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Mendenton: Part 8 - New Preparations (IRC)

Balan "Yikes, we are going to be late for the council meeting if we don't leave soon!"

Dev'Mith "Leave? But... the Burning Eye...." He looks at the nearest window nervously....

Gurney looks at Dev'Mith.

Alex "The sun will not burn you. It cannot burn things so easily..."

Foline "What burning eye?"

Gurney "You look a little pale. Probably need some sun, don't you?"

Alex "Let's go." He motions at the door

Gurney nods and heads to the door.

Dev'Mith shakes his head, even going so far as to move near to the window. "I will not have my soul burned in judgement by the Eye."

Alex "It cannot burn you. It will not burn you."

Balan is ready to meet some council people. "Let's go. Foline, are you coming?"

Dev'Mith looks at Alex. "Perhaps it will not burn you."

Foline "Yes, but I need to tell something to Alex first."

Alex "You don't seem so different than the average Elf. It shouldn't burn you, right?"

Gurney "Well, perhaps it is for the best that you don't come with us to meet with the City Council. Your queer looks and tattoo might distract them from the real business at hand."

Dev'Mith raises an eyebrow at Gurney's comment, wondering if it be an insult.

Alex "But you could stay here, if you wish... Foline, are you coming?"

Dev'Mith nods at Gurney's suggestion. "I will stay, and read the books?"

Alex "If you wish, Dev'Mith"

Foline "Yes. Alex, I want to tell you something, come," Foline walks to side.

Gurney looks thoughtful. He looks back at Dev'Mith. "No, I merely thought that, being a mage, your intelligence would be an asset with us. It is too bad that you will not accompany us."

Dev'Mith picks up the book on Mesmerism, and begins to read. He reads silently in the room the whole time they are gone unless something unexpected happens near to him.

Gurney follows the majority.

Alex "Let's go."

Gurney follows Alex.

Alex follows Balan and Foline.

Balan leads the way.

Foline "Alex! Come for a second to the side, I want to tell you something".

Alex moves to the side with Foline and whispers "What is it, my dear?"

Dungeon Master: All right, those of you who are going to the meeting eventually arrive at the town hall. A large, square, stone building with a rotunda set atop and pillars in it's front with stairs leading to its door. Entering within your inquiry leads you up the wooden stairs that climb the left side of the building and to the council's meeting chambers. The clerk at the door briefly makes you wait as he enters within the chamber through the door to announce your arrival to the council members. Within a few minutes you are then admitted into the room.

Alex enters the meeting chamber with Foline

Dungeon Master: Inside is a lavish room, quite large, about 50 feet across and 40 feet deep. Above you the dome of the rotunda makes a large portion of the ceiling into a curving vaulted auditorium. Four council members, excluding Sir Nossant who is off to war, sit at the large mahogany table which is set in the center of the room. You recognize the members each: Azrim Talm, the thin and elderly mage who lives at the north side of town; Ar-Idas, the tobacco merchant who is puffing a cigar; Mulkazer, the merchant mariner who is wearing his officer's uniform and a patch over one eye; Mence Mercado, the pudgy and garish businessman, known to own many ships in the area. Mence takes out a handkerchief and looks over you guys. Mulkazer's gaze is steady and watchful.

Gurney "Lets head up the stairs, and meet with them, no?"

Alex stands in front of the council members

Gurney stands off to the side a bit, behind Alex.

Foline leaves the room of the council, saying goodbye to Alex.

Alex says goodbye to Foline and approaches the table "Gentlemen... our investigation of the so-called Dodokilno House has been concluded. We have found that it have been used as a base of operations for a group of sailors, probably pirates or smugglers."

Balan "Smugglers selling weapons."

Azrim "What of the ghosts which have plagued that evil house?"

Alex "It is not haunted as much of you have been thinking for years." He activates his truthear psionic power, to verify the councilor's replies. "There was a certain magical force set by these smugglers to scare off adventurers or law-enforcement personnel."

Gurney studies the Councilor's faces intently, particularly the merchant Mence Mercado.

Mence "So tell us some about these.... 'smugglers'"

Balan "Well... one cast a spell at Foline. They attacked us without provocation when we entered their lair."

Alex "They have used the cellar of that house as a resting place for themselves and their leader. They have used the caverns below that cellar to store contraband and as a docking place for their transport boat."

Gurney moves over toward Balan and whisper's something to him.

Alex hands over the scrap of paper from their leader's room to the council members "We have even found this over there. Some kind of signaling code that they have been using, in order to contact a larger ship, supposedly."

Azrim "I can ask about the docks... perhaps some of the sailors there would know of such a larger boat, or when it might arrive."

Mulkazer "Best leave that to me, old man, at least I can talk to those men."

Gurney "I think it must have been fairly regular and planned. We also found a book of the tide times for this area."

Gurney "You must have found that while I was unconscious."

Mulkazer "Was there much contraband there?"

Gurney "No, not much... they must have sold it."

Alex "Enough weapons and supplies for a small army - too much to deliver in one shipment of the boat we've found in there."

Ar-Idas watches you through his veil of smoke from the cigar he puffs.

Gurney coughs.

Mulkazer "I think that perhaps this might explain why those who have investigated the house in the past have never returned.... and also the disappearances of sailors from the docks at night...."

Gurney looks at Alex.

Balan "People have been disappearing?"

Azrim "Yes, every couple months or so. The docks are not a safe place to be at night anyway."

Alex "And the death of one of the city's guards, whose corpse was found in the cellar."

Mence "Oh? What did this man look like?"

Alex "We have brought his corpse as well as his shield to the temple of Arden, and he was identified.... he have died at quite a young age."

Mence "Hmm. Unfortunate."

Balan "I'll say..."

Alex "We have captured one of these sailors alive and delivered him to the authorities."

Azrim "I think it only fair that after an inquiry to the local weaponsmiths that if these were not stolen goods that these brave men be allowed to keep what they found there."

Mence "I'll look into it myself and speak with the weapons merchants."

Alex "I agree. If it is stolen, it should be returned to it's rightful owners."

Balan "No way... we already paid excise on it!"

Mulkazer "Your excise will be returned to you for whatever must be returned."

Balan grumbles.

Alex "I might be of aid to this captured sailor's investigation, with my keen knowledge of the Human's mind and ways of thinking."

Mulkazer "Should we have need of your brave service, where can we find your party?"

Ar-Idas "A rather small party to investigate a smuggling ring, don't you think?"

Mulkazer "We should be grateful that such adventurers have come among us and not question their skill as it has been proven."

Alex drops the TruthEar force, and successfully makes contact with Mence

Gurney "There are more in our group. Not all of our party are here in attendance."

Mence "What are your numbers?"

Balan "Six, our Dwarven comrade and Elfin maid are not here."

Alex "We make our residence at the Feathered Serpent Inn."

Alex attempts to Probe Mence.

Gurney "Perhaps, good sirs, you could be of some assistance, if you don't feel it beneath you. We have need of a professional locksmith, and being new to the area...."

Azrim "I think I can recommend a good locksmith."

Gurney nods thankfully towards Azrim.

Alex attempts to ESP Mence.

Balan "He best be good, and nimble."

Azrim "There is a fellow, Nualwek, who lives over on Thimblelane who is a quite good locksmith."

Gurney "Many thanks, sir." Gurney pulls out a small piece of parchment, and makes a quick note.

Mulkazer "And where again are you keeping your lodging?"

Alex "We make our residence at the Feathered Serpent Inn. Mence, when exactly will you deal with our merchandise?"

Mence "Well, your excise is paid, so it has been dealt with. As to determining if it was stolen, I'll see to it this afternoon."

Dungeon Master: After hearing the remainder of your tale of your investigation of the house the council asks your leave to consult among themselves and tells you that they will be in contact with you soon. In addition, they offer to pay your lodging for the next three days. You gather than at the exit of the council building.

Gurney "Perhaps we should see this locksmith about opening the metal box. Such a concealed item certainly deserves to be investigated."

Alex "I agree.... and on the way we could grab something to eat,"

Gurney nods, "That was certainly nice of the Council to pay for our lodging."

Alex "Yes... and possibly they will give us more jobs."

Gurney "I wonder. That smuggling operation... it seemed quite well set up. You follow?"

Alex talks quietly "That Mence isn't going to check for stolen goods. He will simply give them to us... I sensed this in his mind. also, I've sensed that he's going to tell this all to a friend of his."

Gurney nods, "He seemed quite concerned over all of this."

Balan "Strange, maybe he's just to busy to be chasing after weaponsmiths. He is a rather snobbish fellow. Shall we go to that locksmith?"

Gurney "Perhaps he has an unofficial side business going on." Gurney says quietly. He looks around to see if anyone is near enough to have been eavesdropping on our conversation.

Alex "He might possibly have something to do with this all. Anyway, We should get this box opened."

Gurney nods his agreement.

Alex "And buy something sensible to eat."

Balan "Right!"

Gurney "Off to Thimblelane then... but yes, some food first sounds good."

Balan "We've certainly no shortage of gold now. We should split it up too."

Dungeon Master: You find a local Pub, "Rogan's Fare" on your way to Thimblelane, and enjoy a hearty lunch each.

Gurney "I'm willing to take a smaller share. I'm quite grateful to you for rescuing me, and allowing me to follow you around to record this story. Intrigue! Wonderful!"

Balan "Dangerous."

Alex during the lunch "Well, what are we going to do with all that gold?"

Balan "That's what it has been. Walking dead..... yuck."

Gurney finishes chewing.

Balan "Well, Foline would be dead and the battle lost were it not for the quick actions of Dev'Mith and Gurney. They were a big help."

Gurney "That's what all the great adventures are full of though. Great danger, and great reward."

Gurney turns to Balan, and pulls out a piece of parchment.

Alex "We should split the money equally."

Balan "I think we should treat them well for that assistance. They could have just run away when they had the chance, but instead they bravely helped us."

Gurney nods, somewhat distractedly. "I'll be glad to take a share."

Alex "I don't need much gold anyway... only enough for living and getting myself a warhammer.... and donating 15 gp's to the temple of Arden for their help, the rest you split between you as you wish."

Balan "Well, splitting of loot in a public bar is hardly appropriate, let's do that after the locksmith."

Gurney "So, tell me about these undead that you had encountered..."

Balan "Skeletons of men, animated and walking around as if life still breathed within them. Nasty things. So long dead that their bones were chalk white. Not a shred of flesh."

Gurney "Why were there undead there in that house, though? Seems odd. He scribbles upon his page.

Balan "I don't know. Maybe to guard the Alchemist. There was that note, 'beyond the skeletons,' we found in one of his books."

Gurney "And, didn't that guy cast a spell of some sort? Did we ever find his spellbook?"

Gurney shakes his head.

Alex "All right, we should be going..."

Balan "We aren't sharing with Sabaten are we?"

Gurney shrugs. "Where is he, anyway?"

Balan "Probably at his church. He left us last night when we returned."

Alex "We should give his church some of our gold. He have saved my and Foline's lives, after all."

Gurney "Sure... Do we want him to keep coming with us? He seemed pretty.... erm... well, zealous."

Balan "Uh.... I dunno. I think he's a little much. Only if he offers."

Gurney "We should see what is in the metal box, and consult with Dev'Mith."

Balan "Well, let's go to the locksmith than so we know what was in this chest."

Alex "All right, let's get there."

Gurney finishes his meal, drops some coins for the meal. He heads for the door. "We can continue this when we everyone present."

Balan pays his share.

Dungeon Master: After you each have paid for your fare you head out to Thimblelane to see to the locksmith about the chest. Nuelwek is an elderly man, slightly bent over but quick and deft with his fingers. You find his crowded and jumbled shop on Thimblelane, as Azrim said. He looks at you over the rims of half-spectacles. "A trapped lock hmmmmmm?" He says after you have told him of the chest.

Alex follows Balan into the shop. "Yes, locked. And, trapped."

Gurney "It might be dangerous, but you came highly recommended."

Nuelwek takes out some thin needle-nose pliers and inserts them into the chest's lock. After a moment of movement he pulls forth the needle from the lock, dripping a blue substance. "Quite nasty," he mutters before discarding it into a trash bin.

Gurney "Do you know what it is?"

Nuelwek, with locksmiths tools, examines and finishes opening the box. "I'm a locksmith, not an alchemist...." He opens the box and reveals that it is filled with wood-shavings which pad and cushion it's delicate contents. Within are five glass phials and a small leather purse. The phials are opaque and marked with different symbols.

Gurney says quietly to Alex and Balan "Perhaps we should see what kind of poison we're dealing with... we might run across is again."

Alex "None of us knows much about alchemy, anyway... I know some things about herbalism, but it won't help much."

Gurney looks at the symbols.

Nuelwek "There it is. Now, best that these be belongings of your own, eh? Right? So I'm not abetting you in stolen merchandise....." He grins crookedly and settles back in his chair.

Gurney grins back, causing his scar to writhe across his face. "Just something we'd found, long abandoned. How much for your services, sir?"

Nuelwek "Well then. A gold piece for my time, is this fair?"

Gurney "And we might like to take that needle, if you could package it safely. Do you know of an alchemist we might visit?"

Nuelwek reaches down into the garbage basket with his pliers and sets the needle on the table on a piece of scrap cloth.

Balan pays him.

Gurney "Will the box lock itself again if it is closed?"

Alex picks the leather purse and examines it's contents carefully

Balan "You wouldn't mind me coming by to visit would you... I use to be a locksmith myself."

Nuelwek "Not at all... anytime. The box won't lock when closed now."

Gurney "Well, it looks as if three of the vials are empty. But these two... I think I've seen these symbols somewhere before, in some book I was reading..."

Balan "Hey, that's the Rournan symbol for healing." He points at one of the phials.

Alex "Rournan?"

Gurney "Yup... I think the other one relates to quickness."

Balan "Yeah, hardly every spoken anymore.... it's an old gypsy tongue."

Gurney "The other three are empty, anyway... you ever see those symbols before, Balan?"

Balan "Nope, never seen em. Let's go back to the Inn and relax. I'm still pretty beaten up from that last fight."

Gurney nods.

Alex "Gypsies? What would these nomads have to do with some pirates?"

Gurney drops the poisoned needle into one of the empty vials.

Alex follows the rest outside of the shop.

Balan "Back to the inn?"

Alex "Yes, back to the inn...."

Dungeon Master: You arrive back at the Inn of the Feathered Serpent later in the afternoon.

Alex shows 11 shimmering blue Platinum Pieces to Balan "These smugglers truly have a lot of treasure."

Dev'Mith is still reading when they return.

Gurney greets Dev`Mith on his return.

Alex shows the newfound treasure to Dev'Mith.

Balan "Hi Dev'Mith."

Gurney goes and sits in the corner, pulls out a quill and parchment, and begins making some notes.

Dev'Mith looks up at them all as they come in, and nods in greeting. "Greetings friends". He says, before moving to look at the treasure.

Gurney "Be back with you in a minute."

Balan "We sold some stuff, met with the council, and had some lunch. How about you?"

Dev'Mith holds up the book in answer.

Foline approaches the inn.

Alex waits for Foline to arrive. "Foline said that she will be back later today, maybe now..."

Gurney puts away his writing materials and stands up, moving towards the rest of the group.

Foline enters the inn. "Are they all here?" she asks the man in the hall.

Dungeon Master: The innkeeper directs Foline to your rooms.

Foline makes her way to the room, knocking on the room of Alex and hers.

Alex notices that someone is knocking on his room's door "I'll be back in a minute..."

Balan "You can read, huh?" he asks Dev'Mith.

Dev'Mith looks over to Balan. "Four different languages."

Balan "WOW! I can't even read one. What use is it to know that many languages?"

Dev'Mith "My people trade with many others, it is good to understand contracts one signs..."

Balan "Sign a contract? What for? I just take a man at their word and deal with them should they break it."

Gurney says to Balan, "You picked out those Gypsy letters quick enough."

Balan "Well, I've seen things. Doesn't mean I could read a Gypsy book though."

Gurney "Good to know some letters, though."

Balan "Yeah, here and there. I don't work very hard at it. Not much use for writing in my profession."

Dev'Mith looks at the symbols on the vials.

Gurney says to Dev`Mith, "I don't recognize the symbols on these two vials", pointing at the two empty ones. "But these two symbols I've seen before. I'm guessing that these two vials have healing draughts, and this other one enhances your quickness somehow."

Dev'Mith examines the two empty ones. "Do you recognize them as Gypsy symbols, even if you don't understand their meaning?"

Gurney "Careful of that one. I put the poisoned needle into it. I think they're all Gypsy, I just haven't seen those symbols before."

Balan "Yes... I stayed for a couple seasons apprenticed to a gypsy locksmith when I was younger."

Gurney looks at Balan somewhat skeptically. "I didn't know there were Gypsy locksmiths."

Balan "Even gypsy's have need of locks. Actually, many of them are skilled artisans of one sort or another."

Gurney "No matter, though..." He reads from the page, giving Dev`Mith a fairly detailed event of what transpired. "I'm suspicious of that Mence fellow."

Alex exits to the corridor and finds Foline in there "Good to see you back, my dearest Foline."

Foline "Hey! Alex!" She runs and embraces him.

Alex embraces Foline back

Balan "Where have you been Foline?"

Foline "I've been in the old house, in the place of the alchemist"

Balan "You went back there alone?"

Foline "Yes."

Alex "And... what have you done there?"

Gurney looks up at Foline.

Alex "What could be left n there?"

Foline "Come for a second Alex, and I'll show you."

Alex follows Foline into their room and closes it's door behind

Foline goes to the direction of their room and leaves to the hallway.

Dev'Mith nods quietly. "Do any of you know where a library might be? There might be a book that will translate the symbols."

Gurney "We could ask around. I'd also like to find an alchemist. He might be able to tell us what sort of poison is on that needle."

Balan "I doubt we'll find an alchemist in a town this small. Maybe a herbalist. Let's split up the loot!"

Gurney "Let's wait until Alex and Foline return to split up the loot."

Balan "Loot! Loot! Loot!" He goes to get Alex and Foline.

Gurney takes up the book of erotic poetry, and settles down to read, waiting for Alex and Foline to return.

Meanwhile, out in the hallway...

Alex "So what was there, Foline?"

Foline "Well, in the room of the alchemist, I got a weird feeling, so... I got back there to look, and I found...", dig her back pack, ".... this !", as Foline pulls out a book.

Alex picks up the book and examines it

Foline "I don't know what it is, cause... it has... a lock on it".

Alex "Quite interesting, foline..."

Balan opens the door to Alex. "Hey, what's that!" He points at the book.

Alex "A locked book, apparently... could you pick that lock?"

Balan "You bet. You'll have to read it to me though."

Foline scares a bit from Balan's surprise, walks back and sits on the bed.

Balan takes the book and looks for traps. "Hmm, doesn't appear to be trapped." He grins nervously.

Gurney, overhearing, gets up and heads toward the other room.

Balan "Hey, we're going to split up the loot now, in the other room. Is this all you found, Foline?" He takes out some lock tools and leaves back to the other room with the book.

Foline doesn't hear Balan, as her gaze stuck on the floor.

Balan settles down on his bed to work on the lock with his tools.

Alex "Are you alright, Foline?" holding her hand

Foline "W... what ??"

Alex "Are you alright? You seem.... distracted."

Gurney seeing Balan heading back with a book, looks in on Foline and Alex. "Coming?" He then follows Balan back and watches him work.

Balan opens up the lock on the book (click) and grins. "There we go. Wanna see Dev? You can read."

Dev'Mith nods and holds out his hands for the book.

Balan gives Dev'Mith the book. "You two can share."

Gurney "I can read, too, ya know?" He tries to read over Dev`Mith's shoulder and grins.

Dev'Mith scans the first page... then his jaw drops open, and his eyes widen.

Foline "No, it's just that... I got here with the book, and... as everyone took the book, it seemed to me that I became invisible to everyone."

Alex "So let's get to the other room, and get our share of the treasure. Maybe you are invisible to everyone.... you are never invisible to me. You are always important to me..."

Foline "I know.... thank you", smiles and blushes.

Gurney "Mmmmmmm.... Interesting." He looks up at Foline and Alex.

Alex "So... what have you find inside that book?"

Gurney "Well done, well done indeed! Foline, this is quite the interesting book you seem to have found."

Foline "It is?"

Gurney "Yes, this would explain a lot."

Balan "What's it say Dev?"

Dev'Mith turns to Foline, his mouth not seeming to work for a moment. "M...miss, I... may I... the book is of spells...can I ...?"

Alex "You could have it. You are the magician here, after all."

Foline stands there, a bit embarrassed.

Balan "Spells?"

Gurney "I wondered why you fell suddenly unconscious... the man there must have been a mage, and this is his book." He speaks to Dev`Mith "Can you tell how many spells are contained within?"

Dev'Mith looks up to Gurney. "I.. in time... I... I shall."

Alex "Foline, you have brought us a great resource. Just think of what spells he could cast now."

Balan "Hmm... well, magic is cool, spells and all, but how about all this gold. Let's split it up."

Foline "Yes... it's just that... never happened to me that so many people thank me altogether.

Gurney nods. "It looks interesting. I'd like to study sometime, also, if you wouldn't mind. Foline has brought us quite the treasure. I shall have to record this." He goes off and sits down, writing again.

Dungeon Master: The book is bound in green dyed leather with gold trim and brass fastenings.

Foline walks backward a step.

Dev'Mith continues to look down at the tome in near utter amazement.

Balan "Well... if no one else wants all this money I guess I could find a place to keep it all for myself....... "

Gurney finishes writing again. "There now Foline, you have been immortalized in words."

Alex "So now... what about our gold? I don't need much myself, only enough for me and Foline to live for a while, for me to get a warhammer, and 30 Gold Pieces that I'll donate to the temple of Arden for their help to us in this adventure. More than that, I don't really have use for."

Gurney "Well, now, I'd be happy with studying the books, although I do need to buy more paper, and that costs quite a bit of money."

Alex "No, we should use this money to get something for us all... like a permanent residence or such."

Gurney "How much did we have again?" he asks Balan.

Dev'Mith continues to flip through the book, caressing each page in wonderment.

Foline blushes. "Alex... can we go a bit away, I want to ask you something."

Alex "All right" he goes with Foline to the other room.

...In the other room...

Foline "Alex, what did you find in the council? Something interesting I hope."

Alex "Nothing especially interesting. Just a name of someone that this Mence will tell him about this affair. His name is Sigurd.

Foline "And... what did you find in their mind?"

Alex "That is what I've found. They were speaking the truth.... mostly."

Foline "Good", smiles. "Tell me what else do you have in treasure?"

Alex "We got 11 platinum pieces, a lot of gold, and two tubes of strangely-looking liquid. 2300 GP total, not including the books and the rose." He returns to the room with Foline where the others are waiting.

...back with the other adventurers...

Gurney goes over and talks quietly with Dev`Mith then nods and steps away from him.

Alex examines one of the tubes "I know some herbalism, but not alchemy... so I cannot see what these liquids are."

Gurney "I recognize the symbols on those vials, though, and Balan concurs"

Dev'Mith is still studying the book, and holding it as if it were the most precious thing in the world.

Gurney "Two of them seem to have a healing nature, and the third some quickness property. We should certainly give one of the healing vials to Foline."

Alex "We should rest now..."

Foline "Rest from what Alex?"

Alex "Rest from out wounds caused in combat."

Balan "I'll need two days to heal."

Foline "Well, I'm not so wounded. Are you?"

Dev'Mith looks up at Gurney. "They can not be deciphered without a spell to begin with." He tells the man.

Gurney nods.

Alex "So... this is my proposal for loot splitting... One hundred gold we give to Sabaten's church for his help. One-hundred fifty gold we donate to the Temple of Arden for their help to us during this adventure, and 2050 we split between us."

Gurney agrees with that, too.

Balan also agrees. "Evenly?"

Gurney "What about that dwarf? Is he still around? Does he get a share?"

Foline "Aleeeex? Are you wounded?"

Alex "I'm wounded a bit.... a few days will be needed in order to recover from my wounds. The dwarf should get an equal share."

Foline "All right", she smiles. "We could go and search the area a bit, for interesting things."

Alex "I'll take 250... the rest splits equally. Three hundred and sixty gold to everybody else."

Balan "Nonsense Alex, you should take your fair share."

Foline "I don't want the gold. I have very little to do with it. I will settle with what I have now."

Alex "So give your gold to Ullena, Foline, she is a good woman and deserves much respect and honor."

Balan "Well, I'll take anything that is left over than!"

Gurney "Maybe we should keep in as a group, in case one of is seriously injured, and needs some expensive remedy."

Foline says to Alex. "Mmm... I don't really care what people will do with what's suppose to be my share."

Gurney looks skeptical. "I mean we should keep some money as a group, for emergencies."

Alex "All right, so Foline takes nothing, I take 250, each of the rest gets 450 gold."

Gurney "I think it's a fair way to split. What do you think, Balan?"

Alex "So you agree to my proposal?"

Balan "Sure. Are you and Foline in agreement, Alex?"

Foline looking at Alex.

Alex "I agree. Foline?"

Foline "I'm... fine with it", smiles a bit.

Gurney "Well, I'd be happy with just 200 gp, and give the rest of my share to Dev`Mith, if he'd just try and help me read the contents of that book."

Alex "I have no use for more than 250 gold pieces."

Gurney looks at Dev`Mith. "Even if I can't read it, I'd like to try."

Dev'Mith looks up at Gurney. "As I said, you would need to know a spell to read it, and I will see after I have discerned it's exact contents."

Gurney "I've always been pretty good with languages. Can't you just try and explain it to me?"

Dev'Mith shakes his head at Gurney. "It doesn't work that way. I am sorry."

Gurney "I'll give you 250 gold pieces of my share, just for the attempt. If it doesn't work, no sweat. You'll still get the gold. So what do you say, Dev`Mith?"

Dev'Mith turns to Gurney. "I would hate to take your money for something that is bound to fail."

Gurney "You really should share out the treasure that Foline found, don't you think? And you do have that rose, too?"

Dev'Mith "I am well aware of who found the book."

Gurney "Well, then, you'd be taking my money. But I'm asking you to do it, and won't hold it against you if it doesn't work. I just want to see what it's all about if I can." He shrugs.

Dev'Mith "Give me time to examine the book."

Alex puts 250 GP's into his purse. "Let's go Foline... we have earned our living until our next adventure... even more than that."

Foline "All right Alex. Let's go."

Balan pockets his gold.

Gurney "That leaves 450 gp each for the rest... including that dwarf... wherever he is."

Gurney "I'd like to have some of those platinum coins, if you don't mind."

Alex places all the money in a bag beneath his bed.

Gurney gives 300 gold pieces to Dev`Mith for magical tutelage. "You'd be a fool not to take it."

Dev'Mith sighs, looking up at Gurney. "I can not possibly carry all this gold."

Gurney "Hmmmm."

Alex "Foline, we should by a chest to put all our treasure inside it. It's so heavy."

Gurney "Well, I'd offer to help you carry it, if you'd trust me, but I can't carry that much either."

Foline "Well, you need one. We could go buy for you one."

Alex "We should buy one tomorrow."

Dev'Mith looks over at the others. "Perhaps we could find a jeweler's and buy some gems. They are much easier to carry."

Gurney points out that we got a lot of this money by selling gems.

Foline "All right. Hey Alex, I want to visit the woods a bit, this house is not comfortable now."

Alex "Just go while I rest."

Gurney says to Dev`Mith, "Don't you need a bunch of stuff to cast spells, and stuff?"

Dev'Mith looks again to Gurney. "If you mean spell components, it depends on the spell."

Gurney "Well, that stuff costs money, so maybe you won't have so much money, if you know what I mean."

Dungeon Master: In brief, what will people do for the next three days?

Alex Rest, then buy a chest to store our money and a warhammer for myself. He will also give the donation to Ullena and ask her if she could teach him the healing skill.

Foline go out scouting in the area for a while. She will learn the forest, in the close proximity.

Gurney will read during the day, the book of poetry, and the Alchemy book, and study with Dev`Mith. At night he'll go out and visit some taverns, hear local gossip.

Dev'Mith will study the spellbook, get his money exchanged in such a way that he can carry it, and stay away from the sun and moon as much as he can.

Dungeon Master: Ok. Here's what happens over the three days: The council has agreed to pay each of you (each of you six) 500 gp as reward for your efforts. As it turns out (which will come of no surprise to some of you) none of the merchandise was stolen from merchants of this city, and so you were able to sell it all without remorse. The council never did inquire as to exactly how much you made from the salvage. After three days a note arrives from Captain Mulkazer D'lemon.

"We would be honored if your party would continue to assist our city in thwarting the return of the smugglers. We suspect that sometime in the next week that a larger ship of theirs will arrive by the dark of the new moon. In return for your capture of this ship, which you may keep, we will pay you again for your services another 500gp each. Please reply with a sealed note to this courier and not in person."

Dungeon Master: Consulting the tides book you are able to determine that the new moon will be in another six days. The council has also agreed to continue to pay for your lodging during this time. Your payment from the council is in gold marks. Each of you receives 5 gold marks (total value is 500 gp, 1 mark=100gp)

Gurney "I'd like to know how the Council got this information."

Foline "Alex, will you come with me sometime to the forest, you know we are having fun there :)"

Alex "Of course, My dear foline :)"

Gurney "Would anyone like to go with me to the Council, and see if we can get more info on how they know another group is coming in?"

Dev'Mith "Something neat you say?"

Gurney nods.

Dev'Mith will attempt to teach Gurney Nahal's Reckless Dweomer.

Gurney "Something flashy..."

Gurney "I also want to visit the council... anyone want to go with?"

Alex "I'm too busy meditating and going along with Foline.... sorry..."

Gurney "Balan?"

Gurney "I'm sure you don't want to do, but I'll ask you too, Dev`Mith"

Dev'Mith "I'd rather not, but thank you for the offer."

Gurney nods.

Gurney "That's seems neat... So what does it do?"

Dev'Mith "It opens a rift to the place where magical energy dwells, and allows it to flow out. You try to shape that energy as it does so, though it doesn't always work."

Gurney travels to Azrim's place, and spends 200 gp to purchase a really nice book.

Gurney "Balan, do you want to go with me and talk to the Council?"

Balan "Sure!"

Foline "Well, what things are there in the woods around?"

Dungeon Master: There aren't much in the way of woods in this area, it's mostly farmers crops, hills, and fields. It is nice to get out of the city though!

Gurney wants to go ask the Council, especially Mulkazer d'Lemon how they know another ship is coming in six days. He and Balan will head to the City Council chambers two days before the new moon.

Dungeon Master: Ok. The two of you meet with Mulkazer D'lemon. He tells you that in his experience as a mariner that smugglers usually come to port when the world is darkest, the new moon. It's just a hunch of his. He has hired a couple locals to row you out to board the vessel when it is spotted.

Alex "I want to try to get access to the prisoner we've brought back, and rip the information out of his mind."

Dungeon Master: The prisoner is kept in the city jail. The council agrees to let you access to him.

Alex goes to the prison and tries to probe the prisoner deeply for the arrival time.

Dungeon Master: You are successful. The man looks through the bars at you resentfully as you sit there quietly and peruse his open mind.

Alex rips the information out of the prisoner's mind, tearing the data from him, bit by bit. He looks in the prisoner's mind for arrival times, size of ship, size of crew, etc. Later he tries to look for organization of crew during the docking.

Dungeon Master: You confirm that the ship usually arrives on the new moon, the first of each month. But he has no knowledge of who is on the ship or its contents.

Dev'Mith busies himself reading the book on the tides of the coast and seeing if along with those papers we found, I can figure out what times they would be most likely to try to come in.

Gurney will spend time in the Harbor taverns, listening for any gossip from sailors or merchants.

Balan "What about that lantern we found? And the paper?"

Gurney "Yes, I'd imagine there is some sort of signaling system set up to let the ship now if it's safe to proceed."

Balan "Then we best do something about that, hmm?"

Alex "Can someone decipher the paper?"

Gurney will look at the Tide Times book, and see what the tides look like on the new moon.

Alex "For example, that Captain in the Council?"

Gurney "Well, I'd imagine it's some sort of on and off code."

Balan nods.

Gurney "I would think the ship would signal first, letting the shore know it's there. It would want some sort of confirmation, though. Perhaps we could talk to Mulkazer, and see if it looks like any sort of signaling code he recognizes."

Alex "I think that a line is a short burst of light, an x is a longer light."

Gurney "That makes sense... It doesn't really matter which is which."

Alex examines the lamp.

Gurney "I'm sure that the ship will signal first, and so we can figure out the code from the way they flash."

Balan "Sure it does, if they didn't get the right signal they probably wouldn't stick around to find out why."

Alex "An X is a longer light... I suppose."

Gurney "Not that it doesn't matter at all, but that we can see which way is which from the way the ship signals."

Balan "Hmm, we probably should be at the house to do the signaling."

Gurney nods.

Alex "Right."

Gurney "We could try and catch them by surprise when they land."

Balan "Where though?"

Alex "Probably on the balcony of that screaming room."

Gurney "I'm thinking that the second line needs to repeated twice."

Alex "I think so, Gurney"

Gurney "That's, I'd think, the reply to the ship. I also think we should get Sabaten's help on this, much as I don't like him."

Balan "I can just see him.... 'Bringing light to the pirate vessel on the darkest day of the month' or some other nonsense."

Alex "He would like the idea of 'slaying the evildoers.'"

Gurney "Gossip down on the harbor, is that nasty things are coming out of the water, keeping people away on nights with new moons. Given that they had undead things under their control it would make sense to have a priest on hand."

Alex "This prisoner knew that signaling was the way to get the ship to send a smaller boat to the shore."

Dev'Mith "The skeletons could have been left over from when the alchemist was alive. He had a spell in his book to create them."

Alex "Signaling was done from the house itself. I suppose that the so-called 'screaming room' was part of this... the balcony near it."

Gurney "Where was that spellbook found, exactly?"

Alex "Ask Foline when she returns from the woods."

Gurney "Well, I'd like go and see Sabaten, and see if he would join us. Unless no one else wants him to join us."

Balan "No, it's fine. He's good help . Especially if one of us are wounded. I can put up with his ranting if I get free healing out of it!"

Gurney nods. "Especially if there are undead things there."

Alex "At the new moon's evening, we should position ourselves in that house. The ones good in fighting should be at the docking cave, the ones less offensive should stand with the fueled lantern on the screaming room's balcony."

Gurney "Well, I volunteer to man the signaling lantern." He looks around. "Not very many of us are strong fighters."

Alex "We could go to the upper level and the attic and see where are the windows that overlook the harbor."

Foline "Well, I could be with Gerom down, near the shore".

Gurney "I'll follow your plan, Alex. I think it's a good one. Hmm... who is going to go out to the ship?"

Alex "Everyone."

Balan "All of us I should think."

Alex "But first we'll have to handle the landing party... ambush them with our weapons."

Gurney nods.

Foline "So.. what's the problem? You got everything settled."

Dungeon Master: It is now the evening of the new moon. Mulkazer sends a note to ask you where you would like to have the craft waiting to take you out to the ship. Two of Mendenton's locals will help row you guys out to the vessel when and if it appears.