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Journals of Theodophilus Greenbow

1 Ras, 8324 F
Today is my birthday. Uncle Arik has decided that I am of an age to explore the world on my own. We leave on horseback in the morning for Tel-Akbar.

6 Ras, 8324 F
This being the sixteenth summer of my life, I begin my Adventurers Journal with enthusiastic delight.
    Finally! A chance to get away from all of this! My feet yearn to feel the open road. I am ready for this.

7 Ras, 8324 F
I have encountered a strange man named Connor. He is by profession, a bard. The fool tried to swindle me in a tavern, but strangely enough we seemed to strike it off and we get along quite nicely now. Connor has procured employment this evening at the Silver Platter, an inn near the Mercenary's guild. I am to be the first one clapping, as it were.
    I think I'll pay a visit to my mother, now..That Bastard! Father is going to PAY for stopping his support payment...Just before I leave, and old left, an old, UGLY woman came to the door asking about Connor. I slipped out the back...
    I am seated at a table near the edge of the crowd. Connor's jokes and stories are passable, if on the bad side. He's telling a whopper about some kind of quest for a holy grail, whatever that is. Really, you'd think they'd just get a wish spell cast and be done with it, being kings and knight (kniggots?) and all... The elfin woman and another man, I believe a Haruchi, are seated at my table. You don't see Haruchi every day! I think I'll strike up a conversation...
    They are passable fellows! I had to ah, put Connor in an, ahhh, uncomfortable position with my scratch cantrip to prove to them I was a magician, but after we had a good laugh, things loosened up. Sanjian, the Haruchi, hails from far across the Gulf of Biengyar. Taren as well comes from across the Gulf. It seems that Taren and Sanjian met on their ship voyage, but parted at an earlier port. Both are seeking adventure.
    The evening is passing well. Connor's shift is nearly over (Thank the True Gods!) One more botched story and he'll get coated in refuse! I think I'll talk with them about adventure.
    Damn! I have got to keep an extra magic missile prepared more often!! Well, before I could ask, and was so rudely interrupted, three huge figures cloaked in black burst into the tavern and took a pot shot at Connor! Well, Sanjian was a bit jumpy, too, because he dived out of his chair and took a defensive stance immediately. Well, Connor took a flying leap onto a table, and then all hell broke loose... Since I had used my precious magic on the scratch cantrip I could only use one missile. After that I ran up the stairs and started throwing candle holders at the ruffians. The last of the ruffians fled through the door. After the fray a mysterious man in black robes appeared on the balcony, laughed and left through the upstairs door. Later, the guards gave us a mysterious coin with three dots and a hole in the center. I will have to examine it later. The guards say it was likely Malchior, a rogue wizard who has been of some nuisance lately.

8 Ras 8324 F
Since we seem to work well as a unit, I will accompany these three for a while. They have found employment at the Mercenaries. Guild, Sanjian becoming a new member and all. After we go shopping for equipment, we can get started for Castellan, where we will be mapping out some ruins for a Mister Donner. There is also the matter of finding out the whereabouts of the former employees...

12 Ras, 8324 F
I have not written for several days, as travel has been uneventful. We have reached a junction in the road, and have decided to strike out through the forest as a shortcut.
    Damn! We were tricked by Malchior into giving him the coin! Ah well, we were surrounded by his archers at the time, and had we resisted, we might not have survived.

13 Ras, 8324 F
Today we encountered a gigantic creature! We heard a great growling and crashing ahead of us. We tried to skirt around it, but were unsuccessful. Taren's keen elfin eyes saw that the great mound of fur and claws was wary. Besides, it was eating who knows what... Thus, fearing it was dangerous and would attack, we decided to attack it. Taren spoke a prayer that made the bard and Haruchi fighter invisible to the creature. They snuck up behind it and struck. Sanjian dealt the most awesome sword blow I have ever seen, yet it was not even fazed!
    Connor (the fool) swung wild with .Mr. HighLander. as he calls his two-handed sword, and flung the thing twenty feet away. Dratted fighters! Never consistent, are they? I loosed my magic missile, barely singeing its fur. Then the beast struck...
    Connor was flung far, mortally wounded. Fortunately Taren was able to stop the bleeding.
    Sanjian dealt another fantastic blow to the behemoth, as well, and I let fly my final missile. But the strangest thing happened next. The creature folded itself into a tree and was gone!
    It was then that we saw what the creature was eating. Bark! It was an herbivore! We almost got killed by an herbivore! We shall have to be more careful in the future...
    Counting our blessings, we slung Connor over the horse and trudged out to the road where we made camp, to rest and regain our spells.

14 Ras, 8324 F
We reached Castellan after nightfall, and can lodge with Mister Donner's campaign group in their tents. They are busy clearing the surrounding lands of monsters, and will be of little help to us. However, we have secured free lodging, a boon to our dwindling cash reserves.

14 Ras, 8324 F
We frequented a rather seedy establishment here in Castellan: the bar. It being the ONLY bar, and having the monopoly, it's a wild joint. Take care not to mess with the burly individuals wearing rings in their noses.

15 Ras, 8324 F
We set out for the ruins this morning, after a hearty breakfast of 'mush' and 'stuff' at the bar.

17 Ras, 8324 F
Well, travel has been uneventful, except for the sighting of an ettin far above us in the ravine, and some large winged creatures in the distance. We have reached a chasm. Across it, only five miles distant, are the ruins. In the end, we decided to travel around it to the north, as Taren's horse can't very well rope across, and might get eaten by ettins if left behind.

19 Ras, 8324 F
Well, today was interesting. While crossing the scree, we were attacked by giant flying lizards of some sort. We lost the horse, and a week's worth of rations, but otherwise unscathed. Later on, while foraging, a great furry mound of teeth and claws (a little bigger than Connor) surprised us by grabbing Sanjian. The skirmish didn't last long, and we (obviously) were victorious. We have reached the edge of the plateau, and have made camp.

20 Ras, 8324 F
We have a rough map of the outer wall. It is three quarters of a circle, with an outcropping of rocks in the center. There are two towers standing; one in the outer wall, and the other by the main gate in the missing quarter of the circle. That tower has a catwalk leading to the boulders in the center. Also of note are two yellowish pillars standing high above the ruins on the other side of the outcropping. We have decided to try the tower with the catwalk.

23 Ras, 8324 F
Well, I have learned a valuable lesson: don't walk through a pile of bones; for the bones in the 'kill' zone didn't take kindly to our disturbance. We were surrounded by undead. I valiantly toasted one with a bolt of blue energy (MM), and managed burn two with a mossletoff cocktail (spattering a third). Connor, by now, was unconscious (for the second time this fight) and Taren was busily engaged with the skeleton that put him there, so I had to bandage him, which ended up getting me slashed by one of the bastards.
    Took me three days to heal from that one! Connor is still unconscious. Taren and Sanjian dragged us to the other tower, where we have made camp and begun mapping from the top of the tower. Taren and Sanjian also found a trapped chest with 80 luminescent blue coins, which I have identified as being from the Eastern Empire. Seeing how Connor and I weren't of much help procuring them and they were of considerable risk to procure (poisoned and all), the others will keep them.
    I'll watch over Connor while Taren and Sanjian spread out to the other buildings. (I'll keep and eye out and lend a hand with magic if need be.)
    Hmmnn....Nothing useful in the three closest buildings. The barracks was full of Shadows...but they torched the place safely enough, banishing the unseen things. There is also what appears to be a weapons storehouse, though the weapons are badly damaged by the weather. There is a barrel of warped crossbow bolts there, and some serviceable (if decrepit) crossbows here in the tower. Maybe I can find a serviceable bolt or two if I look. The others are skeptical, at best.

24 Ras, 8324 F
Connor awoke today, feeling chipper as ever. We are going to resume our explorations full force (though Connor is still weak, and will trail along behind with me)
    One of the buildings was obviously crushed under catapult shot, the heavy thing still intact among the rubble of some kind of glass storage area. They spend the morning clearing rubble, I spent it sorting crossbow bolts. I even found a straight one!! After some persuasion, Sanjian agreed to load and carry one of the crossbows.
    There is a large pit in the center of four buildings to the east. The buildings have been stripped bare. The pit is largely loose sand, with a two foot diameter hole in the bottom. From my experience in school, I'd say it's the nest of some kind of giant ant lion. To test our theory, (and preparing for the worst) we rolled the catapult shot into the pit, and out burst our ant lion, pissed off! Of course, Sanjian let fly his (my) bolt, a hell of a shot!! Taren tossed a cocktail, while Connor thwacked it with Mr. Highlander and I shot some blue shit at it.
    Then, the thing lunged at Sanjian just as Sanjian's sword pierced it's head. The thing got hold of (the unconscious) Sanjian, and we barely managed to grab on to him for a game of tug of war. Fortunately, the thing had about had it, because Taren's next blow immobilized it.
    Now we were faced with the thing.s lair (and a bleeding, unconscious Sanjian). In the end, Taren tied a rope around her waist as we lowered her into the pit. Presently, she emerged with some coinage and a surprisingly untarnished scimitar from the Eastern Empire.
    The evening has been spent tending to Sanjian's wounds.

25 Ras, 8324 F
Today, we investigated the stone pillars, and a low, squat building, apparently the headquarters for this outpost. We can't seem to get in the cast iron door, so we are going to use the building to hop to the boulders in the center of town for a better vantage point. We now have a map of the southern side of the outpost (yet to be explored).

27 Ras, 8324 F
Unnhhhh... After we checked out the rocks, we decided to check out more of the small buildings. All was well, then Sanjian set off a trap that knocked me unconscious until this morning. It seem that we are not the only ones who have explored the ruins. Later on, we discovered a warehouse that had obviously been opened, human footprints leading towards it, large paw prints all around, and the markings of something heavy being dragged away. It seems we have a predator among us...

28 Ras, 8324 F
Today, we shall draw out the beast. A large cat can easily carry off a man, but four hardy adventurers should subdue it easily enough. Probably a mountain lion or some such.

2 Toras, 8324 F
Hmmnn...Nothing is ever as it seems, with magic. Our 'mountain lion' was an 8-foot monstrosity with two tentacles on its back. But the Gods have favored us, as we survived somehow, me being unconscious for the past few days, and everyone else near enough to death as well. We have located our two mappers. One fell prey to a spear trap, the other was...lunch...for the beast. Oddly enough, the crates in the warehouse contained many yards of cloth, a weapons cache, enough rations to feed an army, spices, and flasks of a highly explosive substance. Flaming stuff. I feel strangely more competent, and have much more magical power at my disposal.

3 Toras, 8324 F
Today we shall gain entry to the central fortress via Taren's Stoneshaping spell.
    The iron door is controlled by two levers on the second level. The antechambers have proven empty, save for some poor, dead fools. We shall delve deeper on the morrow.

4 Toras, 8324 F
In the future, I shall be more cautious of all kinds of mold... We encountered a carnivorous brown sort earlier and Sanjian almost succumbed to it, but fire seems to have vanquished the stuff.
    It appears there is a secret passage out of this place! That might come in handy later on.
    We have been besieged by foul hobgoblins! The brutes sent a scout party in through the (open) door, which promptly tripped the lever system, closing it. We made short work of the five stinking louts that were trapped with our torch oil and greek fire. But what to do with the 30 that are milling about outside?
    The fools have given up trying to enter the fortress, (good thing we sealed our entrance hole...)
    Onward... The place was built to withstand a siege, it seems...there are many ancient (crumbling) weapons and much rotted foodstuff.

9 Toras, 8324 F
When will I ever learn? We found a fair number of potions in what I assume to be the captain's quarters. Unfortunately, I seem to have tripped a fire rune when I greedily opened a scroll. I'll need to remember that when I see scrolls in the future...Fortunately, Sanjian managed to drag the chest he was trying to open out of the room, and later salvaged a silver amulet from the wreckage. (Moving it set off an acid trap)
    I am now back to full health, and we are going on to the tower.
    On the second floor, weapons lined the wall, all in poor repair due to the windows and open weather. One object stood out though: a bright and shining solid silver jewel encrusted sword hanging on the wall. It was than that it attacked. Some kind of powerful undead, it gave Taren a chill touch. Sanjian, thinking fast as always, grabbed the sword and struck the thing. It vanished in surprise!! That has got to be one powerfully enchanted sword!!
    The third floor was empty, save for a door to the catwalk slightly ajar. On the catwalk stood a lone skeletal warrior. It grinned at us. We ran. It chased us. Taren sealed the tower off with her Stone Shape spell, and we rested while the skeletal warrior sulked.

14 Toras, 8324 F
I have studied the spell for detecting magic these past few days, and am almost ready to attempt casting it...only a few more hours of study and I'll have it.

    We snuck out of the fortress at midnight, sealing the secret door behind us and easily evading the hobgoblin scum.

18 Toras, 8324 F
We skirted Castellan today, as it is a rough sort of place, and we don't want to get er, mugged, as it were.

23 Toras, 8324 F
We have arrived in Tel-Akbar, cleaned up and sold the map to Mr. Donner. Taren and I have taken a job delivering orders to Castellan (to move out and take the stronghold, no doubt) I think I'll continue on from there and see my uncle, Arik about some new spells.

Mordun 5, 8324 F
I have been at Arik's for two months, now, learning spells. I have so much more power!!! I feel more...powerful! Arik helped my with a few of them. Hmmnn....Now that I am 'older' he expects me to pay for that help. It is fair, I suppose; power has its price, and he is only charging me a tenth of the worth of magic. *sigh* Where am I going to get 600 gold? (Sanjian owes me some, but I may be borrowing from my friends soon enough.)
    I will set out for Tel-Akbar in the morning; I have research to do.

Mordun 13, 8324 F
It's been good to see everyone again. Sanjian's training is coming along nicely, though I didn't have much chance to speak with him, I did retrieve the loot. I have used my newfound magic to shed light on the valuables we recovered from our adventures. No one was surprised to learn that the sword is very powerful indeed, and the amulet seems to exhibit a faint aura of luck magic.

Mordun 14, 8324 F
I will embark for Luln soon, after I have investigated the fate of the local magi here in Tel-Akbar. It will be good to see Lucy, my half-sister, again.

Mordun 15, 8324 F
I will have to delay visiting Lucy; I have discovered the library here in Tel-Akbar. It is rumored to be the largest public library in the world. Bah! It will serve my purpose well enough. There are many volumes of creature lore and history. This being a cosmopolitan area, there are many volumes written in Darini, the language of the Eastern Empire. Perhaps I can learn to read it, with time.

Mordun 16, 8324 F
I have taken a job as an apprentice scribe at the scrivener's guild. Boring work, I must say. I do get training in reading and writing Darini, though. Of course, I am exceedingly good at copying documents, what with my magic and all...
    In my spare time, I research at the library, and listen to the Weave.

Nightsun 5, 2324 F
Well, it seems that Arik and I are not the only magi versed in the ways of the greater path in the world. I have sensed a powerful disturbance in the Weave right here in Tel-Akbar. I know not who this newcomer is, but I know enough not to trifle with him. I hope that my use of magic in my daily work has not attracted attention to me. After all, the spells I have been using are as a mere drop of water on the surface of the ocean.
    And, too. I must be careful of thieves. Why, just this evening one relieved me of the contents of my purse. Not much harm done, to be sure, but a great annoyance nonetheless. And I was distracted by the Weave... At any rate, the ruffian's name is Alec, and he has a companion, robed in blue, and concealing a sword beneath. I'll be ...on the lookout... for the pair.
    And of course, I met a baker this evening, Belle is her name. Nice woman. Honest. And charitable. And a good cook as well. Alas, I went to pay her and I discovered Alec's 'handiwork'.
    The nights are getting colder...winter is nearly upon us.

Nightsun 6, 8324 F
This morning, I went to Belle's for breakfast. Hospitality always pays off, you know.
    Later on, it being market day, and all, I was given a hefty stack of posters to copy. To my surprise, what should I come across halfway through, but a poster ordered by Belle. Naturally, I did and above average job for her.
    After I had delivered the posters, who should I see but my 'friend', Alec. Picking pockets in the market day crowd, no doubt. Just for kicks I let him have it with a cantrip to make him, er, itch in a sensitive spot; just as he was going in for the kill on some innocent bystander. Serves him right, the scum...

Corvere 16, 8324 F
I think it's time I travel on to Luln. I have mastered Darini, and I grow bored with scriveners work.

Corvere 29, 8324 F
I have reached Luln, having travelled here with a merchant caravan. I signed on as backup power for the mercenaries, in the group, but the trip was uneventful. I shall return to Tel-Akbar by ship.

Turningspare 13, 8325 F
Ah, these past few days have been good to me. Passing the time with my dear sister, Lucretia. She's quite character really. Practically runs the Chancy Cup. Seeing has brought back fond memories of childhood, indeed. It seem only as yesterday when she caught me pilfering from her money pouch. Of course, she just laughed and showed me how it was really done. I was never any good at it, though. She certainly has a lot of free time on her hands for running such a prominent business...
    She's rather impressed by my newfound skills, and is glad I finally found my niche. She wondered if I would ever pick a career.

Turningspare 20, 8325 F
As I have long suspected, Lucy has contacts in the thieves guild here in Luln. This may be boon or bane for me, but she is my sister, and family is family. Mother yet thinks her to be a simple barmaid, but she has grown to be much, much more than that.

Toras 23, 8325 F
I sit now, in the Silver Platter Inn, where it all started a year ago. All is well with the company, and we now turn to discuss our varying states of poverty...
    Rumors abound in the city of Tel-Akbar, but there is one of particular interest to us. It has been deemed the best course of action to explore the rumors of recently unearthed dwarven halls beneath the city sewers.
    Of course, none of us wish to enter the sewers, what with the giant alligators, smugglers, thieves dens, and the like, so we plan to enter from the sea caves below the city. We shall split up and convene on the morrow for supplies; heading out near mid morning (at low tide).
    I have much to do this evening, readying myself for the rigors of the adventurer's life. My friends go their separate ways, and I am anxious to share their company on the morrow.

Toras 24, 8325 F
Damn fool bard! Gods damn him! It's just like him to be late. Probably stumbled out last night and went bar-hopping or something.
    Hmmnn.... I suppose I should feel sympathetic for the fool, went out and got himself stabbed last night. He was trying to reconnoiter some information for us, but still...he could have used some backup. It's not the best move to go wander the bad part of town alone, at midnight, with no weapons, and all of your money... I could have sent Sanjian off after him invisible as the air itself...
    It will take the day, and most of my healing power to get him straighten up. Ah well, the ruins shall remain where they lie for one more day.

Toras 25, 8324 F
Today we found a sizeable sea cave...inside, and on a long unused ledge lay a passage untravelled by man for many a year. Shortly up the passage lay a wide pool, blocking the passage save for a narrow strip on the leftmost edge of it. Oh, that we might have passed it unscathed, but Connor panicked and whipped out his clumsy two handed ..flinging himself headlong into the water in course. The pool's inhabitant, a beast of the deep with long rubbery tentacles nearly ate our fellow, until Sanjian jumped upon its back and wounded it grievously. While I managed to scurry to safety on the shore, and provide magical support, there was little for me to do. Fortunately the thing fled from us and we were able to help our pair of soggy, but alive compatriots out of the water.
    A mile up the passage we discovered a new dilemma...the pit. Being the ingenious fellow I am, I hurled a flaming torch into the darkness...illuminating the pit. We saw a shiny metal plate about 50' distant across the pit. My action also revealed the mass of spider webs coating the ceiling of the chamber, and had a nasty side effect we hadn't counted on: their ignition.
    Boy, the shit hit the fan lemme tell you....The giant spiders who call this place home were pissed. They made a run for our little passage...
    Fortunately, we ran back, and doused the corridor with oil. When the fuckers came in, BOOM! Unfortunately, they jumped the flames. (but got singed at least)
    We killed three of the four that attacked, the other one ran away, badly wounded.
    We are pretty fucked up...Everyone but me was bitten, Taren and Sanjian were slowed, and Connor was paralyzed. (I had to thwack the spiders with my staff, too). The rest of the spiders are still on the ceiling. I hope their venom wears off soon...

Toras 25, 8325 F
The plan: The remaining spiders seem to be leaving us alone, so we can advance with our explorations. Taren will stoneshape handholds around the edge of the pit, we shall raise the ancient rope bridge that hangs from the other side of the chasm.
    I HATE SPIDERS. The bridge is raised, well, was raised... Just as the first of us tried to cross the bridge, the spiders attacked. We almost died. Then, just at the end of combat, the bridge broke. Sanjian made his flying leap, but Taren....well, she caught hold of the bridge as it fell, and is nursing some nasty bruises....
    The door on the other side of the chasm is magically sealed.

Toras 26, 8325 F
Today I shall use my incantations to pry the door. If it be magically sealed, then the best way to open it is with magic.
    Strange things abound here. When the door opened, we could fain open it with the bones of so many dwarves piled against it. Something is not right here.
    We cleared the bones away, and made our way down the passage into a largish 20'x 20' room with three pillars running down either side of the center of the room. There were exits, (stairs leading up) to the north, south, and east. Then we heard footsteps. We shut off our light and hid behind the pillars.
    The footsteps came into the room, and stopped. But the elf and haruchi with DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING...
    So I lit my lantern, and standing in the center of the room was a pale, tall man dressed in an odd raiment of archaic armor. He had a fur cloak, a chain vest, and spiked gauntlets. He wore a horned helmet. He spoke to us in Darini. His name is Bolas. He seems to be searching for an artifact he calls the Fist. It was the hand of the Emperor of the Eastern Emperor, highly enchanted, and quite powerful, until it was stolen by the dwarves. He also claims to have seen one known as the Reaver, and a mage killer to boot. If this Reaver yet walks these halls, then powerful indeed he must be.
    Bolas is... not all all there. He's transparent. That is to say: we are travelling with a ghost! Be he friend or foe, I am yet wary of his countenance. Still, I am not inclined to think that he is an evil spirit. Oddly enough, he seems to not know he is dead. And he has been dead for so long! By my reckoning, he dates from the time of the UnHoly Wars! What secret legends we shall glean from him!

Toras 26, 8325 F
By now, our pale friend would have attacked us, so I assume he is friend. For no sooner than we had met with the giant, docile lizard did we encounter the denizens of these deeps. Spread about the room, we were, and a good thing, too... for we heard the fumbling of a key in the large door to the east. We turned out our lantern, and hid ourselves from view. Two burly looking, eight foot tall humanoids entered the room, and one of them began to chant softly. Seizing the opportunity, I stood from behind my hiding place, and attacked, bolts of energy searing from my grasp to their chests. It was a hairy fight, but we survived...and treasure we have gained, as well. They were carrying a magical scroll.
    Now to investigate that wall they were chanting at...
    Connor has taken a liking to the giant, docile beast. I think Taren fancies it a pet....

Toras 27, 8325 F
After melting through the wall, we discovered a tar pit. Such a waste of a fine day...

Toras 28, 8325 F
Beyond the doors, and deeper in the labyrinth is a fire drake. It has eaten the friends of the ogres we slew. (We did have to cater them to it, to avoid getting crisped) Of course then, we ran away, to explore less hostile portions of the dungeon.
    So, returning to the place where we met with Bolas, we delved to the south. To a room with chain bridges converging on the center of it. To the east, lie the doors of a place called Deep Home. The door is ajar...
    So far we have seen nothing but this long corridor, with guard rooms pairing off at regular intervals, until it comes to this large, decorative room. There are tiles on the floor, and when the lights are out, the tiles glow with arrows on them. Of course there is also a large, decorative door to the east. This shall prove an interesting puzzle...
    SHIT! Connor the Bard shall now be known as Connor the Bald! We have been moving the tiles in the room around. Connor went to place the last tile, and BOOM! The room filled with flame. He is singed, but alive. Upon further examination of the room, it has been determined that the tiles block tiny vents that leak flammable gas into the room, and when one disturbs them, the room becomes dangerous. With caution, we were able to set the tiles right, and find the opening mechanism for the large, decorative doors.
    Beyond is a great hall, with eight doors leading off from it. But we are weak, and shall have to spend time healing ourselves.

Toras 29, 8325 F
The day has been spent healing, and tormenting the bard about his lack of eyebrows. Poor fellow...

Toras 30, 8325 F
Once again, we tempted fate today...when we open the gates to the great hall, we found that more creatures were entering the far side. Battle ensued, and we killed the four of them that advanced on us before the rest could reach us. But we were far outnumbered, and had to retreat once more. The strangest thing happened then...the Wind that Bolas spoke of entered the great hall, and obliterated the horde of poisonous creatures. Again, being weak from battle, and fearful of the Wind, we waited.

Assiras 1, 8325 F
After looting the bodies of our fallen enemies, we have decided to return to the surface. After much discussion, it has been decided to split the loot with Bolas, as a full share.
    The rest of the day, spent in healing.

Assiras 2, 8325 F
We have returned, once again to the Silver Platter Inn. Connor needs to buy new armor, as his was incinerated in the dwarven firetrap. Bolas passes well enough for human with a dark cloak drawn about him. I pray we do not attract close scrutiny.
    I spend the remainder of my day frequenting the great library, once again. Connor, having acquired new armor, has spent the day with one known of Elysium, a lesser path wizard of repute in the city. Magic is expensive, and Connor must complete a small task for Elysium before he is to learn the arcane: he must retrieve the heads and hands of the undead below the city. It should not be too difficult to comply, given our current adventuring locale.

Assiras 3, 8325 F
Under the city once again, we are. The giant lizard was well, it had not yet been eaten by the drake. My companions are overly concerned with it's welfare. I think we ought to feed the drake and sneak past as it sleeps off its feast. But such things are not to be.
    We pressed on, and to our surprise, found we had company when we opened the doors to the dwarven hall. The undead of the dwarven halls were eating the bones of our former foes.
    Taren cast a protective enchantment, and the vermin were held at bay. But not the big one... it made it through the doors before I slammed them shut. Gods! It reeked! I barely was able to shut the door before I puked. The others fared not much better, but we vanquished it nonetheless. Then, I had an ingenious idea. We set the dwarven firetrap, allowed the ghouls to enter, and incinerated them. Connor put their heads and hands in a sack, which we made him leave in a guard room, it stunk so badly.
    After a bit of my healing magic, we forged onward into the hall, picking the last door on the right. There is a door here that we cannot open, and a high ceiling chamber with many rotted dwarven tapestries hanging. I am wary to enter it, as anything might hide up there.
    As I suspected, there were bats in the belfry. Or rather, there were cloakers. For no sooner than Sanjian stepped forth into the chamber the foul things attacked. The baby was not as hard to slay as the parent. And there was treasure in the room, as well. A bag was hung from a thin cord on the ceiling., which we cut down (not before Connor received a nasty shock from the wire running down its center, though). In it were 180 gold coins of ancient vintage, and four small black gems.
    We must rest and heal now.

Assiras 4 8325 F
Onward was a long passage. In it, we nearly met our doom. For not only did the floor drop out from beneath Sanjian and Taren and into a pool of boiling lava, (They made it to safety on the far side), but our problems worsened.
    A gigantic hand clamped around the edge of the passage, and then another...then a huge skull with glowing ruby eyes lunged through. Connor charged, screaming a norse battle cry, as did Bolas. I sent two bolts of purple whizzing in its direction.
    It charged through Bolas, grabbed Connor, and promptly tried to rip him in half while biting down on his midsection. I continued to rain down the magic missiles...
    Connor lapsed into unconsciousness the thing dropping him, and it shot forward at me...
    It was then the Taren finished shaping the handholds across the pit, and Sanjian leaped onto my ledge and charged the bastard as it snapped at me. Taren of course swung her flame blade as well, and I continued firing point blank magical missiles.
    Then Sanjian felt water on his back, and remembered the holy silver sword...He drew it, and whacked the fuck out of the beast as it clamped onto him...
    His second blast made the whole thing collapse, but the bones started to shake. I leapt over the mess, and ran to Connor's aid, healing him...Then Sanjian whacked the beast a final time, and it exploded into shards, doing severe damage to my companions. I of course, was far enough away to escape harm...
    The thing then faded into dust and two rubies dropped out of the eye sockets, Sanjian neatly catching them.

Assiras 5, 8325 F
After resting, we have decided unanimously to return to the surface. Now that we have collected some wealth, we all have unfinished business to attend to. Bolas is, unquestionably a full member of the party now, and we are going to have to remedy his being dead somehow (or, at least, get him to start taking advantage of it)...

Assiras 6, 8325 F
I ,at last, have time to attend to studies of the Weave. Taren is journeying to the forest near my uncle's house, and shall pay him my debt. Connor shall study under Elysium, Sanjian has continued his studies under his master, and Bolas has determined to stay with me that I may not be disturbed. I shall help Sanjian learn Darini, that he may speak with Bolas more freely. But now that I have time, I shall research an incantation for calling lightning forth from my grasp.

Assiras 12, 8325 F
I am making much headway in my research. I feel confident that I shall prevail in my task.
    Bolas clearly enjoys being in the city again, and spends long hours wandering the marketplace. Sanjian is doing well in his study of Darini...he is a fast learner.

Assiras 25, 8325 F
By the Gods! I nearly have it! A few more days, and I shall be ready to test my new recipe.

Mordun 5, 8325 F
I am ready to test my new spell. I shall travel outside the city walls, and test my newfound strength. If I arise suspicion, I shall simply use my spell of invisibility to escape.

Mordun 6, 8325 F
Success!! It works! It really works!!

Mordun 13, 8325 F
Taren has returned from her journeys, I have learned my new spell, Connor has gained arcane knowledge, and the rest of us are itching to take the dwarven halls once again.

Mordun 14, 8325 F
Today we gather supplies and prepare ourselves for our journey below.

Mordun 15, 8324 F
This morning, we set out for the caves. There, we found that all was not as we left it. A small, black tag on a spike driven into the wall tells us that someone has plans for this place. There are several metal pipes hidden in the pool, as well. Naturally, we moved the stuff over to the sea cave next door, and entered the deeps.
    We are now at the lava pits, and have decided to lower ourselves to the mines below. Later we shall return to cross these pits.
    All is not well. Not well at all. There are ghosts, and there are ghosts. The kind we met with below today was the latter. I feel as if I have aged ten years, and Taren looks as if she has lost fifty.Accursed curious bard...
    We shall try crossing the pits, now. I pray that there are no more ghosts before us.

Mordun 16, 8325 F
We have almost succeeded in shaping our way across the pits. Sanjian has climbed across, and will scout the area beyond.
    There is a devious rock trap in the hallway beyond. And, too, there is a force field that cannot be passed.
    Well, tomorrow all of us can cross.

Mordun 17, 8325 F
The rock trap, we have disarmed, its arming switch having been located on the sculptured walls of the chamber past the lava pits. But the force field we cannot fathom. We have discovered a secret door, but we cannot open it.
    We have managed to pull it out of the wall but an inch for all our work. Damn it! What devious mechanisms these dwarves leave to us!
    At last! The fool thing sticks to objects of metal. When we place our swords upon the door, they stick with such force that we can pull the door free easily. Inside lies a lever, which unlocks the door opposite the secret one. However, we have decided not to tangle with whatever it is that is scratching on the door. At the end of the passage beyond the door lies a well. There is a platform and a means to lower it slowly. I believe it to be meant for people to ride.
    Below, there is an empty chamber, and yet another secret door leads off to the north.
    As we travel along this new corridor, we come to a T intersection. The right hand path is blocked by rubble, but the lefthand one opens on an oval chamber, with walls of brick. In the dirt, there is a fine gold dust, —just below the surface, there is a stone slab! Methinks we're in a dwarven tomb...
    —Oh dear! The lift has begun to go back up!!
    We are going to have to watch our tails a lot more from now on. We were followed.
    I know not if they followed us from the start, of simply ran across us, it is certain that they have been tailing us for long enough to ambush us. They were led by one clad in black armour and wearing a helm lit with a pair of glowing red eyes. It would not have been so bad, had their mage not held me in place magically. (A good enchantment, I must say, if I am not the target of it...) Enemy magic users are dangerous, indeed. Though outnumbered, we downed all but two of them, the mage and the helmed one, before we were forced to flee the tomb.
    If that were not bad enough, the room we fled to for refuge collapsed into a bed of spikes! (Where I now sit). I think it safe to say that we will spend the next few days resting.

Mordun 18, 8325 F
Hmmnn.... I think the thieves guild has taken an interest in our dungeon entrance. It would do us well to find another spot to practice our craft in the near future. The others are healing nicely: Connor is again conscious, at least.

Mordun 19, 8325 F
Hmmnn... only two days cooped in a room with a bard, and already I grow weary of his lewd jokes.
    On a more serious note, however: I the guild (or someone else, for that matter) has endeavored to use our entrance as a doorstep, we shall have to move our operations elsewhere. There are several alternatives, and a world to explore, after all. Possibilities include travelling to Sanjian's homeland (to procure some weapons of fine quality, no doubt), further exploring the ruins about Castellan, and returning Bolas to his homeland. The last option is my most favored, and I shall argue most vehemently for it.

Mordun 20, 8325 F
The others tire of our dwarven hosts, as well. Soon, we shall seek new horizons.

Mordun 21, 8325 F
We are returned to full strength. I shall prepare myself for combat on the morrow, and we shall strike out of this accursed prison.

Mordun 22, 8325 F
There is no sign of our adversaries in the tomb, save for wards placed upon the stone slab, and the absence of the shield from the wall.I fear that disturbing such things will be our doom, and shall consider exploring there at a later date.
    The remainder of the day has been spent clearing the rubble blocking the passage. Rather illogical, filling a passage with stone such as this, but who can fathom the ways of dwarves? At the end, we have discovered a large circular chamber, with magnificent fountains in the center. Of course, the fountains appear frozen in time. They are filled with a sizeable number of coins at their bottom, but there is no getting them. Hard as rock that water is. The passage joins also with the force field chamber, which is quite impassable from this direction as well. I shall investigate further in the morning.

Mordun 23, 8325 F
Curses, I say! What I have read of the dwarves tells that they hate enchantments. Well, it seems we encounter more than our fair share of enchantments under here, I do say. Sanjian is frozen in time, as are the fountains. I must say that the craftsmanship of the crystal maze is exquisite, though it causes us a fair share of trouble. Well, treasure be damned, we must restore Sanjian to health. Hmmnn. Within the crystal maze lie the black mists that claimed Sanjian, and a pillar of ice with a small urn in its center. There must be a solution to this puzzle...

Mordun 24, 8325 F
We have discovered a secret passage out of the crystal maze. Below is a large open chamber, and a small storage shed. It appears that this was a mining area of sorts. Within the shed lie the remains of some poor fool who did not make it out of these accursed dwarven halls.
    A secret passage! .....Gods! Those creatures were nasty! I hope Taren's seals will hold the rest of them at bay, should they come searching for us.
    We find ourselves in a dwarven hall now, much like the .... it IS! This is the other side of the burial chamber we found. Exploring further, we have found a chamber set with sconces, and it connects with ......
    I am surprised to have lived through THAT... as soon as I neared the threshold of the shield room, a steel plate slammed down in front of me. To make matters worse, the 'sconces' corks popped and gas flooded in. As if that were not bad enough, the floor was melting, and a brick wall had closed behind us. Connor's sword is a poor shovel, but damn, it works well in a pinch. We escaped the lava in the nick of time...
    Perhaps the lava will be cool by tomorrow.

Mordun 25, 8325 F
The lava is not cool, so we shall spend the day binding our wounds. However, the lava seems to have melted the ice somehow, and we have the urn now. There is something inside, but I cannot fathom how it is opened. Perhaps we must find a key.

Mordun 26,8325 F
We have nowhere left to go, but back to the burial chamber. Perhaps there is a clue there that we missed...
    I shall try the wards on the stone slab.
    Well, well...I cannot disassemble the wards, but I have discovered something better. The explosion I set off caved in a secret passage that we missed earlier.
    Oh dear... it really is rather amusing, but we'll have to help him of course....We have a new 'problem'. Well, I suppose we have traded one for another.... Bolas is no longer dead! (Whew! THAT was a hairy problem) Only...the man is now a DWARF.... I tried to be careful, but he grabbed the ring off the statue..and poof! He was gone... When next we saw him, he was a dwarf. And Bolas HATES dwarves...
    Now, about those treasure chests...

Mordun 27, 8325 F
Well, Sanjian is with us again, Bolas is STILL a dwarf, we have the treasure, the force field is OFF, and it is time to get out of these halls. It seems that the ring from the treasure chamber fits over the head of the urn, and the neck disappears so that one may retrieve its contents. Quite handy, I must say. No one going to be pickpocketing from THAT... Now, we have secured a number of gems from the treasure chamber, a set of books, an amulet, and a rather nice dagger. It is time to enjoy some of these thousands of coins we have collected...

Mordun 28, 8325 F
I've spend the day healing and examining newfound magical baubles.

Mordun 29, 8325 F
Hmmnn...We have a problem. A rather large one, now. The people who left their marker in our entrance cave have expanded their operations. However, they are not expecting us, so we ought to be able to sneak past them, with the help of invisibility... I think the thieves guild has decided our entrance is better suited to their smuggling operation. Taren has business in the forest, so we shall meet tomorrow.

Mordun 29, 8325 F
Having reached town at an ungodly hour, the boys and I have decided to celebrate. Actually, we have an ulterior motive. It is time for Bolas to learn the truth about his being dead. After all, he's lost all of his gear, is in a strange land, and is stuck in a strange body. Sucks to be him right now...
    He's taking it rather well, but he thinks we're shitting him. Well, perhaps he'll believe it if he becomes a bit more inebriated...
    Unnghhh... Morning..... Where is Taren? It is rather unlike her to be late in returning. Perhaps we ought to start looking for her...On the plus side, Bolas is warming to the idea that he's been dead for eleven thousand years...but then again, he's pretty wasted right now.
    Taren is overdue. I shall send Sanjian to gather information.
    Shit! As far as we can gather, Taren tried to enter the city invisibly. Drat! I should have dropped the enchantment on her last night! Well...She is in the hands of the city guard, now...and we have to rescue her. Here's the plan: We make Sanjian invisible, we make me invisible. Connor will get hauled in on drunken disorderly, and Sanjian can slip in...He will find Taren, get her a holy symbol somehow, and they will melt their way out. Bolas will watch the front door to the jail, and I will...provide the ...artillery ... should it prove necessary.
    So far, so good... It took Connor a number of tries to get hauled in, but he's in, at least. I hope Sanjian made it in...

Mordun 30, 8325 F
Well, Connor's out...Hmmnn.... This is not quite according to plan...He's going to have to lie low for a bit...I hope Sanjian is faring well... What has that fool girl gotten us into?
    Well, it's nearly light...Sanjian! He did not find her. This bodes ill for our friend... The only thing to do now is return to the inn and get some rest. I fear for her greatly....
    Well, I never! She DID try to sneak into the city gates invisibly. We spend all night rescuing her, and there she is, sitting in the inn snug as can be....oooooh ....I could strangle her......but it cost her a pretty penny, though... She had to bribe her way out, and she'll have to make poisons for the thieves guild, too.
    I am getting some sleep NOW.

Ilyun 1, 8325 F
Now to see about Bolas. Sanjian and I have arranged to meet one Father Jaccobias of Arden later this evening. Hopefully, we can work something out to repair his body.
    The rest of the day has been exceedingly dull, following Sanjian around to various weapon shops and such in search of a special weapon he desires. I'm looking forward to our meeting with the priest more and more every time I see another weapons shop...
    Perhaps the Father can help Bolas. At any rate, it is going to be an expensive thing, and Bolas's knowledge of the past may not cover the expense. And later on, Sanjian wants follow up on a contact who can sell him that special weapon, he calls it a Katana blade, so we shall seek the shop of one Sir Geoffrey later this evening.

Ilyun 2, 8325 F
Sir Geoffrey was an ... intriguing... man. A dangerous one, I would venture. And one accustomed to fighting his enemy in the dark and from the rear. If Sanjian want to deal with the fellow, that's his business...
    Bolas is to visit with the Father daily, and perhaps he can fix him up. Who can tell?
    I have work to I shall spend the time enjoying the sunlight...and researching new enchantments. There are two I fancy will be of use to me that creates a hailstorm of great intensity, and one that creates illusory foes for my enemies.

Ilyun 3, 8325 F
I have visited the scrivener's guild, and they are hard at work translating the books retrieved from the from the dwarven treasure room.

Turningspare 1, 8326 F
Bolas is Human once again. I am glad to help him, for he is a good friend. But our funds are severely depleted. We are not poor...yet...and have enough to equip ourselves.

Turningspare 15, 8325 F
Bolas is feeling better now. He is yet weak, but grows stronger every day. Bolas remembers where it was he died, now. And a great deal more, as well. We are going to retrieve his equipment. It is a dangerous quest, but a noble one.

Veluna 1, 8325 F
We embark in the morning with a trade caravan headed south towards Glemmermorn Abbey. From there, we shall strike east to our target, a series of caves near the Eastern Empire. There, we shall descend through the caverns to ebony gates guarded by a demon, and from there we shall go to the spot where his equipment rests.
    It is a most dangerous undertaking.

Silusa 1, 8325 F
At last, we stand within sight of the abbey's walls. The monks that live here once were great clerics, but their god has abandoned them. Yet they persist on in their worship. Pathetic, really.
    From here we enter the forest. It shall be slower going.

Silusa 4, 8325 F
We have encountered a ranger. Eferion, he calls himself, and he is familiar with these parts. The giants and orcs will be coming down from the mountains for their spring raids soon, and we would do well to avoid them. Eferion, who has more than a little elvish blood in him, is more than a little interested in Taren, it seems....

Silusa 7, 8325 F
We have encountered a small ravine, large enough to be a bother. It is late, however, and we shall tackle it on the morrow.

Silusa 8, 8325 F
Well, well...Taren has powers that I never suspected. We crossed the ravine with her help easily enough...she stepped into a tree and stepped out of one on the other side. It was simple enough to tie a line across after.
    We are camped in a low marshy area, with vines all about. I do not like camping here, but it will do.

Silusa 13, 8325 F
Well, that was a costly mistake. The vines attacked us in the night, and only just now do I wake. I missed the town entirely, and we're broke. I hurt all over, too. It seems that the vines poisoned us.
    We are now in the company of Donnelain, a ranger much like Eferion. They are friends. He has agreed to guide us east to the lands near the caves.

Silusa 14, 8325 F
Well, now I can add Giants to the list of foes I have slain. These were some of the weaker variety, I'm told. Stupid, stupid creatures... but dangerous nonetheless. And I managed to stay conscious,if barely. Good thing I had a lightning bolt prepared.

Silusa 16, 8325 F
We have reached Donnelain's home, and will rest up for a day. Donnelain says we shall reach the plains soon, and he will leave us after we cross the plains.

Silusa 19, 8325 F
We are at the edge of the open plains now, and can see mountains in the distance. The caves we seek lie at the base of those mountains.

Silusa 20, 8325 F
I do not like these open plains much. There is no cover, we are easily ambushed here.

Silusa 22, 8325 F
I was right. No sooner than I penned the last line, they attacked. Horrible creatures, called Goblyns. We drove them off, but not before I was rendered unconscious. And Taren and I bear horrible face wounds...they shall leave scars I'm afraid.

Silusa 23, 8325 F
We have reached the foothills of the mountains. Donnelain left us this morning, bidding us good luck.

Silusa 24, 8325 F
Bolas is certain that these are the right mountains, now.

Silusa 25, 8325 F
We encountered a graveyard earlier today, and we skirted it. As we passed, it began to pour rain from the heavens. But we were not fool enough to take shelter in a graveyard...and well warranted, for as we passed we saw that something huge lives there.
    We are camped at the base of a cliff. Above us are the caves we seek. They were not that high when Bolas was last here, but such is trivial. We are here! And the rain is as fierce as ever. How shall we climb in the rain?

Silusa 26, 8325 F
Still it rains.... and we see fires in the distance. Sanjian will investigate. Goblyns! Thousands of them...camped only....
    Well, we're in a bind now... As soon as Sanjian returned, grey skinned things attacked us. They repelled down the cliff at us, and we had little time to prepare. We survived without too much fuss, but the sounds of our combat drew the goblyns. Quickly, we scaled the cliff and drew the ropes behind us. They goblyns flooded the base of the cliff. We are safe up on the cliff, but the goblyns are camped below. Fortunately, they do not know we're here.

Silusa 27, 8325 F
SHIT! The goblyns have captured Donnelain. We shall have to rescue him tonight, or he'll end up as their dinner...
    The plan is to make Sanjian invisible, wait for him to free Donnelain, and then rain burning torch oil on the camp. They will escape in the confusion.

-=large burned patches appear in the book here=-

Assiras 17, 8327 F
A pity that so much of my journal has been damaged over my adventuring career. I've saved what I can, but the last two years of history have been destroyed. I will begin work reconstructing what I can of the important events, but its accuracy will be restricted to events of great importance.

Silusa 27, 8325 F
Later that day, we hatched our plan to rescue our friend Donnelain. The daring rescue went well, and executed not a moment too soon, either. Sanjian and the rope were made to be invisible, and the two made their way down the cliff, though Sanjian was the latter. Our crafty scout managed to slip in to the encampment of goblyns undetected, but the actual rescue was another story. The remainder of our band attacked just as Sanjian was freeing Donnelain, raining flasks of burning oil to distract away their attention. While the two made their way back to the cliff side, I neatly exterminated the goblyn archers who had so conveniently congregated below me with an ice storm. Very effective enchantment, I must say. It's been useful. Anyhow, it was about this time that our opponents began chasing Donnelain. Somehow, the two made it back, and I covered their escape up the rope with an illusion. Being a high cliff, it was not difficult to defend from further attack, and the goblyns soon gave up on ever capturing us. Donnelain was a bit roughed up, but a little bit of healing magic always fixes that ailment. Quite happy, he was to have avoided the cooking pots of those ilk, I can tell you.

Silusa 28, 8325 F
The goblyns are leaving now, having become overly frustrated that their attempts to reach us continue to fail.

We have also discovered the shaft of which Bolas spoke. There is indeed a cave here, and an inky blackness below. We must rest another few days, but shall make our descent soon enough.

Evena 1, 8325 F
I have been busy these past days, healing my companions and studying my magic. However, there is a bit of a challenge presented in getting down the shaft. It seems that some bird like creatures protect it. However, , it is strange that the creatures will not come out into the daylight, since they are certainly aware of our presence now. Sanjian thinks that they may not like the sunlight much, and I concur. Using his shuriken and a piece of cloth, he has constructed a makeshift mirror of sorts. Strangely enough, what creatures remained flying about in the shaft below were killed instantly by exposure to sunlight, and those that remained hidden retreated into their hole, never to bother us again. Just for good measure, though, Connor let loose a brilliant spray of of of something or other down the shaft. Interesting, his form of magic is. More rigid, I think. From what I can tell, it probably stunned any creatures it hit, but then, they would have fallen to their deaths far below.

Evena 2, 8325 F
Spending an entire day climbing is not exactly my idea of fun, but it is what we shall have to do. IT appears as if this hole descends thousands of feet. We shall have to climb carefully.
    Well, we have reached an opening in the side of the shaft. It is blocked by the passage of time and stone, but that shall be easy enough to fix. THe brittle stone chipped away easily, and we find ourselves sitting in the end of a long, rough hewn passageway that extends of to what I think is still east.
    It has been a long day of climbing; it is time to rest.

Evena 3, 8325 F
Well, I suppose we have learned a lesson this day. It seems that our bungling and noise making attracted the attention of a rather monstrous and ravenous spider beast. It is a wonder that we lived through its attack, we we so taken by surprise. This was no ordinary beast, for it possessed magicks to aid it.
    It came upon us just as we were preparing to leave our campsite. First blinding us, then sending out strands of its sticky webs to entrap us, all the while working to make sure that all of us were bitten with its paralytic poison quickly. Breaking free of the webs, I panicked, of course. I had no way to see my opponent, and thus my lightning would have been far too dangerous to unleash . I began making wild surges in hopes that on of them would help me out. It's lucky that I didn't hasten our deaths, for five wild surges later, not a single one aided in our cause, though I did succeed in blowing up our rope and making the damn spider move even more quickly. It was then that I succumbed to the poison, and was of course surprised to awaken some time later with Sanjian tending everyone's wounds.
    At least we were able to salvage some of the creature's poison sacs, which Sanjian will distill for their rather effective compound.

Evena 4, 8325 F.
I think us well enough to travel now. Perhaps this beast has a lair around these parts somewhere.

Evena 15, 8325 F
So, after days of travelling this endless tunnel, we come across what can only be the lair of that spider thing. A great cavern is before us, filled with a pulsating spider web. Beneath the web lie untold thousands in golden coins, and certainly more than a few magical things. Of course, the webs seem resistant to most forms of torture, and also seem to regenerate. Perhaps this is a living web, some kind of symbiote to the spider beast.
    Our attempts at defeating the webs seem to be working...already, our fires seem to have destroyed much of the web. However, it is smokey and difficult to tell. I believe we can cross this place.
    A clever opponent, this web.It seems that it merely moved into one of the other passages, in order to trick us into entering its cavern. We were, however, successful in grabbing a few of the magical baubles in the cave before we escaped back into this passageway. It seems that we have newly acquired a silver staff, a lion-headed helmet, and a glowing red orb.
    Hmmnn..... Investigations of these items reveal that the staff is incomplete, the helm will allow its wearer to see though some illusions, and that the red orb contains something dangerous.

Evena 16, 8326 F
Well, it seems we have run out of options for this puzzle. Perhaps this red sphere will explode if we hurl it at the webs.

Evena 24, 8326 F
I am barely alive, it seems, as are my friends…but Donnelain.. is no longer with us. Breaking the sphere was an incredibly bad idea..and costly. Suffice it to say that the demon within claimed Donnelain, and the rest of us escaped barely with our lives.
    The webs are gone, but the other magical items in this place are as well. There is some comfort in the amount of coinage we have gained, though. There are many coins of platinum in our backpacks now.

Evena 27, 8326 F
We are rested now, and healed of our injuries. Soon we will depart from this place.

Evena 28, 8326 F
It seems that others would like a piece of the huge treasure that is gathered here. We were about to leave when they arrived. A great host of lizard men poured into the room, and we retreated onto a ledge. We fought them for a time, and I even summoned an illusion of the spider beast that lived here to drive them off. Fortunately for us another group of creature, humanoids that swam in the stone as if it were water. They turned the tide of battle in our favor, and we escaped down the passage. I dare not write more as they may still be on our trail.

Ras 6, 8326 F
We have been travelling up the passage for some time, now, and have reached a small cave opening. There appears to be a grayish substance that eats metal infesting the place, which looks to be made of twisty little passages. I can see with my detect magic spell that there is a set of pillars near the back of the cave….
    Which was of course, when the flaming warrior thingies attacked us from behind. We were forced to retreat into the cave….and get mobbed by the grey slimy crud. I managed to get to the pillars, and by some stroke of luck, touching my staff across them caused me to no longer be in the cave.
    Where I was, was of course much worse. But I couldn't see that yet. My companions made their way to the pillars, and appeared beside me, most of their armor eaten away.
    When my eyes cleared, I was standing in a great long hall, with a set of immense black stone double doors in front of me, and darkness behind. A rather impressive place, except that the most impressive feature was the eleven foot tall horror standing before me.
    Once we were all assembled, it looked us over, laughed and told us to return when we were ready. Naturally, we retreated up the hallway, out of sight, and rested.

Ras 11, 8326 F
Today we must try to combat that thing. It has not moved since we first saw it, but I doubt it will let us pass. Still, it is our only option, as there is nowhere to go but through the demon.
    I have never seen a battle go so badly for our group. Fortunately, though, the demon only needed convincing that we would stop at nothing to get past it. Hearing us vow to slay it or die, it stepped aside and fought us no more. It then remarked that we would never figure out how to open the door.

Ras 13, 8326 F
Opening the door proved to be quite simple, we needed only to ask the demon how to open the door and it presented us with a riddle. "Choose the blade that first struck me, and I will let you pass." It said. All at once a thousand chains dripped from the ceiling, many of them impaling bloody corpses, and all of them with a weapon attached to the end. They, it seems, chose poorly.
    I was feeling bold today, so I chose the sword the thing held within its own hand. And the demon bowed, and pushed open the doors. Once we were through, they slammed shut, leaving us before a long set of wide stairs. Well, no going back now.
    Being in no condition to fight anything now, I think that it is best we rest a few days.

17 Ras 8326 F
We have been descending these stairs all day it seems, and they are getting larger. Soon we will have to break out the climbing gear to negotiate them.

18 Ras, 8326 F
Will wonders never cease? We have reached the bottom of the stair, and stand in a huge cavern, lit quite brightly, and possessing a carpet…of trees. An entire forest down here? Who would have though it possible?
    Wonders, apparently do not cease. We are now sitting in a nice bar. It's called the Down Under, and has patrons of a wide variety of races. It's also a little bit expensive.