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Mendenton: Part 6 - Our Foe Revealed (IRC)

Dungeon Master: This small room is clearly the quarters of a person senior to those who live in the 'barracks' main room, since the furnishing is less crude and the place is clean and tidy, as if cared for by a servant. There is a comfortable-looking bed in the northwest corner with a wooden locker at its foot. A small wooden table stands against the east wall, and beside it is a padded leather chair. On the table is a brass 9-branch candlestick and in it burn 3 candles, giving the room good illumination. The candles, though not fresh, are far from spent. Under the table is a small wooden box and a bullseye lantern with a moveable shutter over the lens; the lantern is unlit. On a shelf above the table are stacked three books. In the northeast corner is a wooden cupboard with the door closed. We checked out the footlocker and cupboard all ready.

Foline searches beneath the bed.

Gerom I believe we had found a book with some signal codes in it?

Sabaten stands idly by, watching the ransacking of the room.

Dungeon Master: (don't forget the parchment we found near the lanturn.)

Alex tries to figure out the scrap of paper.

Balan looks at it with Alex.

Gerom scratches his head.

Sabaten "We must find the evil ones who brought the dead from their rest."

Alex "It's... some kind of code, I suppose... you could use it by closing and opening the lamp for different periods of time. That what I do think it is."

Foline continues searching, "Alex! I think I found something.... there's something strange about the floor here...."

Alex To sabaten "Search for a spellcaster; none else could rise dead."

Sabaten looks on with more interest. Or an evil priest of some forsaken diety."

Foline "Help me move the bed. There's a loose stone here. A concealed place!"

Balan offers to help.

Balan "Gerom, looks kinda heavy.... wanna help?" Balan tugs the bed a bit.

Foline stands up to help.

Alex turns to Foline "Yes? What is it Foline? A secret door?"

Gerom "Eh? What's that, Foline?"

Alex falls to his knees, and looks under the bed.

Foline "A hidden place!"

Sabaten "Help her out Gerom."

Balan pulls the bed aside.

Foline bends over and pulls up what looks to be a loose flag stone.

Dungeon Master: With the stone removed, a small cavity is revealed beneath, in which rests a small metal box with an inlaid keyhole.

Foline "Look Alex!" She smiles at him happily.

Sabaten "Caution It may be trapped."

Balan knows what to do with locks. "Here, let me see it."

Alex reaches for the box and tries to lift it carefully.

Dungeon Master: The box is not heavy, though it seems to contain something, there is nothing loose within.

Alex smiles and turns to Balan "Take it... you should be able to open it up." He gives the box to Balan.

Balan grins and takes it, setting it at the bed he squats and examines it.

Alex "Foline... your senses are really... remarkable. Funny, I live with you for the... well... all of my life, and you never cease to amaze me" smiles widely at Foline

Gerom "It's just a little box, man. WHat's there to fear? Poison needles? maybe."

Balan "Yup. There's a needle in there, with poison on it too - some blue stuff."

Foline gazes happily at Alex.

Alex turns back to Balan "Could you remove it, Balan?"

Balan "Dunno. If I mess with it and don't remove it I could be poisoned. Maybe we should wait till I find a key."

Sabaten "You use to be a locksmith then - is that how you know so much of lockwork?"

Balan "Uh. Yeeaah.... right, use to be a locksmithy. Pay sucked so I became an adventuerer ya know?"

Sabaten looks dissatisfied with Balan's reply.

Gerom "Perhaps you could set it off safely?"

Balan "Dunno... I don't see a lot of traps in my line of work. Right Gerom?"

Gerom "Not since we started adventuring at any rate."

Sabaten "Time wastes while we wait here. There are evil doers hidden here to root out. The box can wait."

Alex "Could we break that lock?"

Gerom "Yeah, why not trigger it from an angle that is safe?"

Balan "Being a metal box, we might not be able to open it after breaking the lock."

Gerom unslings his axe and swings it around in the corner anxiously.

Alex "Sabaten, this box might hold information about the evil doers. It must be opened."

Sabaten "Hurry on then."

Gerom "Well, we seem to have explored the whole place, right?"

Alex checks the pockets of the clothes in the cupboard for a key.

Balan doesn't trust his skills to open the box safely.

Foline wanders off back into the other room. It's too crowded in the quarters.

Alex turns back to the party "No key in there... check the other boxes, the desk and the bed itself..."

Gerom "Well, we could try sending one of these signals on this sheet of paper..."

Alex notices that Foline is gone and walks out of the quarters after her.

Gerom turns and follows Foline.

Balan "Send it where?"

Gerom "Out to sea?"

Sabaten "Perhaps with the lanturn. A signal, like Alex suggested."

Foline goes to search around in a foot locker for a key.

Alex helps Foline to search

Foline "Alex... All the stuff is gone!!"

Gerom "What stuff?"

Foline "The footlockers are empty! Someone has emptied them out since we last came down here!"

Balan goes to look.

Foline "There were clothes in these lockers."

Alex "Foline... they've probably run away from here after we've found them... please, search the place for secret doors" He smiles.

Dungeon Master: Indeed, each of you observe that the dozen footlockers at the foot of each bed in the main room have been emptied of their goods.

Alex "We need to know to WHERE they have gone NOW."

Sabaten "As I already said."

Foline "Where Alex??? Where to search?"

Gerom looks around at the stonework for signs of secret doors.

Balan helps foline search.

Alex "The Skeleton Room, most probably"

Gerom also searches that room.

Balan "But then they would have to go throught hose skeletons everytime they came in here."

Gerom "Yeah... but perhaps they control the skeletons..."

Balan "I don't know anything about that."

Alex "And maybe... they've left something there because of them. Something that was there before the skeletons were raised."

Gerom "Perhaps Mirenn controlled the skeletons all along.... attacked us at an opportune moment."

Sabaten "The undead can be controlled, but these did not bear the mark of being recently created or especially well commanded. After all, they left them out of the room once we had left them out. And they kept the door barricaded from this room."

Gerom "Damn sneaky bitch. So you're saying there may be undisturbed catacombs further in?"

Balan "Yeah. It's probably not in there, why would they barricade it if they could control the skeletons?"

Gerom "Ones that the rogues have not yet mastered?"

Sabaten "I look forward to a confrontation with this assassin you speak of."

Alex "Undisturbed... or Skeleton infested. Let's search the skeleton room."

Balan searches the 'west' wall of the big room.

Gerom "And then the other room again."

Foline comes back over to look in the skeleton room.

Alex searches the skeleton room with Foline.

Sabaten "We must find it quickly before they can escape!"

Foline searches. "There's nothing here.... well, I don' sense anything."

Alex "Well... what about the other two walls?"

Foline goes to stand closer to Alex, "I can't find anything here Alex." She smiles.

Alex "I'll search the left one and you'll the right, ok??"

Sabaten "This is wasting time. There is no secret passage in there."

Balan "There isn't anything along the west wall. I'm pretty sure of it."

Alex "Ok.... ok... Sabaten... so let's get to town and get this box opened."

Sabaten "There must be a hidden way is the large room."

Gerom "Sure."

Balan "Where should I look next?"

Alex "Three other walls to search... I suggest that each of us skilled in searching will cover one wall. This way we'll do it the fastest and most... efficient way."

Alex motions to the east wall to Foline

Gerom searches the south wall.

Balan "I'll help whoever searches the wall opposite the fireplace, behind the beds. That's a lot of wall though. Someone wanna help me search the big wall behind the beds in the big meeting room?"

Gerom "Sure." He searches with Balan.

Alex "Yes, I will; Foline, could you also come" Smiles at the sweet Foline.

Foline smiles back.

Balan starts the long search of the south wall.

Foline goes with Alex and begins searching again.

Sabaten knowing nothing of secret doors, doesn't help.

Alex "There is... something strange about that brick in here, Foline" He points at a brick at the souteast corner.

Foline approaches the corner, close to Alex.

Foline smiles at Alex, "I can feel it too Alex! There is something there!"

Gerom "Well, then pull the thing out, lad."

Alex "Gerom, you're the expert in here with stonework, can you come and take a look at this?" Alex tries to pull the brick out.

Gerom "Sure. Not exactly what I'd actually CALL stonework you know."

Balan can't find anything so he goes to Alex and Foline.

Gerom "I'm not such a bad stonemason myself."

Alex is unable to move the brick, however believes that a secret door can be found there.

Gerom "I'm afraid you'll have to point it to me...."

Alex points at the brick and waits for Gerom to figure out how to open that secret door.

Dungeon Master: There, in the wall is the tracing of there a secret door's outline is.

Gerom pounds on the wall with his fist.

Dungeon Master: The wall sounds distinctly hollower than it's neighbors.

Foline examines the floor.

Alex "There is something beyond that wall... We must open it up."

Foline "There is signs of footprints here, Alex." She smiles, "but someone tried to hide them."

Alex "Foline... try to see to where the footprints lead to."

Foline "Right upto this wall, Alex!"

Alex "No, to the other way... we need to know from where the footprints come"

Balan "Too bad Gerom can't hack it down like everything else."

Gerom looks around for loose bricks or other possible triggers.

Foline tries to track the prints.

Dungeon Master: Alas, the prints are too well brushed away for Foline to follow them.

Gerom peers at the wall wondering why he had such difficulty spotting the outline of a door before.

Alex starts examining the tables for any kind of triggers.

Balan examines it too. "Must be some way of opening it. Something about that brick."

Dungeon Master: rolls his eyes. (duh)

Alex "try pushing it... or just hitting it." He continues to search the table.

Gerom smashes his fist into the brick.

Dungeon Master: And LO! The wall silently slides aside! Beyond you see a cave-like passage descending downward. The smell of saltwater is easily distinct. There are some matts made of reeds lain upon the wet floor to help with footing. Here there are signs of passage to, muddy footprints and sand lead downward through the passage. You hear sounds of conversation faintly distant. The passage is well lit with torches so there is no problem seeing. Their light plays about the natural limestone walls.

Alex gets up from the table and unsheathes his short sword, ready to face anything that might be on the other side of that secret door

Foline "Someones walking away! Alex."

Alex puts his finger to his lips "shhhhh" tyries to hear the conversation and quitely get closer to it

Foline smiles at alex and gets close to him to whisper in his ear. "I heard someone running away when we opened the door!" Her hand grazes his.

Sabaten "Now the foolish shall feel the wrath of the righteous."

Gerom gets out his shield. He is ready to ROCK.

Balan listens carefully. "I don't hear anything."

Dungeon Master: The voices distant seem to have quieted.

Alex starts to run down the passage "We must get them before they'll escape!"

Gerom runs after alex.

Dungeon Master: The passage is slippery still and matts do not cover all of the treacherous places....

Sabaten "We have lost surprise perhaps, we should hurry."

Alex slows down a bit, trying to be careful... his hand is ready on his short sword's handle.

Dungeon Master: Not long from the passage descending downward fromt he secret door the way splits into two directions, right and left. With no voices to overhear to guide you, there is no obvious direction to choose. And sound seems to reverberate in all directions now that you are down here, making it impossible to tell which way your enemy may lay in wait.

Alex "Gerom... I'll go left, you right, ok? and do it quickly..."

Gerom goes right.

Alex runs to the left, a bit slowly to avoid slipping in the mud and tries to Detect Life while running.

Foline stays by Alex's side.

Sabaten looks to the right.

Balan follows Alex.

Foline is following Alex.

Sabaten stays with the larger group.

Foline follows Alex closely.

Gerom "Dammit... am I the ONLY one going right?"

Dungeon Master: (yes)

Gerom curses loudly and turns around to catch up to the group.

Alex sees another passage heading off to the right. "Nothing Human, yet.... but I'm still scanning for smaller creatures."

Dungeon Master: Those of you with Alex see another passage heading off to the right. The left hand passage continues downward. Your voices echo back upon you and certainly through-out the maze of corridors.

Alex "All right, let's split up... i'll continue with Foline, the rest should go to the right." He continues down.

Sabaten "Nay, we should stay together, We are all ready fragmented."

Foline looks ahead to the left. "Which way, Alex?!"

Alex "We must cover the most terrain in the least time, Sabaten. We must split. Down the main corridor, Foline."

Gerom Gerom shows up, barreling down the corridor at dwarven speed "Miss me?" He barrels past.

Alex continues down the original corridor.

Dungeon Master: Ahead, in the hall to the left you can see a large room. This cavern, like the passage leading to it, is well lit by torches held in brackets round the walls. Stacked against the wall to your left, as you enter, you can see five small bolts of cloth, while to your right are eight small casks in a neat row. As you get closer (Alex, Foline, Sabaten) you can see there is no exit from here and it appears to be somewhat of a store room. There is no one in here and there appears to be room where recently there was other commodities kept which have now been moved.

Alex examines one of the bolts of cloth and stops scanning.

Dungeon Master: The cloth is of very fine quality.

Gerom turns slightly so he can run into the next room.

Alex examines the casks. He quickly gets out of the room towards the right passageway.

Balan carefully sneaks down the remaining corridor and dissapears.

Gerom makes a wide circle and turns around, still running.

Alex "Nothing important in there, Gerom"

Foline watches Gerom run with some amusement.

Gerom heads for the other passage.

Dungeon Master: Still you hear no voices or sounds of who may be down here (especially over the sound of Gerom running about)

Alex to Foline "Nothing of value in there. Let's head to the right."

Gerom "Huff".."Puff".. "I needed a good workout."

Sabaten follows along and readies his mace.

Alex heads down the right passage.

Foline agrees with Alex and stays near to him.

Dungeon Master: As you head down this passage you observe that the incline of the passage is perceptibly greater in this and coarse matting has been laid in various places on the floor. The passage narrows to 5-6' in places.

Alex smiles at the comfortable and desirable fact of being close to Foline and paces quickly down the passage.

Dungeon Master: You enter into another chamber as you move down the incline and smell fresh saltwater. Here, in this next smaller chamer you find that the floor looks curiously dry, as if things resting there had been recently removed. There is an exit along the left hand wall, and no other.

Alex quickly turns to the left exit and heads there.

Sabaten and Foline follow.

Alex speaks to Foline, "Probably these criminals got something from here to take with a boat..."

Gerom also heads for that exit, still running like a Mad Dwarf. "Bonzai!"

Dungeon Master: It is only a short walk before you can see into a new chamber. The passage leads into a cave which opens directly to the sea. The tide is out at present and there is little water in the cave, but there is an obvious high water mark which in places is 3' above the floor. Pulled up onto the sloping cave floor is a small boat -- perhaps large enough for eight men -- with oars, a step-down mast and a neatly furled sail. A rope tied to the bow has been weighed down by a large boulder which serves as an anchor. Against the far wall of the room you see two humanoids tied up and gagged. One is short and pale, the other ugly, mistreated, and dirty (human sized). Standing over them are two strange creatures which stand like huminoids but have a thin matte of fur and dog/weasel like faces. They are armed with flails and stand there, observing your entrance. There is a small and hastily erected barricade of casks and crates near the small boat and you for a moment perceive movement from behind the barricade when the bright snapping sounds of crossbows fill the air and a slew of bolts fly at your party.

Alex falls down, drops his short sword and readies his light crossbow to return fire.

Dungeon Master: The first bolt catches Gerom in the chest and another catches Alex in the shoulder. "Get them!" A masculine voice shouts from there, the strange huminoid creatures guarding the captives head in your direction with flails raised high.

Gerom "Ow! You're gonna PAY, SCUM!!!"

Alex cries in pain but tries to keep himself concentrated and aim his light crossbow at the charging creatures.

Foline readies her staff and runs to attack.

Balan is hiding still, unseen.

Sabaten readies a prayer.

Gerom charges the two humanoids, throwing two daggers.

Dungeon Master: There is a thwack and quickly more bolts spring through the air from the boat and barricade. One catches Foline in the side as she charges and two strike Alex in the side as he aims his crossbow. The strange huminoids meet Gerom in the center of the cavern while bolts dings harmlessly from his armor.

Dog-man#1 and Dog-man#2 attack him with their flails but neither penetrate his armor. You hear chanting from behind the barricade.

Alex falls to the ground in utter pain, his blood spilling from all over his body. He tries to pull himself to the passage through which he've entered.

Balan is sneaking.

Foline runs behind the barricade and attacks what she sees there but her staff slips from her hands and lands in the sea water beyond. As Foline throws her staff an brilliant rainbow of lights strikes her in the face. She falls over behind the crates.

Gerom lets loose both daggers on the same guy but cannot successfully strike with either of them.

Alex tries to heal himself with Cellular Adjustment.

Gerom switches back to his axe and lays into the fellow he missed.

Foline is unconscious.

Sabaten charges to the captives.

Alex puts his hands over his worst wound, trying to adjust his flesh to a better health, but cannot.

Balan attacks a dog-humanoid but misses his strike.

Gerom swings his axe and barely misses with his axe.

Sabaten swings his mace at someone behind the barricade and smashes his opponant.

Dungeon Master: Three assailants, tough looking men with scars, tatoos, and grizzled demeanors, come rushing forth one to attack Sabaten and the other two to attack Alex. There is still movement behind the barricade, probably people reloading.

Dog-man#1 and Dog-man#2 attack Gerom and neither of them score a damaging hit.

Sailor#1 attacks Sabaten and stabs him with a grimy shortsword.

Balan's shortsword stabs deep into the back of one of the Dog-men.

Alex turns to run for his life in the rest of his strength.

Foline remains unconscious.

Sailor#2 and Sailor#3 close on Alex and attack him with shortswords. Both strike him terribly.

Alex falls unconscious

Sailor#1 attacks Sabaten withhis blade but misses.

Dog-man#1 and Dog-man#2 attack Gerom but neither hit.

Balan goes to free the captives. RIGHT AWAY!

Gerom swings his axe at the first one and both hit. Before the dog-man can draw another breath it dies in a pool of blood, hewn in two!

Alex falls into a puddle of crimson blood formed on the muddy floor of the cavern. His lips grasp fro Foline's name, but his body cannot hold his consciousness any longer.

Gerom grins at the next target.

Dog-man#2 growls at Gerom.

Gerom "Want some?" (to the dog-man)

Balan cuts the captives bonds and frees them.

Dev'Mith "Thank you." He says to the man who freed him in the Thennish tongue, rubbing his wrists and standing up, looking around to take quick stock of the situation.

Dungeon Master: At the barricade, a man in red robes stands up with Foline held under one arm and a dagger to her throat with his other. "STOP OR I'LL KILL HER NOW!"

Alex lies unconscious, bleeding slowly to death.

Gurney stands up and looks around.

Alex lies quitely on the muddy floor, his mind clouded by the loss of blood and his spirit broken by the immense pain. He can no longer see, no longer feel.... but he could dream.... of Foline.

Gerom negotiates with force.

Sabaten jumps for the red-robed and bald man, "Die you heathen!!!"

Gurney rubs his wrists briefly, looking around at what is happening.

Sailor#2 and Sailor#3, who knocked Alex out, are heading for Gerom now, from behind.

Balan attacks a dog thing from behind and instantly kills the last dog-man combatant of Gerom's just in time for him to turn to meet the two sailors.

Gurney notices Alex lying there, and moves over to bind his wounds.

Dev'Mith, seeing that they've already acted in such a manner as him doing something would likely not hurt the woman any further, he begins to cast a sleep spell.

Foline and the Red Robed man fall to the ground, asleep, behind the barricade before he can do anything to harm Foline.

Dog-man#3, seeing his master fall, charges Dev'Mith.

Dev'Mith's eyes go very wide.

Gerom throws his daggers at the charging man. The second hits the man square in the chest.

Sailor#2 groans loudly and retreats behind his partner.

Sabaten attacks Sailor#1 but misses.

Gurney has been busy binding Alex's wounds.

Sailor#3 attacks Gerom with his shortsword but barely misses Gerom's nose.

Dog-man#3 attacks Dev'Mith and strikes him aside the head.

Dev'Mith staggers and blinks at the large dog man, as he's struck in the head. Ouch!

Sailor#1 attacks Sabaten and gouges him in the chest.

Sabaten "Argh! You will pay dearly!"

Alex lies unconscious, being tended to by Gurney.

Gurney will sprint over towards the barricade, and try to get his hands on some of his weapons.

Dev'Mith tries to hit the dog with a magic missile before he's brained.

Foline calls out, "Alex!!?? Help me!"

Balan advances on the guy who retreated from Gerom.

Dog-man#3 attacks Dev'Mith again and barely misses braining him.

Dev'Mith grins as he's casting.

Sailor#3 attacks Gerom and strikes him in the cheek.

Sailor#2 faces off against Balan but misses him.

Sailor#1 attacks Sabaten and totally misses.

Gerom attacks the sailor twice and hits once.

Sailor#3 takes Gerom's dagger in the belly and keeps attacking.

Alex lies on the flor dormantly, his wounds no longer bleeding, but his mind yet clouded. Yet, he dreams of Foline...

Balan attacks the wounded wretch and stabs the wounded sailor.

Sailor#2 falls gurgling with Balan's shortsword in his chest.

Foline slowly rises up from behind the barricade. "Alex - I'm dizzy....."

Sabaten attacks the Sailor again and crushes him with his mace.

Sailor#1 falls unconscious.

Gurney gathers the red-robed man up, holding a knife to his neck, he calls out, "STOP!"

Alex lies on the floor unconscious.

Dev'Mith casts magic missile at Dog-man#3 and a single missile strikes it.

Dog-man#3 groans and keeps attacking.

Gurney calls out "If you don't stop and throw down your weapons, your commander will be breathing through his neck."

Dev'Mith is quickly running out of spells, but pulls out his last one, burning hands, hoping to get it off and fell the dog-man before he can swing his flail again.

Dog-man#3 attacks Dev'Mith and smacks him upside the head.

Sailor#3 drops his sword and holds his hands up.

Alex lies on the floor unconscious

Gurney grins broadly.

Dev'Mith falls immediately to the ground, almost in synch with the blow itself, and blood oozes from his skull, reddening his white hair.

Foline totters about.

Sabaten heads over to the strange pale elf thing and attacks the Dog-Man with his mace, braining it from behind.

Gerom wipes off his axe on one of the bodies.

Gerom looks around doing a quick count of bidies and live ones. "Any get away?"

Gurney keeps a knife at the leader's throat, ready for him to gain consciousness.

Gerom points to the sailor with his axe. "You! You will talk. now."

Red-Robed Man seems to be coming around.

Sailor#3 turns and flees up the passage.

Gerom chases after him.

Alex is still unconscious.

Sabaten invokes the name of Lathidus over the pale elf. "Be healed, by Lathidus!"

Dev'Mith's eyes blink open and he seems to be better than he was before he was hit, he looks up at the healer. "Thank you kind sir. Is the fight over?" He asks in Thennish.

Red-Robed Man comes around, but Sabaten is stalking towards him.

Dev'Mith blinks as the man walks away, and heads over to his things, now useless if he doesn't get to his weapons.

Sabaten draws a jeweled dagger.

Foline staggers about, sees Alex, and goes runing to his side. "Alex! OH NO!!"

Alex cannot hear or feel Foline, only dream of her soft, sweet face.

Sabaten "You will pay for your evil, heathen!" He growls and steadily approaches the red robed man.

Red-Robed Man gags against Gurney's blade.

Gurney "You can't just kill him!"

Sabaten "Evil deserves nothing more than quick redemption and death." He raises his dagger over the man's chest.

Gurney doesn't seem to know what to.

Sabaten plunges the jeweled dagger deep into the red robed mans chest and yanks it downward and across in a fatal motion. The red robed man spits in Sabaten's face as he dies, intestines falling out upon the floor. "Damned are you of evil who refuse redemption of the spirit. Damned you travel to death at the hands of the light. Damned you will suffere eternal in the flames of the righteous!!!"

Foline holds alex against her.

Dev'Mith looks over at Foline and Alex. "He's rather dramatic, isn't he?" Once again in Thennish, jerking his head toward the priest, while putting on his backpack and the rest of his gear.

Sabaten stands over the fallen man and speaks in a strange tongue over the dying corpse.

Gurney stands there gaping with his mouth open.

Balan "You killed him! We could have questioned him!"

Sabaten ignores Balan and continues his chant. Once finished with his ritual. Sabaten spits upon the corpse, mutters a final curse and heads over to help Alex.

Gurney "You just killed him...."

Foline "Oh Alex!"

Sabaten approaches Alex's body. "Rise and be healed, the will of Lathidus has brought you such grace!"

Alex 's mind rises slowly towards a better state, as Alex's eyes open and behold the splendid view of Foline holding him tightly. His dry, pale lips grasp for air and then almost silently try to pronounce "Foline..."

Foline "Oh Alex! I thought you had died!"

Dev'Mith finishes belting on his stuff, and looks around to see if there's any 'bad guys' left standing. If not, he goes and sits on the barricade.

Balan goes about slitting throats of the fallen, except for one who seems to not be quite dead. He'll bandage him.

Gerom drags another sailor into the room, unconscious. "This one's still alive, too."

Balan "Then we don't need this one here." He slits the man's throat.

Alex "Foline... I was... hit... but you are .... fine..." There are tears in his eyes. Alex notices that Sabaten has healed you "Thank you, my friend... you have saved my life..."

Sabaten "It is the Lord of Light, Lathidus who has seen fit to raise you from the world of darkness."

Gerom ties up the unconscious body after dumping it unceremoniously in the sand.

Foline embraces Alex with tears, happily.

Alex falls into Foline's grasp, full of the joy of life. "I thank you and your God, Sabaten. You have saved my life..." then turns back to foline and embraces her.

Gerom slaps the unconscious sailor awake for questioning.

Dev'Mith yawns and pushes his hair out of his face, revealing the strange runic tattoo on his left cheek, readily visible against his pale skin.