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Mendenton: Part 1 - Beginnings (IRC)

Dungeon Master: We begin at the gates of Mendenton, having traveled along the easy roads from Tel-Akbar.

Alex looks at the city gates, "Not so impressive... those gates."

Gerom eyes the guards.

Dungeon Master: No, the city really isn't much, not after the grand gates of Tel-Akbar. The wooden posts of Mendenton are only about 6ft tall (2 meters) and sharpened at the top. The Guards at the gate are friendly and wear their leather armor with ease. Within you can see the muddy streets of the bustling town. Business is good this day of the bazaar for the small village.

Foline "Alex, do you think those people are friendly ??"

Dungeon Master: One of the guards approaches you...

Gerom "I suppose we ought to find an inn."

Guard "You selling anythin this day, good travelers?"

Alex looks at the guard and says "I don't think so, sir..."

Gerom "Not planning to."

Balan shakes his head.

Foline "Alex ??"

Alex "Yes Foline?"

Guard "All right, make your way then and pay 3 coppers at the gate."

Dungeon Master: The guard returns to his post.

Gerom grumbles, "cheaper than Tel akbar, anyway." under his breath.

Foline "I asked you a question silly," she smiles, "Do you think those people are nice ??"

Alex "What question? Ah, ok... they are, I suppose... At least they look so"

Quinn keeps his face hidden in his cloak so that he doesn't attract unwanted attention.

Balan "Let's go in"

Alex "Right"

Gerom "Aye."

Alex follows Balan into the city.

Foline follows Alexander

Dungeon Master: You pass throught he gates, each of you paying the toll of 3cp. To either side of you are businesses - inns, a bar, a butcher, clothing and more. Most shops have their doors wide open and seem to be doing good business today. Further on, down the muddy lane, you can see the twon bazaar, several city blocks away. It looks quite busy as well.

Alex "I suppose we should get ourselves a room in the Inn at first"

Quinn "Good idea."

Foline "Alex, you are not going to have one of those ales, right ?"

Alex to foline "No, I don't like their taste, even mud tastes better."

Alex walks into the Inn

Dungeon Master: The pudgy inkeep smiles at Alex.

Innkeep "Greetings, welcome to the Yellow Bee Inn!"

Quinn "Good day, innkeep. I guess we'd like a room or two."

Gerom grins at the innkeep.

Balan is checking out the crowds.... but restraining himself.

Gerom "I'll need a room as well.

Innkeep "Perhaps sirs you wouldn't mind me directing you onward to my other place, the Fethered Serpent, you see I have no rooms for rent here."

Alex "All right, Thanks..."

Dungeon Master: The innkeep gives you directions to his other hostel.

Gerom "Oh? ... Something going on in town?"

Alex becomes a bit more interested.

Innkeep "It's the weekly bazaar good friend. Keeps things very busy this day!" The innkeep rubs his balding head and grins.

Gerom "ah. Well, we'd best be going over to your other place to secure rooms then.

Foline "mmm ..... ", looking around.

Innkeep "People come from afar... well from the cities, for the good deals and fresh ships in harbor - before the deals 'go south' so to say!"

Balan "I like a good deal."

Alex walks outside but then turns back "Foline... Come"

Foline is distracted , looking at the sky.

Gerom turns and follows the pair.

Balan Balan follows along, humming to himself and watching the crowds. "Beautiful day."

Gerom "Yeah... a bit chilly though."

Alex "Right.... where did he say is that other Inn?"

Dungeon Master: All right. You make your way following the Innkeeps directions which take you through the loud and busy bazaar. Vendors call from all sides to pursuede you to buy their goods.

Vendor #1 "Over here, fine cloths!"

Vendor #2 "Fruits, fresh fruits, getcha self a good healthy fruit... apples, oranges...."

Alex "Foline... maybe you should try one of these fruits..."

Vendor #3"HAM! Getcha ham right here!"

Foline "What ?? Sorry Alex, I didn't hear you"

Balan is resisting temptation.... and moves on following the innkeep's directions to the other inn.

Gerom "Seems like a normal enough place."

Alex walks to the fruits stand "How much are two apples?"

Vendor #2 "A copper lad, for you and your pretty!"

Alex pays the copper and gets tha apples, then gives one to Foline

Quinn "The people seem pleasant enough."

Gerom "Wonder if there's a good stonecarver around here...probably not."

Vendor #2 Vendor, "Makalan on the north end isn't a bad sort, I sharpens me axes there regularly."

Gerom makes his way toward the other inn.

Quinn "What do we need stone carved for, Gerom? What we need is a nice, warm room."

Gerom " I happen to LIKE carved stone, Quinn."

Quinn "Alright, Gerom. Carved stone is okay, I guess. Nothing like a good book, though."

Foline smiles, "Alex, I think you are going to have to ask me to give you some coins."

Alex "No... It was a gift..." He munches on an apple and walks with the group.

Dungeon Master: Onward you travel thru the crowds and calls to your inn, in hopes that a room is there. The inn, The Feathered Serpent, is a older looking place. Red tiles mark its roof distictly from afar among the thatched roofs of the other businesses. The Inn is wooden, with a red-tile roof, and a broad deck around it's outside. A couple of old men sit on the deck in the shade, passing the time. The doorway is open.

Alex "Looks like a nice place, doesn't it, Foline?"

Foline "mmm .... yes, really good. But old. Don't you think ??"

Balan walks in.

Balan wonders where we should ask first for adventurous news.

Dungeon Master: The Inn is wooden, with a red-tile roof, and a broad deck around it's outside. A couple of old men sit on the deck in the shade, passing the time. The doorway is open.

Gerom enters the inn.

Alex follows Gerom into the Inn.

Foline "You are pretty convenient to follow Alex" smiles.

Alex turns back and smiles "You are quite a pleasant follower, Foline."

Dungeon Master: Within, a youthful and slender man with black and well combed hair and an intense look on his face greets you.

Innkeep "Hail travelers!"

Gerom "good day. we require some rooms."

Innkeep "Seek you a room? There are only a few left for this night, get one now while you can."

Alex "How much is it?" He counts the few coins he still has.

Foline whispers Alex, "Hey, you don't have too much money Alex!"

Innkeep "Three beds in a room, 5 silvers for a bed."

Foline "Now you let me pay for you, all right?"

Gerom looks at the others.

Alex "Ok, if you insist..."

Innkeep "You'll be needing five beds then?"

Balan pays up 5 silvers.... reluctantly.

Gerom hands over 5 silvers.

Foline pays the innkeep one gold piece.

Quinn pays for his room as well.

Dungeon Master: The Innkeep hands two keys to Alex, "Here you are sirs. Enjoy your stay."

Alex thanks the innkeeper and hands one key to Gerom

Gerom nods, and heads for the rooms.

Dungeon Master: Your rooms are modest. Chests for your belongings (without locks) and beds of goose down. There is a window, tightly shuttered and covered with leather burlap to keep the chill out.

Balan claims his bed.

Alex and Foline get to be alone in a room...

Gerom (once we are relatively private) "Well, we ought to check the taverns for rumors, or something."

Balan "Where do you think we should go to find out what kind of things there are to do here in this town?"

Foline unpacks.

Alex (after joining the rest in the other room) "We should get to some tavern."

Gerom "Looks pretty normal to me. I haven't the faintest why the guy in the Merc's Hall sent us here."

Balan "He said there was some other merc passing through... something about adventure to be had."

Alex "Probably thought that we've got something good to sell..."

Balan shrugs.

Gerom "Still, I like my brew."

Foline "Alex ?? Where did you go ??", looking for Alex. Going to the other room to check.

Balan "I like the bigger cities more. This place is smallish. What adventure could be had here?"

Balan is thirsty after all that travel.

Alex "Probably some bandits plagging the roads"

Gerom "Who knows? I'm going to get drunk now. Well, try anyway. Human liquers kinda suck."

Balan "But they do the trick. I'll go with you to a bar when you're ready."

Foline enters the other room. Pats Alex. "Don't run away like this"

Gerom "Takes a lot for me to get a buzz though.

Gerom leads the way to the nearest alcoholic beverage."

Alex "I'm.... sorry, Foline.... really sorry... all these new places make me dizzy..."

Balan follows.

Balan "Anyone else coming?"

Gerom is anticipating feeling dizzy....

Foline "that's ok, just speak to me, and I will help you calm down." She smiles.

Alex "If Foline will come, I will."

Foline "And yes, I'm coming".

Quinn "Better than nothing, lets see what there is to do in this place."

Alex smiles at Foline "Ok, let's go" and grabs her hand, "Not that I'm going to drink, Achehol is not good for my skills."

Foline goes with Alex "You better not drink. You know what father thinks of drinking."

Gerom "Nothing wrong with a sip here and there..."

Alex "I don't want to drink anyway... You know what it could do to my Talent."

Dungeon Master: The five of you make your way back through the streets and crowds to find a busy bar not far from the central bazaar.

Alex examines the place from outside

Dungeon Master: "Tom's" This sign reads simply, but the frothing glasses carved into the the wooden sign are enough of an indication of what happens here. The streets are loud and within the bar you can hear the sounds of many voices.

Foline looking around and speaking to Alex, "What do you think?"

Gerom grins heartly, and heads in.

Balan heads in.

Alex "Well, let's see what's inside". He enters with Foline, not much used to such places.

Dungeon Master: Within the smoke is thick and many are enjoying a late brew after the work hours. The barkeep, seeing new clients enter waves you in his direction. Most of the patrons are commoners. There aren't any swords to be seen at the sides of anyone. The bouncer at the door merely carries a club.

Gerom "Got any Grog?"

Barkeep "Indeed, friend dwarf. What's your pleasure?"

Foline waving with the hand as she see the smoke. "Alex, are you sure this place is the right place for us ??"

Alex "Only to get information."

Alex takes Foline with me and looks for a table to sit at

Dungeon Master: The hickory smoke from the fireplace lends a pleasent atmosphere to the bar. The tables are crowded but there are still some places to sit if you don't mind the company of others at your table. There are chairs against the walls to pull up to the tables. You'll have a hard time getting a table just to yourselves.

Foline "mmm ...... which one ??"

Balan "I'll have some strrroong and sweet mead."

Barkeep "That's a silver there. Dan's best mead is on the tap, enjoy friend."

Balan pays.

Foline "Is it always so hard to find table on this places?", She tries to look calm.

Barkeep "'eye Lady, tis busy on Bazaar days. Anything else... what about you Dwarf?"

Gerom Whiskey.

Barkeep "Right here friend. 3 silvers."

Alex "Well... travelers we are."

Foline didn't notice the bar keeper heard her.

Alex smiles andgets a chair, then sits down

Gerom hands over the coins.

Alex seeks a table with enough room for five people still left at it.

Dungeon Master: You find a table with room for all of you. A couple of laborers sit there in conversation all ready but don't mind your sitting as well.

Man at table #1 "Travelers?"

Man at table #2 Other man at table: "Where from?"

Manat table #1 "What news?"

Gerom "Just came from Tel Akbar."

Alex "Tel Akbar... And I've wanted to ask the question myself.... Looking for some adventures"

Alex "Foline... come, have a seat"

Gerom "though I'm afraid there isn't much newsworthy going on."

Foline "ok, I'm coming ", smiles again.

Man at table #1 "Adventure? Heh heh. What's yer trade friend?"

Balan sits at the table with his mead.

Balan "Lotta money flowing in those streets out there...."

Alex "Trying to get something interesting to do..."

Man at table #2 "Adventure... not the kinda thing my ears listen to, 'cept for the bard's tales."

Man at table #1 "Here's to that. Keep yer life longer, I say."

Gerom Well, it beats blacksmithing."

Foline "mmm, seems kind of smoking here. Not much of adnventures Alex. mmm .... ", looking at the ceiling.

Balan Balan takes out some playing cards. "Care to play for some wagers?"

Alex "I don't gamble. Don't worry Foline, we'll get to adventures sooner or later."

Foline "I hope so Alex."

Gerom "Maybe the adventure will come to us?"

Alex "Hopefully, Gerom."

Foline "Adventures don't come to you. If there are any adventures, it means that you have found them, no they found you."

Gerom asks the two men, "Heard anything about goblins or bandits on the roads?"

Man at table #2 "There's been some on the roads here and there. Nothing that the merchants seem to be worried about though."

Man at table #1 "Goblins that is."

Man at table #2 "And bandits too I'

Man at table #2 "I'm sure."

Foline "Alex, those two men don't seem so sane".

Man at table #1 "but Nossant's men keep them clear, mostly."

Foline "Not to me, at least".

Gerom "Who's Nossant?"

Alex "Nossant?"

Alex "Who is he?"

Man at table #1 "Sir Nossant. Warrior fellow and 'adventurer'. He's off to war ya know."

Gerom "War?"

Man at table #1 "He trains the guards sometimes."

Man at table #2 "Yup, war. Up in the United Kingdoms. He took most of his band up there to help in the war against them elves."

Alex "Where could he be found"

Foline "I'm going to seat next to the nice wizard Alex."

Alex "Nice Wizard?"

Quinn just sits ad listens quietly, trying to not attract attention to himself and keeping his dark skinned hands in his sleeves.

Alex "Elves and Humans at war? Strange..."

Quinn smiles gently at Foline from beneath his hood which he keeps on.

Alex looks at Foline.

Foline going next to Quinn. "May I be your company?"

Man at table #2 "haven't you heard? Them elvsies from the north have been attacking the United Kingdoms. Several years now."

Alex "I've been in the forrests, near Wereskalot... not much hearing the news, ya know"

Man at table #1 quietly says, "Word is that the United Kingdoms is losing too... "

Gerom don't get much news up in Garnet... that's where used to blacksmith.

Man at table #1 "Well, lest you wanna be put in rebellion or 'scripted into the ranks I'd avoid going north."

Alex "And here.... Things are quiet, right?"

Man at table #1 "Mostly quiet. 'cept on days like bazaar day."

Quinn nods and makes room for Foline at his side.

Gerom sips his whiskey.

Alex looks at Gerom "Why are we stuck here? I'm getting bored..."

Balan "So... I don't wanna go into war driven lands...."

Balan drinks up and gets another mead.

Foline asks Quinn, "What do you think of all this half drunk men?"

Quinn, not drinking at all, "Seems foolishness, but men must have their pleasure." He smiles at Foline.

Gerom looks at Alex, "Not very patient, are you, lad?"

Foline "What is *your* pleasure?"

Dungeon Master: It seems there is little talk of adventure here at the bar.... time passes and things quiet down outside as the night falls.

Alex looks at Gerom "I got all the way from near Wereskalot to do smething... not to drink myself to oblivion."

Quinn pats Foline on the leg closest to him with a tightly gloved hand, "Knowledge.... friendship... trust. These are things I take pleasure in."

Foline "That is good pleasure", smiles, "Not like other men."

Gerom "Well, it was worth a try. I don't know where the heck else to look for 'work'".

Balan drinks himself into oblivion.

Balan "B...... *drool* Bala ... Balan wants to.... stop.... spinning. Nuther drink?"

Alex "Of course... getting away from the damn conservatives of Wereskalot is always good"

Gerom finishes his whiskey with a gulp. "Doesn't seem to hold his liquor well, eh?"

Balan gets up and goes to sit by Foline.

Gerom "Uh oh."

Alex puts his hand close to his short sword, just in case...

Balan puts an arm around Foline. "Why aren'tcha havnnn.... a drik, drik, *hiccup* drink?!?"

Gerom looks at Balan.

Foline fightened a bit, jumps back.

Dungeon Master: Both of the men get up to leave now and bidding you a good night they head out into the dark.

Balan is feeling happy.

Gerom stands up.

Alex "We should get out of here."

Balan will get up when Foline gets up, or try to at least.

Gerom "We ought to be getting back, now."

Foline "Alex !! What is wrong with him?"

Gerom "Need a hand there, Balan?"

Quinn , "He's .... drunk."

Balan "Sshhhure?"

Alex gets up and turns to Foline "He's just drunk, Foline."

Quinn shakes his head.

Foline He spooked me.

Balan "shar wee.... leaving?"

Gerom nods toward the door.

Alex helps Foline to get up and paces towards the door.

Quinn stands up and gathers his cloak tightly about.

Balan wobbles into a standing position.... then sits back down.

Foline says to Balan, "Sorry, I didn't mean to ..."

Balan "..... t'sh'okay....." He smiles.

Gerom "Whoa there, Balan. I think you'll want to pass out in your BED, not on the bar."

Balan "Cardsh?"

Foline turns to Alex, "What now?"

Gerom gathers up the cards and gives the deck the Balan.

Quinn "Not now, Balan, I think you have had enough. Let's take him back to the inn before he embaresses himself further. I guess we'll continue our search tomorrow... I hope we find something soon." Quinn helps Balan to his feet.

Alex "We're getting to sleep, Foline..."

Foline "But I'm not so tired."

Balan hangs onto Quinn and Gerom to get up and get home.

Gerom efortlessly supports Balan's weight.

Alex "So let's get some supper to eat, these rations don't taste so good." Alex walks out of the bar, motioning to Foline to follow.

Dungeon Master: You make your ways back to the Inn of the Feathered Serpent. The innkeep is there noting the days earnings in his books. Outside you hear the sound of rain starting to fall and the distant rumble of thunder.

Foline Follows Alex . "Mmm .. what do we have except rations?"

Innkeep "Evening friends, have a good night on the town?"

Alex "God Evening, sir... do you know of any good place to get food 'round here?"

Innkeep "Bailie's Round the Corner.... its around the corner." He grins. "So where are you all travelin from?"

Foline looking at the drunk friend, thinking what is the definition for 'good'.

Dungeon Master: The rain outside picks up a furious rhythm against the muddy streets.

Alex "I and Foline are from near Wereskalot."

Balan thinks good is as a good drink.

Gerom "Right. I'm down from Garnet."

Innkeep "Ah, yes, been there once. Nice place there in the woods. What news?" He smiles at each of you and listens.

Gerom "Not much news, not really."

Alex "Nothing that I've heard but that damn war between Human's and Elves up in the north"

Foline is confused from all the talking around her. "Alex, can I have the key?"

Alex gives the key to Foline and smiles "Go and wash your body... you'll really need it after that day of travel..."

Foline "I will. Thanks Alex, meet you in the room". She goes alone to the room.

Foline Gets in the room. Seat on the bed against the wall, looking upwards and pondering. She falls on her side, laying on the bed and goes to sleep.

Gerom "We heard there might be a job for some adventurers out this way."

Innkeep "Well, there isn't much to see here in this town.... well.... not _that_ much anyhow. There is the bay, good view there."

Alex "And, anything to DO?"

Balan mumbles.... "DOoooooooooooodooOOOO....."

Gerom drags Balan off to the room.

Gerom drops Balan on his bed.

Balan passes out on his bed.

Innkeep "Well... the harbor is as good a place as any to find work."

Alex "Adventuring work, or plain money gathering? I mean, I'm not the hard-laborer type... I prefer to do more.... mind work, so to speak..."

Innkeep "Well, old Azrim might have use for ya, if you know your letters and such."

Alex "Azrim? who is he?"

Innkeep "Councelman. And an old mage to boot! He's getting on though and there's beens ome talk about whose going to take his place when he passes on from the councel."

Gerom heads back down to talk with Alex. "What's this about a mage?"

Innkeep "His name is Azrim.... Azrim Talm. He's been here longer then most anyone else I know. Good man too."

Gerom "Sounds like a good lead."

Alex "Where does he live? I hope that he'll appriciate my.... Talent."

Gerom "Is the guy a night person or a day person?"

Innkeep "He lives over on the bluff opposite the harbor from the House of Dodokilno."

Innkeep "I don't know. He's getting on in his age. Old people do strange things."

Alex "I gotta go see how Foline's doing... So finish up here and come to me if you got anything of interest, Ok?"

Innkeep "You can see his light from the harbor road though.... if it's on at night."

Gerom "You want to check out Azrim now or in the morning?"

Dungeon Master: The Innkeep watches Alex head to his room and turns back to Gerom and Quinn.

Quinn "Though the rain is hard.... our coin is few. We sould find work as quickly as we can."

Gerom looks at Quinn.

Innkeep "Well, I can tell ya how to get there if ya don't know the way."

Quinn , "Please."

Gerom "So... you want to check it out tonight or what?"

Quinn , "Do you care to get a bit wet, Gerom?"

Alex enters his room and sees that Foline's asleep. Then he quitely walks to his chest, and gets the ration out of it, then splits them between two small pieces of cloth that he put on each bed. He slowly and Gently wakes Foline up "Please, you could eat something..."

Foline turns around from inside her sleep, turn the back to Alex, mumbling a few words from within her dreams.

Alex tries again to wake Foline up.

Foline wakes up, sees Alex in the front of her, half smiling.

Alex "Please, Foline, get up and come to eat... we got dries meat and bread"

Foline "Oh, sorry... I felt a need to nap". Looking at the food, lifting up fron the bed.

Balan is drooling in his sleep.

Gerom "I don't mind getting wet and I see well enough in the dark."

Quinn "I think we should check it out. I am a man of the night and a mage as well. I'm very interested in speaking with this fellow sorcerer."

Gerom "What about the others?"

Dungeon Master: The innkeep, seeing your interest, gives both of you directions to Azrim's home.

Gerom "Thanks."

Quinn "Perhaps Alex would like to come. Foline seems a fragile thing and perhaps it would be best if she were not out in the rain."

Gerom nods.

Quinn "I'm afraid Balan is a lost cause for the night."

Gerom "Balan's too drunk. You'd think he woulda known I was going to pretend to get drunk while we milked the crows for information."

Quinn "Milked the crows? Ah.. yes."

Gerom "oops... uh, 'crowd'."

Quinn "Why don't you go get Alex?"

Gerom nods and heads upstairs.

Balan frowns and sulks in a drunken stupor.

Gerom breaks out a ration, and knocks on the other door.

Alex turns to the door "Yes?"

Gerom opens the door. "Quinn and I want to go check out this Azrim fellow tonight."

Foline "Who is Azrim Alex?"

Alex "Sounds good.... After I and foline will finish our.... supper"

Gerom nods.

Alex turns to foline "He's some mage who might have some work for us."

Foline "Really ?? Neat :) Where ??"

Gerom "I think that our friend yonder is too drunk though. He had _EIGHT_ mugs of mead...."

Alex "He's near the harbor... awake even on the night, I was told."

Gerom "Well, I'll go see if he can stand."

Foline "Mmm ... when we go ??", munch from the food.

Alex "After our meal."

Gerom goes and tries to rouse the drunk.

Balan "Yeesh?"

Gerom "You want to go on a little adventure tonight..or are you too drunk?"

Balan "I thinksh I can walk shome... shure. Letsh go.... *hiccup*"

Gerom "Greeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaat."

Quinn comes to the rooms and stands in the hallway between them. "The rain seems to have slowed. Perhaps now would be best?"

Gerom "You are going to suck if we get into a fight, Balan. You can barely stand."

Balan stands up, wobbles a bit and then goes to the window to relieve himself.

Gerom shakes his head.

Alex finishes his meal "Good" he says, "Once you're done with your food, Foline, we could go" smiles

Foline "mmm .... ", pushs the leftovers. "I think I"m done."

Alex gets up and got out of the room, towars the others.

Gerom Then let's go.

Balan 'finishes' and straightens himself out... heads for the other room.

Gerom shares the directions with the group.

Foline "Alex, what wrong with him ??", points at the Balan.

Balan "I'm.... happy!!!"

Alex listens to the directions and then turns towards Foline and whispers to her "He've had too many drinks

Gerom "He's drunk, lass."

Quinn looks at Balan for a moment from beneath his hooded cloak and then says, "Looks like we are ready, let's go."

Gerom tightens his cloak, and heads out into the rain.

Balan follows Foline and hangs onto Gerom when he stumbles.

Alex follows Gerom and Foline into the rain, getting wet a bit.

Dungeon Master: You travel through the dark streets. Mendenton, unlike Tel-Akbar has no Illuminators Guild to keep the streets alight in the night and so it is quite dark. Through the streets and down to the harbor you make your way by the innkeep's instructions.

Gerom can see just fine then.

Foline whispers to Alex, "Are you sure the man can do something good ??"

Alex whispers back to Foline "When he isn't drunk... he could, I suppose..."

Dungeon Master: The harbor is turbulent in the wind which comes from the Bay of Luln. On either side of the harbor rise hills. The right-side hill near the harbor is where Azrim's home is. On the opposite is a dark shadow of a very large house which must be the House of Dodokilno.

Alex walks towards the smaller house

Dungeon Master: Only a couple sailors who are hurredly making their way to a warmer shelter pass you in the streets as you ascend the right side hill of the harbor. You arrive at Azrim's small two-story home. On the groundfloor is mortared stonework, the upper half is made from wood. Its freshly thatched roof seems to keep the rain off well.

Gerom Are there lights on?

Dungeon Master: A lantern hangs from a hanger nearer to the door, unlit, and no light comes from within.

Gerom "Hmmnn...."

Alex "He's asleep, I suppose... we should get here tomorrow morning."

Foline "Maybe we should knock on the door?"

Dungeon Master: There is a flash of lightning over the harbor which brightens your eyes. Those of you with night-vision the world goes white while your eyes adjust. You hear the erie howl of the wind through the masts of the ships. it rises and falls... the rain is picking up again.

Foline covers her eyes with her hands.

Gerom "I suppose you're right, unless you have a better idea."

Alex sees that Foline is covering her eyes "Are you right, Foline?"

Foline "Yes, but the lightning...."

Alex "What about the lightning?"

Foline "The lightning make my eyes flash"

Dungeon Master: A second series of flashes lights up the sky in the south, the direction you would look across the harbor to the other hillside. There you see the large House of Dodokilno briefly sillouetted.

Foline covers her eyes with the hands.From across the harbor it looks an abandoned place. Not a single light is there on that opposite hillside where it rests and the place seems to loom out over the harbor.

Balan knocks on the door since no one else seems to be doing it.

Dungeon Master: The wind and rain drown out your feeble and drunken knocks.

Alex knocks on the door by himself, hoping for a response...

Gerom examinies the stonework while everyone stands around.

Foline goes near the door as well. "Alex, anything there?"

Gerom we're probably going to piss him off, you know.

Dungeon Master: You hear movement upstairs, then a light gutters to life through the window up there. After a moment there is the sound of locks coming undone at the door and it is cracked open. A weary, sleepy, and very old wrinkled face glances out the crack of the door. There is Azrim, in his bedclothes.

Alex tries to examine the man that have appeared through the door

Azrim "Aye? something aflame from the lightning?"

Foline whispers to Alex. "Is this Arzim ??"

Alex "I suppose so."

Azrim "I don't know you.... Who are you?"

Balan grins and figits with something in his pockets.

Gerom pokes Alex.

Alex "Several adventurers seeking for work"

Alex "We were told that you were awake at these hours... And willing for people like us to help you in several.... things"

Azrim "Could't you seek it on a more pleasant night?"

Balan "No."

Quinn frowns at Balan's rudeness and steps back to help shelter Foline from the wind.

Dungeon Master: Lightning flashes again and the wind gusts.

Foline looks at the old man. Seeing that Alex busy with the old man she goes a bit backwards.

Gerom "My apologies for waking you....our information said that you would be awake already."

Quinn "Rather.... we had hoped you would be awake."

Gerom frowns at Balan.

Alex sees that Foline has backed off and turns to her "Don't worry, everything's fine..."

Azrim frowns, "Well, I'm awake now. Ain't you a bit young to be seeking adventure?"

Balan rolls his eyes in exasperation.

Gerom "Everybody's got to start somewhere."

Alex turns back to Azrim "We're very sorry for waking you up... And we're not to young to seek adventures, believe me..."

Foline speaks quietly to Quinn, "The old man doesn't seem too happy to see us."

Gerom "I second that."

Azrim "Not young? Hrumph.... Ye lookin young to me! Ha!"

Gerom whispers to Foline, "We DID wake him in the middle of the night to ask for a job."

Alex "Well... Do you have any job for us? you could find our talents quite.... pleasing..."

Foline whispers to Gerom, "But he's not so nice anyway."

Gerom whispers to Foline, "Would you be at this hour?"

Foline whispers back to Gerom, "Why shouldn't I?"

Azrim "What would please me is if you went away!" He huffs. "You want adventure on this rainy night? Gaity and frollicking in the rain? Go play around in the haunted manor if you must be 'adventurous.' Sheesh!" And with that he closes his door. You hear the sound of locks being refastened.

Gerom "Haunted manor, eh? Fiddlesticks. It's probably not really haunted."

Alex "Haunted Manor? So let's check it..."

Gerom "I'm up for it."

Foline goes to Alex, "Are you alright?"

Balan "No shuch thing ash ghostsh."

Alex "I suppose so, Foline" he says in quite a sad voice.

Gerom "Quinn?"

Quinn "I wonder where this haunted manor is?"

Gerom points across the bay.

Quinn "The Dodokilno house? Hardly. We should talk to someone who knows before we go trespassing."

Alex "Go and ask the Innkeeper, if you want to."

Balan "That'sh a good idea."

Gerom "Looks abandoned enough. I'd bet it's the place."

Foline put arm around Alex. Smiles at him.

Quinn , "If there is a haunted place.... perhaps we will find adventure after all." He grins thinly at Alex.

Gerom "The innkeep is on the way there....we could ask."

Alex grins back and says "Ok, let's get to the Inn..."

Quinn "Shall we head back to the Inn?"

Balan "I don't like or believe in ghoshtsh. Goblinsh - shure, Orcsh - shure, godsh ... maybe, but ghoshtsh?"

Gerom "Whatever they are, they'll taste my axe if they try to screw with me."

Dungeon Master: The rain blows sideways as the wind continues to pick up.

Balan "Um.... you think we could go exploring 'haunted' places during the day?"

Gerom "I thought you didn't believe in ghosts?"

Balan "I don't ... but it's raining and blowing and .... thunder and lightining.... miserable weather for exploring."

Foline "Alex, why don't you want to go ?? I would REALLY like to see what a haunted house is."

Alex "First, the Inn, then the house..."

Gerom "We'll be INSIDE the house..." He stalks off toward the inn.

Balan frowns and follows Gerom back to the inn. It's warmer there.

Gerom "Besides, I have to pick up the rest of my gear."

Balan "I'd rather be at the bar...." *grumble*

Foline "Come Alex. I'm really not tired now."

Alex walks with Foline towards the Inn.

Gerom "If it's haunted, it probably hasn't been looted..."

Balan "Then don't youse think it can wait till it'sh lighter outshide?"

Gerom "What, hangover getting you down?"

Alex "Light... Dark.... inside it will be allways dark...So I hope you got some torches"

Dungeon Master: You travel back through the barren and empty streets... eventually exiting the driving rain and entering the Inn of the Feathered Serpent. Tim, the Innkeep, is closing up as the last rooms all filled up. He smiles and hails you as you enter, "Get to speak with Azrim?"

Alex "Well... In a way..."

Gerom "Yes."

Foline very confused from the hustle of the others.

Quinn takes his time shaking off his heavy cloak outside under the porch-roof and then enters.

Foline Goes to some window and looks outside.

Gerom joins Foline by the window.

Gerom "Not scared of ghosts, Foline?"

Foline "I haven't seen any ghosts before, so I'm not afraid from them. Not now at least."

Tim rests his arms on the front desk, "Well?"

Gerom "He wants us to check out some haunted manor."

Tim "Haunted manor?"

Alex "Probably that place over the harbor... Is that place over the harbor abandoned?"

Tim "He must have meant the House of Dodokilno........" he pauses.

Balan laughs nervously.

Alex "Is it truely abandoned? I don't wish to tresspass"

Gerom "Huh. What's so bad about the House of Dodokilno?"

Tim "Well.... there are some who wouldn't say it's abandoned..."

Alex "Please go on..."

Tim grins. And sits back as if to tell a good tale. "Tis a good night for the tale anyway..."

Balan nods in agreement. "A good night for staying indoors with some hot mead."

Gerom "No more mead for you, Balan."

Alex "Ok, go on."

Tim "Well, Dodokilno Manor has been resting up there on the bluff for many a year. Empty I say, but there are plenty of others who think that the spirit of that twisted alchemist who lived there.... is still there roaming its halls."

Alex "Nonesense... But still, go on.."

Foline says to Alex, "Can I have the key again?" She smiles.

Alex "All right," he says quitely to Foline "But please return... we got an adventure to go on..."

Foline "Be right back." She taps Alex's shoulder.

Foline goes to change clothes on the room, locks the door behind.

Tim "You see.... back twenty years past he died... some say he poisoned himself... but ever since then the boys in town say that there are flickering lights to be seen there, moans, and the like. The place is a wreck. Haunted or no, it'd be dangerous to walk in there. Probably all rotted out and rat infested."

Balan "hmm.... rats...."

Tim "Most folks stay away from the place."

Gerom Still, that's hardly ghosts. Just superstitious people.

Alex "Well.... thanks for the info... Rats are the most likely inhabitants.... wait, do we have a cat 'round here to help us fight those rats?"

Tim "You're not thinking about going there are you?"

Alex "We are thinking of..."

Tim "People say the place is evil.... ghosts or no, I'd agree with that. You can tell just a'lookin at it."

Alex "If it's evil, then we should fight it. Plain and simple."

Gerom "Well, my trusty axe will keep me safe."

Tim Innkeep, "I don't know how an axe is going to help you strike a ghost."

Balan "No shuch thing."

Alex "There are no Ghosts, Naya taught me so."

Gerom "It's probably just rats and maybe a hermit who wants the place to himself."

Tim "Well, I won't be saying yea or nay to ghosts.... but there is something peculiar about the place."

Gerom "Would be pretty easy to pull off, that."

Alex "So... once Foline comes back.... we move. All right?"

Tim "Nay to that! Not a man comes from the place - some boys in the town went up there a year past and never were seen again. People who know best leave the place alone."

Gerom "We'll be careful."

Foline, done changing clothes, takes her spear and bow, checks them, and then goes out to the rest of the group.

Tim "You really are doing more than thinking about going... there, eh?"

Gerom "Yep."

Alex "We are going there... "

Gerom checks his axe."

Tim sighs. "Well, no sense going out in the rain... in the very least you should let someone important know you are going there... just in case, you know?"

Alex "Someone... important?"

Gerom "We did. Azrim told us to check it out."

Balan "Ghosht shtoriesh are for greenfeet. I'm not shcared. And shee - he agree'sh with me, we should go when it ishn't raining."

Foline pokes Alex. "I'm done here."

Balan "Told us? More like just to chase us off."

Tim "Azrim.... he's not all in his right mind. He forgets things... perhaps he forgot the missing village boys."

Gerom Well, I'm going. I don't care if it's now or in the morning."

Balan "I vote for in the morning!"

Foline "I don't mind going now."

Tim "Well, if you insist on risking your lives like that, my recommendation sirs, is that you first seek out the town councel and let them know. Wouldn't hurt - specially if someone needs to go in there after you - not that I would, begging your pardon."

Alex "Well, what do you think, my friends? should we see the council or not?"

Balan "Well best get a good nights rest... looks like we aren't going tonght! ha."

Foline "Aww ! And was just getting ready. Ah well."

Alex "Is it a 'yes' or a 'no', Foline?"

Foline "Yes or no for what?"

Alex "Go to the Council or not?"

Foline "Mmm .... anything that will allow us to the that neat house. Sure!"

Gerom I'd rather not waste time getting their permission.

Tim "Permission? I don't sees how they could stop you. The place is abandoned."

Alex "We are allowed to get there already"

Balan "Can't hurt meeting the people who make decisions in the town."

Foline "I know. But I saw that it would be better if we let the council know that we went there."

Alex "All right. So let's wait for the morning and then go see the council... or send one of us to see them..."

Balan heads upstairs to get some sleep.

Gerom "Yeah, well, if we're going, let's go....otherwise, let's sleep."

Quinn "It seems wise to let someone important know what we plan to do in their town."

Foline "Mmm ..... I will go to sleep. Are you coming Alex?"

Alex "Yes, my dear Foline" smiles and follows her.

Quinn watches Balan stumble up the stairs.

Balan "No such thing as ghosts...." He grumbles

Foline enters the room. "Which bed is yours? Which is mine?"

Alex motions to one of the beds "This could be mine... unless you really want it, of course..."

Foline "I don't mind"

Gerom pounds his pillow a couple of times before passing out.

Dungeon Master: Very well then. You spend the torrid night in the warmth of the Inn of the Feathered Serpent. As morning creeps to light up the world you can hear the softer patter of rain on the red shingle rooftop. Glancing outside you see the streets are less than half as busy as the day before. Women make their way to market to buy their food for the day and children play in the light rain. Laborers head down the streets to the farms and field or their workplaces.

Balan wakes up first. Alcohol makes you do that.

Gerom gets up shortly after Balan.

Gerom "Let's see... do we need any special equipment for this adventure?"

Gerom looks for Quinn.

Foline wakes up. Blinking a few times to get the feeling of the new day. Not used to wake up in a place like this. speaks to the empty space. "Alex?"

Alex wakes up from his dreams "Yes, Foline?"

Foline "What? Alex?"

Alex "Well... oh... I remember... Let's go and see the others... we got to see the councel today" he says and gets up.

Foline, her hand falling from the bed's edge, takes her time to wake up.

Alex helps Foline up "Are you all right?"

Foline "Oh it's you, Alex. " She smiles.

Alex smiles back and wears his sheath.

Gerom says to Quinn with a grin, "Ready for a ghost hunt? I bet the Council doesn't meet often." Gerom then goes about his morning tasks, plishing his chainmail, and sharpening his axe. "Got much of a hangover, Balan?"

Balan "Nope, not me."

Alex wears his padded armor and arrow quiver "We gotta get out soon..."

Dungeon Master: After a hot breakfast at the Inns table the Innkeep, Tim, gives directions to all of you to where the council hall is to be found.

Quinn "I think that ghosts might be fun, Gerom." He yawns and rubs the sleep from his eyes.

Gerom puts on his chainmail after breakfast.

Foline is getting ready to move.

Quinn pulls on his boots and readies his gear.

Alex leans on the tabe and finishes his breakfast, then readies his crossbow.

Gerom stands up, motioning to the door.

Quinn "Are we all ready, everyone?"

Balan "I'm all set."

Gerom nods.

Alex "I'm up and running..."

Foline "I think so", looking at her staff and bow.

Dungeon Master: All right. Not much later you head out into the soft rain and make your way to the council hall. As you approach you see that there are people heading into and out of the square brick building every now and then. Mostly merchants by the look of it. The broad double doors of the Council Hall stand wide open to admit anyone who cares to speak with those who make the town's decisions.

Alex motions towards the doors "Should we go in, Foline?"

Foline "Yes, of cousre ! :)", giving a brief look at the sky.

Dungeon Master: You watch as a chubby and richly dressed merchant makes his way throught he doors. "'Scuse me," he says as he bustles by and heads within.

Alex goes in, prepared to talk to the councel

Dungeon Master: Following the merchant within you enter into the Councel Hall. The entrance hall is large and round and the wooden floor is kept polished. A curved stairway heads around the left wall and up to the meeting chambers while three seperate doors against the far wall from the entrance head to other chambers.