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Riddle of King Horrownon, the Andal

Scribed upon a copper plate and set within a floor of ice in a small templee located high in the Cruth Mountains, this riddle hints at treasure to be gained should it's prophecy be fulfilled.

You who would dare to be king,
shall seek then for these three things,
Afore my treasure and throne are thine,
and you drink at last my fiery wine.

Blood of the Storm Gatherer,
his thoughts unwrathered,
The cost of my ring,
his woe you must bring.

The citadel so frozen,
its entrance unbroken,
The cup, before seen,
its lance you must bring.

One crystal is its sight,
in it's chest is wine and life,
If you then want to be king,
this too you must bring.

Rings to hang,
Ice to cleave,
Blood to burn,
Afore you are king.

Bring then here all these three,
Drink the wine while on one knee,
Free then iron, whilst wear my ring,
Then, only then, shall you be king.