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Lore of Ancient Numidium

Over four thousand years ago in the western lands of the Hanoi Peninsula, in the vicinity of where now lies the city of Carangrave, there was a kingdom called Mideam (My dee ahm) that was supposedly ruled over by a great black dragon called Glothmang, supported by a cult of dragon-scale wearing cultists. Glothmang supposedly departed northward for a reason that is not remembered, leaving its cult leaders in charge, but after being gone for several years Mideam was overthrown by its peoples and renamed New Mideam, which eventually became Numidium. A few centuries later, Numidium fell apart due to a variety of factors including political unrest, religious in-fighting, endless and expensive conflict and raids by Shinomen tribes, and an upswell in restless and warlike lizardfolk populations to their south. Descendents of Numidium spread along the coastline, westward, and in the last days of the kingdom their refugees settled many of the islands to the west of the Hanoi Peninsula.