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Mendenton: Part 4 - Discoveries and Surprises (IRC)

Dungeon Master: We left off with Alex opening the first door on the left in the western hallway from the intersection. Outside you can hear the drumming of rain starting on the roof of the house. The musty smell of the rotting wood is about the air. The door to the room isn't locked, the knob turns easily in Alex's hand. And beyond is revealed the following: What was once a fine master bed room now stands dirty and decayed. Some of the floorboards are missing and there is rubbish scattered around. A tall wooden cupboard stands against the wall opposite the fireplace, its door closed. There are two windows at the back of the room which overlook the front of the house's gardens.

Alex slowly walks into the room, his short sword in his hand.

Balan enters inside.

Foline is ready with her staff.

Mirenn follows.

Alex checks the cupboard.

Dungeon Master: The cupboard is not locked. Within you see an old mouldy cloak and a pair of cracked leather boots sit rotting on the floor of the cupboard.

Foline "What is there Alex?"

Alex searches the cupboard carefully, and later examines the boots and cloak. "Several clothes... But there might be more. Come, help me to look for secrets."

Gerom "The fireplace seems to be clear. At least, I didn't find anything."

Alex "Try searching behind the cupboard.... and possibly moving it - after all, something could be under it..." He examines the boots and cloak.

Gerom "If this WAS the master bedroom, it would make sense for there to be SOME kind of secret compartment to hide things in."

Alex continues to examine the boots and cloack carefully.

Dungeon Master: As alex ruffles throught he moldy cloak a cloud of orange-ish mold spores puff and fill the air of the room near the cabinate. Foline, Gerom, and Alex, save vs. poison.

Alex falls back in pain, hardly breathing...

Dungeon Master: The cloud slowly settles to the ground. Foline and Alex choking in it. Gerom escapes just in time.

Foline waves her hands in every direction, like crazy, gasping constantly.

Balan "Yikes!" He drags Alex from the cloud.

Alex "Damn (caugh) mold (caugh) rotten my.... launges" Alex slowly gets up, cauging

Mirenn covers her mouth and backs away.

Quinn "We should rest in here so that I can heal you... it would be dangerous to fght if you are seriously harmed."

Gerom "You all right?"

Alex "I think so... I one way or (caugh) another"

Balan "I'm hungry, sure, let's rest here until they feel better."

Dungeon Master: The cloud of spores has settled out of the air.

Alex "Yes.... we should rest... then I'll heal you, Foline"

Foline "I think... I got greatly damaged. I feel so ... ( heavy cough )... bad!"

Balan shuts that cupboard door!

Mirenn tries to open a window.

Dungeon Master: The window opens with a little effort, rotten wood breaking as it slides upward.

Gerom "Well, that was a surprise."

Foline shaking her head.

Alex sits on the floor and tries to meditate.

Balan "How long do you need, Alex?"

Quinn sits and also begins to meditate.

Mirenn "Quinn, can I have a drink of water?"

Quinn offers his waterflask to Mirenn.

Alex "Not long.... now please, let me concentrate"

Alex sinks deep into rejuvination.

Balan munches on some rations.

Gerom "Hey...perhaps someone could look ON TOP of the cupboard? I'm a little too short to get up there."

Balan stands up. "Sure." He goes and looks above the cupboard. "There is mold up on top of it too."

Foline looks at the others doing whatever they are doing, she tries to relax.

Mirenn hands Quinn back his water flask. "Should we try to open the other window?"

Quinn "You're welcome."

Mirenn says to Quinn, "So now we just sit around and wait for you to heal people?"

Quinn nods and continues his meditations.

Mirenn "How long do we have to wait?"

Quinn remains quiet.

Mirenn, louder, "I said, How long do we have to wait?"

Quinn "It takes hours sometimes. I will not be able to use any magic if I do not concentrate on this, hush now."

Alex finishes his meditations after about 20 minutes and turns to Foline, "Come here.... I could try and heal you."

Alex tries to Cellularly Adjust Foline. Foline's wounds close up.

Mirenn watches intently.

Foline sits quiet. "What have... you done, ... Alex ??"

Alex smiles at Foline as her wound closes "I've.... healed your wound"

Foline I feel much better Alex... what was that ??

Alex "Another power of my mind, Foline." He smiles widely, after being able to reduce his best friend's pain.

Foline "It's so great Alex!" She pets Alex's hand "Are we going out of the room now?"

Alex "Yes, Foline."

Quinn continues meditating.

Gerom "You want to check out the next room while Quinn sits around?" (swinging his axe idly)

Mirenn "Yeah, it's boring just sitting around waiting."

Balan "Sure. Lets go." He gets up and goes back into the hallway to check out the next door.

Gerom is right behind him.

Mirenn follows Balan and Gerom out the door.

Balan examines the next door.

Dungeon Master: This is the last door in this western hallway. It is not locked.

Mirenn checks the floor for bad spots.

Alex heads to the other room.

Balan opens it.

Dungeon Master: Within you see the room beyond. Once perhaps a fine guest bedroom, this is now decayed like the rest of the house. Rubbish is scattered around; there is some evidence of rodent infestation and some webs hang torpid in the corners. A four-poster bed, once a grand piece of furniture, is against the wall opposite the fireplace. Its woodwork is worm-ridden and the curtains which once screened the bed are torn and stained. There is no bed linen, but the carcas of the bed is relatively intact. There are two windows out the back side of the room.

Balan goes to check out the bed.

Gerom "More bugs under it, I'll wager."

Balan looks underneath. "Nothing here under it."

Mirenn looks around for spider webs at the mention of bugs.

Foline went with Alex to the other room.

Mirenn looks out a window.

Balan starts ripping the curtains from the bed. "Nothing here. Sheesh, where'd that old guy hide his goods?"

Alex "Basement, most likely."

Foline "Why Basement ?? Basement only has wines."

Gerom checks the fireplace, wary of things that live in fireplaces.

Alex "And treasure safes..."

Mirenn "Who would hide goods in the basement? They'd get all wet and moldy."

Alex looks carefully at the bed.

Mirenn "Probably someone looted the house before they thought it was haunted."

Foline checks for secrets in the room.

Dungeon Master: As you explore the room there comes a loud groaning sound from the room you just vacated, where Quinn is meditating, alone.

Balan looks up. "Quinn?!"

Foline runs out

Gerom "OK. Let's ... crap!" He runs to the other room.

Foline "Quinn ?? Are you alright?"

Alex runs to Quinn's room.

Mirenn follows.

Dungeon Master: You arrive in the other room to find Quinn laying on the floor, his back arched in a gruesome rictus. A gasp escapes his lips which are pealed back and reveal blackened gums. His eyes roll back in his skull and he collapses to the floor.

Balan "Crap!"

Foline is frozen at her place.

Mirenn "There must have been more mold spores."

Gerom "Uh... can you heal him, Alex?"

Alex "Only after some more rest."

Dungeon Master: A puddle leaks out from beneath Quinn, water from his waterflask which was crushed in his falling over.

Mirenn "Is he still alive?"

Balan rushes to look at him and touches his neck for a pulse.

Alex checks Quinn's pulse.

Balan "He's not breathing!"

Alex "He's dead!"

Balan "Aahh!"

Mirenn says to Alex, "Can you pray to Men Tal to bring him back?"

Alex "No, I cannot, as I said before, I'm not the follower of any God, though I believe in two of them."

Balan looks at Quinn to find what killed him.

Gerom "Was it the mold or something else?"

Mirenn "Well I did open the window, it could have been something else that killed him. We did leave him alone in here."

Balan "There are no wounds. Anywhere!"

Mirenn "They do say this place is haunted. Ghosts wouldn't leave visible wounds, would they?"

Foline runs from the vicinity of death, fast.

Alex closely examines Quinn's body for any signs that might reveal something about the nature of his death.

Foline runs out into the hallway.

Mirenn stands in the doorway to see where Foline is going.

Alex gets up and runs after Foline "Foline! Foline! Get Back!"

Balan "There aren't any ghosts here!"

Gerom "Dammit! We shouldn't have left him alone." He pounds his fist against the wall.

Alex "FOLINE???" He runs as fast as he can, but tries not to fall through the broken floor.

Mirenn stares at the body in disbelief.

Balan stays with Quinn. "Someone go get that confused elf!"

Gerom "OK... let's not panic here, guys."

Mirenn "What do you mean not panic??? How can we explore a haunted house with no mage?!?!"

Gerom "He's dead. Live with it. Let's make sure the rest of us get out of here alive, eh?"

Mirenn "Exactly! Let's get out of here!"

Gerom "We don't need that magic crap anyway." He hefts his mighty axe.

Mirenn looks panicked.

Balan "No way. We should find out why he died and kill it that did it."

Gerom "Right. Avenge his death. And from now on, use the Buddy System. Wanna be my buddy, Mirenn?"

Mirenn, quietly, "what if whatever killed him is already dead?"

Gerom "Then we destroy it."

Balan "Let's not think about that, Mirenn."

Gerom "We have good silver. We have strong warriors. We'll pull through."

Mirenn mumbles, "If we already have money, what's the point?"

Balan goes to find Alex and Foline.

Gerom "We need to find your equipment, Mirenn. What are we looking for, again?"

Mirenn "You're looking for money, right? Or do you mean my equipment? I had a shortsword, some clothes, a little bit of money... not very much really. Nothing worth risking my life in this terrible place."

Gerom "Surely you'd feel better with your own weapons and armor in hand, no?"

Mirenn "Well of course! but I'd be just as happy to get out of here!"

Gerom examines Quinn's mouth for signs of the mold. "It wasn't mold that killed him." He looks out the window for signs of anything. "It wasn't the mold, and wasn't something from the window...."

Mirenn "What makes you think it wasn't the mold? It didn't leave any signs on Alex or Foline? I think I would rather it was the mold... something else might be even scarier."

Gerom "Yeah...but I'd rather know my enemy. There wasn't any mold in his mouth." He looks at the fireplace in the room where Quinn's body is.

Mirenn "Well, I don't think he would eat the mold!"

Gerom "No... they breathed in the mold and it burned their lungs. Some would stick in your mouth I think."

Mirenn looks at Gerom's mouth for mold residue. "I don't see any mold residue on your mouth. You got poisoned by the mold spores earlier."

Gerom "HEY! I didn't breathe in the mold! I made it out of the way. Alex and Foline did, though."

Mirenn "Well, I guess we should look at Alex and Foline then."

Gerom "Speaking of which... where are they?"

Mirenn "Anyway, sounds like they found my stuff... so I'd like to see them anyway."

Gerom nods.

Mirenn goes out and looks to see which way they have gone.

Dungeon Master: Meanwhile Alex has found Foline at the end of the north corridor.

Alex "Don't worry, Foline.... Ullena should be able to revive him."

Foline "I'm fine Alex. I'm sorry to do that, I'm sorry. I just... never seen... death. Not .. black eyes death". She hugs Alex. "Are... YOU alright ... Alex?"

Alex "Yes. Anyway, please, Foline... come with me, we should bring him to Ullena..." He drops his hands from Foline and examines one of the sacks that stand nearby.

Foline "Alright. I'll come".

Alex "I'll just check this out and come, ok?"

Foline "I will help you." She helps Alex to search the sacks.

Balan finds Alex and tells the group where they all are. "Come over here guys, we found some sacks and a stairway back down."

Alex lifts the items out of the sack "Mirenn! I think that I have your stuff!" He examines the other sack.

Foline "Is that hers ??"

Balan "Let's take it back to Gerom and Mirenn."

Alex "I think so..."

Mirenn goes down to the end of the North hallway. "Hi guys, did you find my stuff?"

Alex "Apparently." He shows the bag to Mirenn.

Dungeon Master: You all meet in the intersection of the two hallways.

Mirenn "Yep, that's it."

Foline pulls out some of Mirenn's stuff. "We found some things that belong to you."

Mirenn takes her things out and examines them and arranges them on her body.

Gerom scratches his head. "So what killed him, then?"

Alex "Not the Mold?"

Mirenn points out to Gerom the lack of "mold residue" around the mouths of Foline and Alex.

Gerom "Hmmnnn.. maybe it was the mold."

Balan "What do we do now though?"

Gerom "We should arrange for a funeral or something..."

Mirenn "Yeah, let's get out of this place and go take care of funeral arrangements."

Balan "Ullena might be able to help. But what do we do NOW?"

Alex "We should ask Ullena... I've heard that clerics can raise the dead. We should go down to the city with the corpse."

Gerom "Hey... was Quinns expression odd at all?"

Balan "It was contorted and open mouthed."

Foline "It was horrifying!"

Alex "On the other hand, we should search this place for whoever or whatever killed him."

Mirenn "It might have escaped out the window... if it wasn't the mold."

Balan "We can't let whatever did this to Quinn escape to live."

Alex "So should we search this house for answers or go back to the city?"

Gerom "Yeah. let's track it down. We can burn that mold..."

Balan "You're always trying to burn things...."

Gerom "What!? I haven't burned anything around you...."

Foline "I can continue here in the house itself."

Mirenn "Should we go out the window to track it down?"

Mirenn "I sure don't like the idea of exploring this place without a mage's help..."

Gerom "Magic is over rated anyway. Besides... magic didn't help Quinn."

Foline whispering to herself. "Quinn... was a nice fellow..."

Mirenn "well, it sure didn't help against whatever killed him." She shivers.

Balan "What do you want to do Alex?"

Alex "Stay here.... find what killed Quinn... and if it is someone who did that vile deed.... KILL HIM!"

Balan "Agreed, let's stay and kill it! Whatever it was. He had his eyes closed and was meditating though... he probably never saw it coming. What ever it was..."

Gerom "Now... how to destroy the mold without burning the house down....."

Balan "Let's just leave it alone. The mold that is... leave it alone."

Alex "We should search the place..."

Balan "Let's go and search more."

Gerom "OK. There are a couple more rooms up here, right?'

Balan "Yeah."

Foline nods.

Mirenn "I don't know, that mold was pretty dangerous. Maybe we should burn it like Gerom suggested."

Alex "Foline.... you're good at tracking people. could you check the window and the room for any signs?"

Foline "I can try..."

Alex "Thank you, Foline..."

Foline smiles

Mirenn "At least I think I'll go open that other window... it might let things in, but it would let the mold out."

Mirenn goes back to the room with the mold.

Foline follows Mirenn

Balan follows Mirenn.

Alex follows the rest

Gerom follows too.

Mirenn goes into the room and opens the other window, looking out carefully to see if anything is out there.

Mirenn "well, do we want to burn this mold?"

Alex "No... Mirenn, first let Foline check the room for any signs..."

Foline "Let me see...."

Mirenn "I thought we already did that..." She moves over and looks out the window that had already been opened.

Alex "Foline could see things that sometimes others cannot"

Foline "There is nothing special in this vicinity".

Alex "So we should continue our search of this building."

Mirenn "Hey look guys there's some funny markings on this window sill."

Alex approaches the window ansd examines it "Where?"

Gerom "Really? Funny how?"

Foline approaches.

Balan goes to check them out.

Dungeon Master: There are scratches on the windowsill, like those made from an animal's claws.

Alex thinks for a moment and then an idea emerges in his mind "Maybe some flying thing did it to him... Like a bat or a bird"

Balan "There were no wounds on him though. Quinn wasn't harmed at all this entire exploration!"

Alex "Or some magical beast"

Foline "It's.....The signs show that the creature was... the size of.. a human". And they're very new !"

Alex "A Goblin? Using deadly magic? strange... We should examine the garden as soon as possible top track the murderer!"

Mirenn "Very creepy."

Balan "Hmm. It would be a disservice to the city if we didn't kill such a creature."

Gerom "Yeah. Die, beastie, die."

Alex motions to Foline to follow and quickly paces towards the stairs, then jumps over the weak section

Foline follows Alex.

Gerom "What about the other rooms up here?"

Foline "Alex... what about the other rooms?"

Mirenn "Yeah, what about the other rooms?

Dungeon Master: Alex and Foline cross the collapsed section easily.

Balan "There are still rooms on this side we haven't explored in the north hall."

Alex "We should first try and see if the damned murderer have left any marks in the garden or on the wall"

Foline "Is that so important ?? I will be able to see that also after a while".

Alex "we might have a chance to track the assassin before he or she or it disappears"

Gerom "It IS raining outside."

Mirenn "i just don't like the idea of passing over that collapsed section too many times.

Alex "All right, we'll explore these rooms.... I'm comming"

Foline "As recently as it will be, the creature must have left"

Alex jumps back, safely.

Foline jumps back as well, barely making it.

Mirenn "Do we even have any chance of tracking a flying creature? Can your god Men Tal help us with this tracking?"

Foline "Why you think it was flying ??"

Alex "It is not a God, a Talent, more accurately... And yes, I could try and read minds of Goblins... the problem is that I don't know their language"

Mirenn "i don't know... but it could have been flying."

Alex approaches the first of two doors on the right in the north hallway and checks it.

Dungeon Master: The door to this room is partially ajar but you will need to open it.

Balan goes with Alex.

Alex motions to the others to come and readies his sword before opening the door.

Dungeon Master: Alex opens the door and you can see beyond into the room: A large bedroom, now decaying and dirty. Damp mould covers portions of the walls and ceiling and rubbish is strewn liberally round the floor. In the center is a single mattress which has been badly torn and from which the stuffing protrudes. Under the window is a large wooden chest, the timbers split, its lid closed. There is a single broken, but closed window on the back wall, looking east over the harbor. The chest is very old looking and is banded with metal around its rotting casement.

Alex slowly walks inside towards the chest, carefully looking around for any surprises.

Foline "Watch yourself Alex".

Gerom stands at the door with a dagger in hand.

Alex examines the chest and tries to open it.

Mirenn looks under the bed.

Alex me tries to opn the chest with his sword

Foline looks at the chest with Alex.

Alex opens the chest. Inside is a pile of moldy ragged clothing and a bundle of documents, mostly moldy and stained. He picks up the documents, careful not to disturb the harmful mold

Foline "Can you see anything Alex ??"

Mirenn holds her breath.

Alex "some papers"

Foline What is on them ??

Alex "Most of them old letters about this house.... one is in a language I cannot read"

Gerom examines the fireplace.

Balan "Lemme see."

Mirenn looks over his shoulder to see if she can read the papers.

Alex hands the documents to Balan.

Mirenn "I can't read that language either."

Balan "Huh. I can't read it - that one there in the weird language."

Foline walks to the window, looking outside.

Alex waits for Gerom to finish checking the fireplace.

Gerom I don't see much in there... more cobwebs and mold.

Mirenn stays away from the mold.

Alex "We should keep that note."

Gerom "Good stonework, though."

Dungeon Master: Looking outside, Foline can see the Harbor of Mendenton.

Gerom "One more room up here, right?"

Alex moves towards the next room "You should all come. One room remains... and the cellar

Foline is astounded by the view, though it's raining. She tries to breath the smell of the rain for a little while. "Mmm..."

Alex approaches the last door of this floor, which is closed, but not locked. He slowly opens it, ready with his sword.

Foline, after a little while, goes with the others, joining them from the back.

Dungeon Master: Within you see the next room: This room appears to have been used for storage. A large oak chest stands under the window, its lid closed. Elsewhere in the room are three wooden chairs, all broken, two splintered wooden buckets and a mildewed sack.

Balan goes into the room with Alex.

Alex approaches the sack and carefully examines it

Balan "What's in the chest?" He opens the chest after examining it. "It's empty."

Alex finds the sack is lumpy shaped and rotting. He tries to tear it apart with his sword. The sack contains rotted clothes and cloth.

Gerom "Sure there's no compartments hidden from view in that chest? It's big enough."

Balan nods. "I checked."

Alex looks around the room for other items, but finds nothing of interest.

Gerom "Then that leaves the cellar, the garden, and... that other room."

Balan "Maybe the attic?"

Foline just paces quietly.

Gerom "You know, there are an awful lot of nasty creatures in this house... I wonder how they all stay fed. Ther didn't seem to be enough of the centipedes to feed the spiders..."

Alex "so... now we go to the Cellar?"

Gerom "To the Cellar then."

Alex "Yes, to the Cellar"

Gerom We can go down the other stairs. They are closer."

Foline "Nothing else but.. the cellar..."

Dungeon Master: At the end of the hall are two stairways, one going up and one going down. The ones going up are broken, but you can see that they lead to the attic.

Alex We should try and use a rope to climb to the attic

Gerom I guess we check the attic.

Mirenn "Yes, let's check the attic"

Foline "I can try and climb there".

Balan "our killer isn't up there probably. He would have had to have flown through us or climbed up the broken stairs. Alex and Foline would have seen them."

Mirenn "There may be an opening to the attic from the outside."

Alex pulls out his 15 M. long rope

Foline "Want to let me try Alex ??"

Alex "Yes, but be careful.... and then you could try to tie the rope there for us"

Gerom holds up his grappling hook. "Need this?"

Balan "Good idea."

Foline "Alright, let me do it now", smiles a bit.

Balan "I'm probably as good if not a better climber, let me try."

Mirenn tests the floor below where they are trying to get into the attic. "Well, the floor down here is safe. YOu shouldn't fall through if you fall."

Foline "I know how to climb as well :)"

Gerom I'm not bad... if I have equipment."

Balan "All right, go ahead then."

Foline throws the rope, to let it get a hold on something. It catches hold on a rafter in the attic.

Balan watches Foline climb up.

Foline climbs up the rope safely.

Alex climbs the rope after foline.

Balan climbs up.

Mirenn climbs up in front of Gerom.

Gerom climbs last.

Foline helps the people up.

Dungeon Master: You climb into the northern side of the attic. You climb through the gaping hole in the floor where the top of the staircase used to lead before its collapse. There are grimy cobwebs on the walls and ceiling and the floor is liberally strewn with dust and rubbish. Several holes in the roof allow dim light to enter this large, dirty room which appears to extend from the back to the front of the House. There are pieces of broken furniture here and there, and rubbish is heaped about the floor. There are two large sacks in the northwest corner. Otherwise there appears to be nothing of interest here.

Alex approaches the sacks slowly, checking the floor infront of him with his short sword.

Foline helps Alex with the sacks.

Dungeon Master: The floor creaks loudly under your weight but it holds.

Alex examines the first sack carefully.

Foline examines the other sack.

Dungeon Master: The sacks fall apart under your prodding and reveal totally rotten clothes.

Alex "Nothing else of interest here."

Alex "We should get to the Cellar."

Alex gets back to the rope and slides down.

Balan "Should we search any more up here?"

Gerom "Right. Carefull there, I'll go last and bring the hook with me."

Foline, before leaving, looks around a bit for secrets.

Balan climbs down and heads down stairs to the kitchen.

Mirenn descends the rope, swinging wildly.

Alex waits near the rope for Foline.

Balan calls up, "Come on guys, lets go into the cellar."

Gerom "Find anything, Foline?"

Foline "Looking...."

Mirenn "Shouldn't we take Quinn's body back to town before we go down into the cellar?"

Alex "First we search the cellar and the garden, then take him to Ullena"

Gerom "And ... get his ... things ... in order."

Mirenn "But shouldn't we at least put the body someplace safer?"

Balan "Poor Quinn..."

Mirenn "I mean, who knows what could happen to it while we're exploring elsewhere..."

Alex "Whoever wanted him.... harmed.... already did that aweful crime. I don't think that anything will happen to him up here"

Foline "Nothing. Let's go".

Gerom "After you..."

Foline "Thank you", smiling and descending, followed by Gerom.

Mirenn "they do say this house is haunted. I've certainly heard strange sounds. What if there are undead? What if he becomes an undead?" She looks frantic.

Balan "Agreed, Alex. We'll go straight to the cellars."

Mirenn " I don't want an undead MAGE at my back!

Alex walks down the stairs to the kitchen... towards the Cellar's entrance

Gerom follows Alex, axe in hand.

Balan goes into the pantry where the stairway to the cellar is.

Foline follows everyone, stays near Alex.

Balan "Don't be silly Mirenn. He's dead and he'll stay that way unless Ullena can do something about it."

Mirenn follows last, very warily.

Alex "I think that I have a few torches.... and a flint and iron, if we'll need light down there"

Dungeon Master: You all are now standing in the pantry... atop the stairway which descends down to the basement.

Gerom "I can scout ahead... I see well enough in the dark."

Balan "Sure, you lead."

Alex looks down to the cellar. He can see it turns about halfway down and can see no further without descending.

Foline "Me too. You remember I can see in dark too Alex." Smiles.

Mirenn "well, I'd sure like it if you lit a torch for those of us who can't see in the dark" loudly says

Balan "Do we have any torches?"

Gerom "OK then. let's do it." (taking steps downward)

Foline to Gerom> "I will go ahead with you."

Gerom nods.

Balan "Uh... light, torches???"

Alex hits the flint to the iron near his torch's head. A rain of bright sparks fly, and as if an answer to balan, the torch lights. "I've got one."

Gerom "We're scouting, and that will mess up our vision."

Balan "I dunno about you elves, but we humans can't see in the dark."

Alex descends after Foline, with the torch firmly in his hand.

Dungeon Master: With Gerom leading the way, everyone carefully descends the stone stairway and down into the cellar, beneath the house and into the earth.

Gerom "Well, there goes my night vision."

Foline "Maybe you should all wait until the two of us see what is there ??"

Alex "Can you see further than what the torch allows us to see?"

Dungeon Master: As you come around the bottom of the stairs you can see in your dim torchlight a earthen, stonewalled chamber which your light does not completely illuminate. Since you have a torch lit, elfin and dwarven infravision does no good.

Dungeon Master: The room is quite large and appears as follows: This was obviously a wine cellar. Wooden bottle racks -mostly broken -- line the north and west walls to a height of 6'. There appear to be no intact bottles left in the racks though there are several with broken necks. Broken bottles cover the floor beneath and near the racks. Against the east wall, at the foot of the stairs, are two large metal storage bins which appear to be empty. Something lays in a pile in the middle of the floor of the room, broken glass about it.

Foline checks the laying thing with the staff.

Gerom pokes the pile of something with his axe.

Mirenn looks around over near the stairs.

Alex descends and carefully examines the room. "Look for secret doors."

Gerom approaches the pile with torch in hand and everyone can see in the center of the room lies a human corpse clad in plate mail; a long sword lies by the corpse's right hand and a large shield lies across the legs.

Foline "Alex ! Come here !"

Alex jumps back from the corpse in surprise and terror.

Dungeon Master: The corpse is partially decayed. It appears to be only a few weeks dead.

Alex "Foline..." (frightened voice) Can you check how much time is that corpse lying in here?

Gerom backs off from the worm things coming out of the corpse.

Foline keeps a distance from the body as well.

Alex carefully searches the corpse "Maybe there is some kind of identifying papers on that poor guy"

Balan stays within the torchlight.

Gerom "Watch out for those parasites... sometimes they can be nasty." His torchlight, from the center of the room, reveals there are no exits from this area except for the stairs going upwards to the pantry.

Gerom smashes the worm things with his axe when they crawl away from the body.

Alex continues to search the corpse

Gerom "Any of that armor look like it's any good? about that sword and shield?" Examining the armor, he finds it is in very good condition, though dusty. The body is human.

Gerom "Need armor, Mirenn?"

Mirenn "Sure, I guess."

Alex searches the corpse extremely carefully, using his sword sometimes to avoid worms, unbuckeling the armor off the body.

Balan "be careful. We don't know what killed him."

Gerom "Somebody want to check those bins?" (keeping his eyes on the wormy things.)

Balan goes to check the bins.

Mirenn screams loudly and points at the worms.

Alex tries to dig the worms out of his flesh with his sword, ignoring the pain.

Gerom "Use the torch! Burn them out!" He hands the torch to Alex.

Alex tries to burn the worms with the torch's flame.

Mirenn screams again.

Gerom holds the torch over the entry wound.

Alex "Don't worry... they're.... dead....ouch, my hand..."

Gerom pulls the torch away.

Balan "The bins are empty."

Alex "You should try and smoke the worms out of that corpse with your torch"

Mirenn "Are you sure that's a good idea?"

Gerom "Good idea". (axe in other hand, for smashing the things).

Alex moves away quickly.

Mirenn "You might burn the whole house down."

Gerom "We're underground. What's going to catch fire?"

Mirenn "there might be alcohol around here. isn't that what people normally keep in cellars?"

Alex "the bottles are.... broken"

Gerom "It's all broken and spilled away."

Mirenn stands back.

Gerom carefully holds the torch over the corpse and smashes worms as they emerge. The corpse slowly catches aflame, the maggots burn as well.

Gerom "Did you get the worms out, Alex?"

Alex "I'm fine... I burned the worms from my hand... Damn! put out the fire! before it destroyes anything that might be with it!"

Gerom splashes his waterskin on the corpse. The fire easily goes out. The rotten flesh doesn't burn very well. The stench is horrible though.

Alex covers his nose and approaches the corpse.

Foline covers her mouth and nose.

Alex "Now we should be able to get that armour"

Gerom Exactly.

Mirenn "After all those worms, I don't think I want it. She shudders in disgust.

Alex helps Gerom to unbuckle the armor.

Gerom "See... it's still serviceable."

Gerom "Might smell kind of bad, but nothing that a bath won't fix."

Balan "Mirenn should wear the armor. I have my own and wouldn't function well in platemail anyhow. Too heavy."

Mirenn "All right, I'll take the armor, but let's get out of here. There's nothing else valuable down here."

Alex tries to remove the armor and search the body for any documents or identifications... like a signet ring.

Alex "Search the room for secret doors while I'll search the body, ok?"

Alex "Nothing of interest on the body.... we should bring him to the town anyway... maybe someone knows him." He looks at the shield for any heraldery and notices two sparring hawks on the shield.

Mirenn "Would anyone recognize a body all burnt up like that?"

Alex "It isn't burnt that much"

Gerom "Would be a shame if someone had offed Sir Nossant and then hid his body here and told everyone he'd gone to war."

Mirenn "Well, all right then... let's go back to town with the two bodies. Who is Sir Nossant?"

Gerom "One of the City Council."

Balan "He's one of the town councilmen. A warrior."

Alex "Is it him?"

Balan "We don't know what he looks like, or his standard."

Alex "We should bring him to the town anyway"

Foline decides to wait outside the room, going outside to the kitchen's window.

Balan "There must be something more to this room."

Alex "Let's search this place for secret doors"

Balan starts searching behind the broken casks on the west wall.

Alex carefully searches the room.

Foline is standing in the kitchen's window, looking at the view.

Mirenn begins searching the south wall.

Gerom "Nothing in, behind, or under the bins."

Gerom "We have time... do a thorough search."

Alex "We should search the whole place.... take your time, we must find any secret doors if there are ones"

Gerom "might be some footprints down here to check for....."

Dungeon Master: There are wine casks on the north and west walls, broken, bare wall and bins along the east wall. The stairway along the north wall which is otherwise bare, and a fireplace and bare wall to the south. The floor is stone bricks and the ceiling is wood (about 12 feet up - 4 meters).

Gerom "SOMEONE put that body there."


Balan "Nothing on this west wall. Not even an unbroken bottle of wine."

Mirenn "There's nothing over here on the south wall either."

Foline, startled a bit, walks down the stairs. "Yes Alex ??"

Alex "could you please help us and search for footprints etc. on the floor?"

Foline "Yes. Though the smell is horrible. I can."

Alex "Gerom, could you please search the fireplace?"

Mirenn "The fireplace is over here, I"ve already checked it."

Balan "Secret doors can be hard to spot. Are there any footprints near the body that aren't ours?"

Alex "who's searching on the east?"

Foline checks for anything on the floor.

Balan "I searched the east wall. Nothing there."

Gerom "Two eyes are sometimes better than one. Why don't you let me check the fireplace too?"

Mirenn "I guess so, I'm not very experienced in this sort of thing."

Alex "Anything there, Gerom?"

Gerom "Hey... the stonework on the back of the fireplace is different."

Alex "Try to check it.... maybe it's a secret door"

Gerom pushes ad pulls on the bricks of the fireplace, and looks for anything else that's odd. "There's a loose brick here." He pulls it out. A secret passage slides open nearly silently to the left of the fireplace, wide enough to admit one person at a time.

Alex gets closer to Gerom, preparing his sword, just in case. "Gerom, you should lead. You seem the strongest person around here"

Gerom "What have we here?" Grinning, he steps into the passage.

Alex walks right behind Gerom.

Foline walks after them both.

Dungeon Master: As Gerom enters the room beyond his torchlight illuminates a room which is so unlike anything else you have seen in the House that for a moment you pause, somewhat taken aback. The illumination here is good since several lighted torches are held in shoulder-high brackets around the walls. This was obviously a cellar, but equally obviously it is now used for an entirely different purpose; your first impression is that it is the living quarters for about ten people.

Gerom "What the hell?"

Alex returns his sword to it's sheath and arms his light crossbow.

Balan "What the hell?" He enters the room with sword drawn.

Alex carefully looks over the room... anyone in here except for us?

Dungeon Master: Ten single beds (crude affairs -- little more than thin mattresses on boards) stand with heads to the south wall, each with a small wooden locker at its foot. In the center of the flagged floor is a long wooden trestle table on which there is a variety of cheap metal cutlery and earthenware crockery together with a large jug about half full of a light brown liquid. There are a dozen wooden stools round the table. Against the north wall are two casks, one larger than the other and both broached. The larger one is nearly full of a clear liquid, the smaller one about half full of a light brown liquid. A metal dipper hangs on the outside of the rim of the larger cask. Next to the casks is a large wooden bin. Above it, hanging on hooks on the wall, are a large ham, a long string of sausages and a small side of meat. Next to the bin is what appears to be a crude, metal wood-fired stove standing in a fireplace. Above the stove, on a shelf, are some iron and earthenware cooking utensils, while next to it is a small pile of logs.

Mirenn enters shortsword drawn.

Dungeon Master: Near the foot of the stairs are two small, unbroached casks; next to them is a bolt of cloth. The stairs descend from the back end of te room, furthest from the secret passage. There is no one in here.

Alex starts searching the lockers near the beds

Gerom "This looks lived in. Someone has been hiding something here."

Dungeon Master: There are two wooden doors at the east side of the room, in a small alcove, which lead out of this area, aside from the exit available by the stairway down.

Foline looks around a bit astounded.

Alex "Search the place.... I bet that the killers live in here"

Foline "You aren't doing it because you are a bit poor, right Alex?", giggling.

Alex "I'm not a thief, Foline."

Alex "Anyway, there's nothing of interest in these lockers."

Balan goes into the room and looks about near the stairway at the far west end of the room.

Foline "Alex, want to check the doors?"

Alex "Yes, of course Foline" He reaches for one of the doors.

Gerom "Well, we'd best be careful... it's a den of thieves and murderers, no doubt."

Foline goes with Alex. "Let me open it. Alex, warn the others that we are opening the doors".

Alex motions to the rest to be prepared, and tries to open the door.

Gerom nods. There is a gleam in his eyes.

Balan continues his investigation at the other end of the room. "There's prints going down the stairs here. I can smell the ocean too. And a fresh pipe of tobacco on the table over here too..."

Mirenn is looking under the beds.

Alex lets Foline open the door... this way it'll be safer.

Foline Foline opens the left door.

Dungeon Master: The door is locked.

Foline "We need Balan".

Alex "Balan.... you better come over here... we need your.... 'special skills'"

Balan "Someone needs me?"

Foline "Yes, we do", she smiles.

Alex "The door is locked..."

Foline "Are you free to come and open the door ??"

Balan comes over to take a look at the door and tries to unlock it. "Nope, I can't do it."

Foline "So we break it Alex ??"

Alex "So we'll have to break the door..."

Mirenn "I don't think I could open the door."

Balan "There's footprints headed down those stairs over there."

Alex backs up and motions to Gerom to approach.

Gerom "We could go down the stairs instead...."

Alex "We should try and break the door."

Dungeon Master: The right hand door has a bar keeping it closed. The bar is made of wood. The bar is on the outside of the door, your side.

Gerom "I can probably lift that."

Mirenn "You know there might be an opening into that locked room from the other room..."

Gerom lifts the bar off the door. "It's important to be quiet, you know...."

Balan "A little late for that.... We were yelling in that other room, especially Alex from the worms."

Foline "We are already not quiet."

Balan opens the door.

Alex turns towards the open door

Foline turns to the door as well.

Dungeon Master: This room is dark. Light from the large room behind you spills faintly to show that the room is only about 12' across, but to your left there is only darkness. What little you can see is dingy and dirty. You all hear the sound of something clattering and scraping in the room beyond.

Alex aims his light crossbow at the opened door.

Foline "We need to check it."

Alex shivers as a chill goes down his spine.

Gerom Well, let's do it...."

Dungeon Master: You hear clattering footsteps starting hesitantly in the room beyond, but no sound of breath.

Foline "AH! What was that?"

Gerom brings the torch to illuminate the dark room. "Undead, with our luck."

Dungeon Master: As Gerom's torchlight illuminates the room beyond...

Alex readies his light crossbow to fire over the dwarf's low head.

Gerom "UNDEAD!!"

Foline readies her bow from afar.

Gerom "SIX OF 'EM!" He quickly closes and bars the door.

Dungeon Master: Soon after you close it you hear scraping claws assaulting the door.

Alex "What kind of undead?"

Foline "Ready yourself!"

Gerom "Skeletons, from the look of it."

Balan "I am not fighting undead!"

Mirenn "We're going to fight them, right?"

Gerom "Wasn't there some note about skeletons?

Foline "Skeletons ?? I never saw skeletons...."

Gerom "'Beyond the skeletons' or some such."

Balan "Yah, Quinn had it from that math book."

Alex "Any of you got blunt weapons? Otherwise no point in fighting them..."

Foline "Only animals skeletons."

Gerom "These were human skeletons."

Balan "Nothing blunt."

Mirenn giggles. "'No point', he said."

Alex "Beyond rthe skeletons. It means.... that there's something behind them, possibly."

Gerom "Use a torch, then...."

Foline "I have my staff".

Mirenn "There's got to be treasure in there, right?"

Alex "Possibly."

Gerom "And they are mindless, so we can gang up on them as they come through the door."

Alex "So let's break their bones."

Foline readies her staff.

Mirenn "And we can pray to Men Tal for some help, right?"

Alex sighs at the Elf's utter ignorance.

Foline giggles as she hears Mirenn.

Gerom hefts his shield and axe.

Balan "I think we should leave them alone and finish exploring elsewhere. The stairway for instance. They locked that one room, this one has skeletons, they must use the stairway."

Gerom "The door was locked from this side?"

Balan "Yes, It was locked on this side."

Mirenn "That's not very adventurous, Balan. We're here for gold, right?"

Balan "Yeah, but not to get killed by Undead."

Alex "Open the door, and kill them... no point in waiting."

Gerom goes back into the cellar and gets the other shield for Mirenn.

Alex readies his short sword.

Balan "It obviously wasn't the skeletons that killed Quinn... Aren't we here to avenge him? We should go where the murderers might be."

Alex "Are you afraid?"

Balan "I'm not afraid, but... well, their undead, Alex."

Gerom returns with the shield. "Agreed.. the skeletons aren't going anywhere, neither is their treasure."

Alex "So we should break down the left door."

Gerom trades shields with Mirenn.

Alex "Skeletons are product of evil magic. Nothing more. Nothing less."

Mirenn examines the shield to see how heavy it is.

Balan "UNDEAD as in Not Living but still alive. And we only have one silver dagger to fight with."

Gerom "I have one too."

Balan "Your's is the only one we have Gerom. Isn't it?"

Alex "You can harm skeletons with any blunt weapon"

Gerom "And your other weapons will do some good. Just not your crossbows."

Balan "Do you have a blunt weapon Alex?"

Foline "I do!"

Alex "I only have a short sword.... but Foline has one..."

Balan just remembers how much four goblins messed us up.

Foline gestures her staff.

Alex "Let's open it."

Gerom "OK... "

Alex returns the crossbow to it's place on his back and unsheathes his short sword. "You could all use torches, if you wish..."

Gerom "Good plan. I'll use my axe though."

Mirenn "I'll take that torch so you can fight."

Balan sighs and draws his sucky shortsword.

Alex gives Mirenn a torch and his flint and iron.

Mirenn takes the torch and lodges it in one of the beds on the other side of the room.

Gerom "Here. Ready?"

Alex "YES. Now.... open and KILL!" He is ready to fight these vile abominations.

Gerom opens the door.

Dungeon Master: The skeletons charge out, en masse.

Alex attacks the nearest skeleton with his short sword but misses.

Balan attacks but misses as well.

Foline smashes a skeleton with her staff for.

Gerom swings his mighty blade successfully and crushes a skeleton.

Mirenn backstabs Alex with her shortsword.

Alex "What?????????????" He collapses unconscious due to the traitor's attack.

Foline "WHAT DID YOU DO ????!!!!"

Mirenn flees back out through the secret passage and tries to close it.

Balan chases after that bitch! "Come back here!"

Foline takes Alex in her hands and RUNS fast outside the secret door.

Skeleton#1 attacks Gerom with its claws but only hits armor.

Skeleton#2 claws Gerom and hits him hard across the face.

Gerom "OW!"

Balan jumps through the secret door before Mirenn can close it. "DIE!"

Mirenn runs up the stairs.

Balan chases after her.

Alex bleeds almost to death.

Foline runs through the secret door.

Gerom "Close it, Foline!"

Foline retreats into the cellar with Alex's body and will try to bind Alex's wounds.

Gerom moves to block the secret door, so that only two of them can attack him, and none get through.

Gerom attacks once against two skeletons. One skeleton is sliced in half by his axe but the other keeps coming. A skeleton takes the place of the fallen one.

Skeleton#1 attacks Gerom but misses.

Skeleton#3 claws Gerom but misses.


Balan runs even faster after Mirenn but can't catch up with her yet.

Mirenn runs outside the house.

Gerom backs up so only one skeleton can attack.

Skeleton#1 presses the attack against Gerom before he can retreat backwards and claws him in the throat for terrible damage.

Skeleton#2 strikes at Gerom and hits him in the legs.

Gerom falls unconscious.

Foline "Oh no!" Foline goes and try to take Gerom from there, then she tries to close the secret door. She shoves the brick in the fireplace back in and the secret door begins to close. One of the skeletons pushes through over Gerom's unconscious form and readies to attack Foline. The other skeletons are trapped beyond the secret door.

Balan "Crap!" He is out of breath and cannot run any longer!

Foline tries to defend herself.

Mirenn keeps running, eventually Balan can't see her anymore in the misty rain.

Skeleton#1 attacks Foline and totally misses.

Foline swings her staff and strikes the skeleton in the head, cracking it open.

Skeleton#1 continues to function.

Foline misses with a swing of her staff.

Skeleton#1 strikes her once again in the belly.

Foline hit the skeleton in the chest. It succumbs and falls apart.

Skeleton#1 dies.

Foline looking at the bodies near her. "Oh heavens!!"

Alex is unconscious.

Gerom lays there unmoving.

Foline tries to bind the dwarf's wounds too.

Dungeon Master: With the skeletons sealed behind the secret door, Foline is alone with Gerom and Alex's fallen bodies.

Balan returns to the house and goes downstairs. "Everything ok down here? Yikes! Is Gerom alive?"

Foline "Look !!!" she starts sobbing. "A... Alex..... And the dwarf....."

Balan "Foline? Are you ok?"

Gerom's chest moves a little.

Balan rushes to Alex to see how bad his wounds are.

Foline "Yes... I'm ok. But they are enot."

Balan "Can you heal?"

Foline "No.. and.... Alex will die. He's more wounded than... the dwarf."

Balan checks out Gerom. "No, you bound his wounds, he should hang on long enough to get to the healers... Ullena."

Gerom "Uhhhnnggggg.

Balan "Gerom, are you there?"

Gerom "Water. that's it."

Balan gives Gerom water.

Gerom "Poisened his water... That BITCH!"

Balan "What are you talking about?"

Gerom shakes his hed and sits up. "What happened? I was fighting those lousy undead and...."

Balan "I guess the skeletons gotcha, by the marks, you should have your throat looked at by Ullena."

Gerom "Eh? You beat 'em good then?"

Foline "Balan, I must take Alex!"

Balan "Take him upstairs. Come on Gerom, let's get up there. I'll get Quinn's body."

Gerom "Water. I bet that traitorous BITCH poisened his water."

Foline leaves with Alex all the way to the temple. Running as fast as she can.

Balan "Mirenn, that bitch, she got away. I couldn't catch her. She was too fast."

Gerom "This place isn't haunted. It's got theives and muderers in it though."

Balan "I was right all along. No ghosts. But something is going on. The council should be told."

Gerom "Wait.... what if one of them is in on it?"

Balan "Revenge!"

Foline is not waiting for anyone. She runs as fast as she can with Alex.

Balan "What makes you think that?"

Gerom "That one.. the sea dog... he was awfully against us coming out here.... and we should make sure that that body wasn't Sir Nossant."

Balan "Someone on the council could tell us what he looks like. We can't carry him back too. Azrim maybe?"

Gerom "Yeah... heck anyone in town can tell us what his crest looks like. We can trust Ullena. We better go after Foline... she can't carry Alex the whole way. Let's go."

Balan "Mirenn has the shield though. You gave it to her in exchange for yours, right?"

Gerom "Yeah... but we have the body.... Whoever he is, he deserves a proper burial."

Balan goes upstairs to get Quinn's body. Then, he and Gerom catch up with Foline who is carrying Alex.

Gerom is carrying the other body.

Dungeon Master: In about half an hour you reach the town gates. The guards at the gates bar your way.

Guard#1 "No dead are brought into Mendenton, sirs."

Balan "They aren't dead! But will be if you don't get outta the way soon!"

Gerom "This ones' dead, but that one isn't."

Guard#2 "You know the way to the Church of Life or need any help?"


Balan "We know the way." He pays the guard a gold to enter the city.

Guard#1 accepts the coin and stands out of your way.

Dungeon Master: You quickly make your way through the town. villagers gawk and point at the three of you carrying the bodies as you go to the temple of Arden. When you arrive at the temple it is late-afternoon. The doors are open and you can hear Ullena speaking to someone inside. You all quickly enter within. Ullena is cleaning the alter and speaking with a young blond haired man in junior-priests garb.

Foline has tears in her eyes. "Over here !!!!"

Ullena gasps, seeing you as you enter, "What has happened?!"

Gerom sets down his bundle.

Ullena quickly rushes to your sides, the acolyte along with her.

Gerom "Alex is ... gravely wounded."

Foline "Alex.... he's... he's almost dead. HELP HIM ! PELASE ! I don't want to .... lose him. Please."

Balan "We were attacked and betrayed!"

Gerom "Our friend..... Quinn.... is dead. And there is another we found in the cellar up there."

Ullena lays her hands upon Alex's cooling body and begins a soft chanting. You watch as her hands begin to glow.

Alex coughs and begins to come around.

Foline "ALEX !!!"

Alex wakes up "What th----- Thank you Ullena.... you hasve.... saved my life..." There are tears in his eyes.

Ullena "What happend to Quinn - he was the tall one, yes?"

Alex reaches to his backpack and gives all his gold pieces to Ullena.

Gerom "I believe he was poisened."

Foline takes Alex. "They almost killed you!" She hugs Alex very tight.

Gerom "We found an elf maiden in the house up there... and allowed her to join us. Shortly thereafter Quinn died of myserious causes."

Balan "That traitorous bitch, Mirenn, poisoned him and killed him!"

Ullena looks reproachfully at Balan for his cursing.

Balan "Er... sorry. It was Mirenn. This elf chick we met at the house."

Alex "Traitorus bitch?" He hugs Foline "What almost killed me? the Skeletons?"

Foline "NO !! This EVIL ELF ! She stabbed you in the back!"

Balan "Mirenn stabbed you in the back Alex."

Alex "WHAT!!!! THAT BITCH!!!"

Gerom "Soon thereafter..... we were fighting undead, and Mirenn stabbed Alex in the back. We barely escaped with our lives."

Ullena "House? What house were you at when this happened?"

Alex "Dodokilno."

Ullena "That evil house has been cursed ever since and before that wicked Alchemist lived there."

Gerom "There's more. We found this poor fellow in the cellar."

Ullena looks at the decayed and dead body of the warrior you found. "This is Rupart. He dissapeared several weeks ago while out on patrol."


Foline "Alex ! Relax ! I'm asking you!"

Ullena looks reproachfully at Alex, "Calm yourself, child. Little is solved by anger."

Alex "I'm... Sorry, Ullena... I was.... betrayed" cries

Gerom "And... we found signs of habitation. Someone has a dormitory set up in the basement..... I think someone is hiding something there. I doubt that the place is haunted... but there is evil there."

Alex "His blood is probably on the hands of whoever runs that madhouse."

Ullena "There is nothing I can do for the dead after they have left the living. But I will send a letter so Sir Nossant knows what has occured to Rupart."

Gerom "His blood... is on the hands of Mirenn... if that is her name."

Ullena "I know no one by that name."

Foline "Are you relaxed now Alex?"

Alex "No.... I was betrayed.... backstubbed... how could I relax? There are enemies everywhere..." breaks down and cries in Foline's arms.

Gerom pats Alex, "There was no way of knowing she would betray us."

Balan growls and makes strangling motions with his hands.

Ullena looks at Gerom, "You are badly wounded, Child of Life."

Gerom "Yes, Ullena. I was wounded by the undead we fought."

Foline takes Alex' face. "You will relax, ok?"

Alex strengthens a little. "We must return there once we're rested and healed. This place of evil must be swept out completely and cease existing."

Ullena "Brian," she says to the acolyte, "See what you can do for this dwarven warrior."

Brian nods and approaches Gerom.

Ullena "If you will accept some healing good Dwarf."

Gerom "Thank you, m'am."

Alex "I... will relax. We... must take care of several... things..."

Brian, the acolyte, lays his hands over Gerom and offers a prayer aloud to Arden for blessings upon him. Gerom's wounds begin to close.

Gerom "That feels much better. Thank you, Brian. And thanks to Arden."

Brian nods. "It is all, and the best I could have hoped for. Thanks be to Arden!"

Ullena "I do not know what else our temple can offer you but some healing balms."

Alex gives all his 10 gold pieces to Ullena as thanks for saving his life.

Ullena "Thank you, brave warrior. Arden will surely watch over you."

Balan is scowling and really angry. "Well, what do we do now?"

Alex bows and slowly walks outside with the rest.

Gerom gives the temple 9 gold pieces.

Balan goes outside after saying goodbye to Ullena.

Foline goes from the place, holding Alex tightly.

Alex "We should rest... and after I take care of some... err... business... we should return to that cursed house and finish the job."

Foline "Alright Alex. Just know, that I will never agree to lose you !"

Alex "I know.... my dear Foline.... I know... We should rest a few days... and then.... take care of that house."

Dungeon Master: You make you way back to the Inn of the Feathered Serpent for some rest.