for d10
widg: _DM_ (d10):3

Theo: Yeeeouch!

Bolas almost dodges a blow, but it still connects d10
widg: _DM_ (d10):1

Conner parries.

DM: ROUND TWO initiative

Theo: Grrrrrrr!

Theo: d10
widg: Theo1 (d10):6

DM: You win.

Sanjian: 2#swing(13,wak,0,2)
widg: Sanjian with a wakizashi: (1/2)hits AC-3 for 5s/4L hp, (2/2)hits AC-2 for 5s/7L hp

DM: Sanjians blow destroys the creatures knees, the second finishing it off... 4 remain.

Sanjian: One down four to go.

Theo: I pounce on that thing that's attacking me 3#d20 2#d4 d10
widg: Theo1 (3#d20): (2 17 16) (2#d4): (3 4) (d10):5

DM: Your claws connect but seem to have little effect on its hard shell.

Theo: Grrrr!

Bolas swings hard 2#d20
widg: Bolas (2#d20): (6 17)

Theo: What about my BITE?

Bolas pounds his opponent d12
widg: Bolas (d12):1

Conner strikes carefully d20
widg: _DM_ (d20):1

Conner throws his sword past the creature... into the darkness.

Sanjian: Boy isn't that funny


Conner draws two daggers.

DM: My turn

DM: Sanjian, there are two closing in upon you, but their clumbsy attacks can't get past your defense. Theo, you are struck again for d8
widg: _DM_ (d8):7

DM: Bolas takes a hit as well and Conner is hit hard.

DM: ROUND 3 initiative

Theo: d10
widg: Theo1 (d10):6

DM: You win. Make your attacks.

Sanjian: 2#swing(13,wak,0,2)
widg: Sanjian with a wakizashi: (1/2)hits AC-6 for 9s/10L hp, (2/2)hits AC9 for 6s/3L hp

DM: Sanjian decimates the large creature... to death.

Theo: 3#d20 parry parry bite d10
widg: Theo1 (3#d20): (1 4 17) (d10):8

DM: A powerful bite theo!

Theo: Growl (munch , munch)!!!!

DM: The remaining creature facing sanjian misses its attacks. Theo suffers another blow d8 (you can parry if you want)
widg: _DM_ (d8):6

DM: Bolas finishes off his opponent.

DM: FOURTH ROUND initiative.

Sanjian: d10
widg: Sanjian (d10):3

DM: You win (again).

Sanjian: 2#swing(13,wak,0,2)
widg: Sanjian with a wakizashi: (1/2)hits AC2 for 8s/4L hp, (2/2)hits AC1 for 4s/8L hp

DM: The creatures try to attack Sanjian, but they all miss.

Conner d20
widg: Conner (d20):19

Conner parries successfully

Theo: 3#d20
widg: Theo1 (3#d20): (12 15 2)

Theo parries successfully

Bolas attacks fiercly 2#d20
widg: Bolas (2#d20): (4 19)

Bolas hits once d12
widg: Bolas (d12):6

DM: ROUND FIVE initiative

Theo: d10
widg: Theo1 (d10):10

DM: I win. The creature pierces sanjian for d8. Conner suffers another heavy blow d8
widg: DM (d8):6
widg: _DM_ (d8):5

Conner: Ow!

Bolas: I'll help buddy.

DM: Your turn.
Sanjian snarls at the beast

Sanjian: 2#swing(13,wak,0,2)
widg: Sanjian with a wakizashi: (1/2)hits AC-2 for 9s/9L hp, (2/2)hits AC-3 for 4s/6L hp

Sanjian: Take that you beasty

DM: It DIES. aaaAAAAGGGggg...

Bolas swings at conners opponent twice 2#d20
widg: Bolas (2#d20): (13 3)

Conner attacks with 2 daggers 2#d20
widg: _DM_ (2#d20): (14 10)

Conner hits once. d4
widg: _DM_ (d4):4

DM: ROUND SIX inittive.

Sanjian: d10
widg: Sanjian (d10):3

DM: You win.

Sanjian: 2#swing(13,wak,0,2)
widg: Sanjian with a wakizashi: (1/2)critically HITS!! for 12s/8L hp, (2/2)hits AC3 for 4s/3L hp

DM: Sanjian kills the last creature, it falls heavily to the ground, echoing throughout the caves.

Sanjian: I claim this creature....

DM: Experience 800 each.

Theo licks his wounds.

Bolas: Nice strike there.

Conner: You ok Theo?

Theo: Meow?

Sanjian: Thanks Bolas.

Theo: I'm pretty beat up. Guess I got overconfident about this new body.

Conner: Without Theo's spells we can't heal!

Theo: I know.

Sanjian: Yup. I hope you all are in pretty good condition

Theo: What about Sanjian's herbal skills?

Sanjian: How is everyone feeling?

Theo: Crappy!

Bolas: I'm OK, but Theo took it hard there.

Conner: Ouch.

Sanjian: Sounds bad. There isn't too much we can do

Theo: I was fine once I figured out that I could avoid getting hit.

Conner pops his sholder back in place before it firms up.

Conner: Aaaah!

Theo: Dammit.

Conner: Damn that hurt.

Theo licks his wounds, cleaning them.

Sanjian: Perhaps we should rest for the day, but even that won't help a lot

Bolas: We need to take the left front passage there.

Sanjian: Ok

Theo: I weakly investigate the insides of the beasties as a possible meal. Smell yummy?

Bolas: Maybe there won't be more of those creatures. Hooked horrers we call them, though I have never seen them in these parts.

DM: Smells edible.

Theo: I rip open the shell of one and give an exploratory sniff inside

Sanjian: Could be a good sign Bolas, if they are here, perhaps the Zith are not.

Theo: Or they are their prey.

Bolas: Possibly. There are many caves about this area.

Theo: Does it look and smell yummy?

DM: It looks like raw meat Theo.

Theo: Hey Bolas, these things are 'normal' wildlife, right?

Bolas: Yes, normal, for underground. Should we move on or find a place to heal our wounds safely?

Sanjian: Lets rest for the day and see how we are in the "morning".

Conner: Yeah, lets rest a bit.

Theo takes a bite from the carcass

Bolas: They use their tapping to move around the caves because they are blind.

Theo: Agreed (crunch crunch)

Theo digs in heartily, saving the party on rations.

Bolas: Let's move back a couple hundred feet then so there are fewer avenues of attack.

Sanjian: Yes agreed.

Theo: (smack crunch) OK.

Sanjian: Try not to slobber Theo.

Theo: Who me? (drool running down my chin)

Sanjian: Well, at least we have something for our friend to eat now.

Bolas nods

Theo: Purrrrrr....

Conner gets ready for some napping.

Sanjian: I'll do what I can to bandage wounds and stuff.

Theo drags one of the carcassses along.

Sanjian: I'll stand first watch.

DM: The "night" passes by.... occasionally you are awakened to the sound of more tapping, but it never approaches your camp. The next "day" arrives.

Theo: (yawn)

Sanjian: So, how do we feel? Bolas, Theo, Connor?

Bolas: Those creautres only found us either because we were being noisy, or because we just happened to be in the wrong place. They looked to be reuniting, and we just happened to be in their reunion place.

Sanjian: Could be.

Theo stretches and yawns.

Bolas: I'll live. Just a couple bruises.

Conner: My sholders feeling a litle better.

Theo drips blood everywhere and licks his fure.

Sanjian: Better eat, no refrigerators down here you know.

Conner: I'll be ok. Just a it sore all over.

Theo: Don't lions eat like once a week in the wild?

Bolas: They also lay around all day.

Theo: I'll get better, I hope.

Sanjian: I am for moving on, don't like to sit and become a target...

Sanjian: Theo?

Theo: OK...but I'm gonna hang to the center.

Bolas as long as we are quiet we should have little to fear. the Zith have probably scared most things away from here.

Sanjian: Ok, let us hope so...

DM: which means very few preditors since there is little prey

DM: (the day passes uneventfully)

Sanjian: We don't know how much food the Zith require to live though

Conner: Being wholly magical it is quite possible they require none at all

Sanjian: Being magical and all.... That would be bad.

Conner: Which would make sense since there are no tales of the Zith coming out of their home area to hunt.

Bolas: True. Wierd.

Bolas: If theo can eat that flesh, we can too, lets cook some up.

Theo: Cooking smells travel pretty far, don't they?

Conner: Dunno

Sanjian: Yes, especially in caves.

Bolas is thinking about that delicious food back at the tavern.

Sanjian: Remember the Zith have very sensitive senses including smell.

Theo: And we are pretty near to their territory now.

Bolas: We arn't in their territory yet. A couple days away at least.

Sanjian: That is why we have to cover ourselves with slime to hopefully get around them.

Theo: They probably patrol the edges of the zone fiercely. I don't smell bad yet, do I?

Bolas: I don't remember, I never saw any till we were deep in their caves.

Sanjian: Well, I would vote against it.

Theo picks his teeth with his claws.

Bolas: Ok then.

Theo: Just like popcorn, those things.

Bolas takes out some cold boring jerky to munch on.

Sanjian: Sorry Bolas.

Theo: Sticks in your teeth dammit.

Bolas: How long you guys wanna heal up here?

Theo: I think cooking is bad idea.

Conner: We already decided that already.

Sanjian: I say we move

Theo: and besides, if we hunt some more, I can eat like this.

Sanjian: As I said before

Bolas: I am all for moving, I just want Conner and Theo to be alright with it too.

Conner: I'm good either way

Sanjian: Let's try not to hunt too much, the last meal damn near killed us.

Theo: I am OK with moving, but we must be very careful. (burp)

Bolas: Ok, then lets move on.

Sanjian: Let's move though, food supplies are limited.

Theo: Hmmn... I seem to eat more in this state.

DM: Well you all travel deeper into the Zith environs, the way is slow since Bolas often has to think much at each juncture and sometimes you end up backtracking after a wrong turn. Four days go by and you know you are in the deep of the Zith area. An encounter could easily be fatal here.

Bolas: (whispering) Wish Taren was here. She knows the arts of healing and so much more. I miss her.

Theo: We all miss her, Bolas. Won't she be surprised not that I'm a Beastie? I'm getting hungry again.

Sanjian: Eat some of your rations theo

Bolas: Soon we will be passing very near their main cavern. This is where the Reaver and I were attacked and captured.

Theo nods.

Sanjian: Ok, then let's travel very quietly.

Theo wishes he wasn't covered head to toe in soot and grease.