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The Hunter of Titalus, Abarat

Chaotic Evil Infernal Servant

Status: Unknown
Campaign Appearances:
        Ashes of Arend

Abarat is known to be a fiend of considerable power and an important servant of Titalus. In the early days of the Age of Divinity, Abarat was sent into the world of mortals by his lord to begin preparing the way for his lord's passage from Balbros and into the Material Plane. Abarat was said to ride upon the back of a massive demon hound while traveling through the world of mortals and seeking ways to grant his master entrance. The colossal demon-hound was slain by a group of heroic giants who confronted Abarat and his minions. Abarat could not be slain as the giants were without proper means, so instead they imprisoned it into the staff of the giant wizard Yoren. To ensure it would not escape the staff was broken in two, it's crystal separated from the rod, and taken to far parts of the world. Little did the giants know that Abarat had hidden a small portion of its being within its demon-hound.
    Over millenia the corpse of the demon hound rotted and was buried beneath the earth so that only its ribs protruded out from the ground. Its site would later become a hub of worship for followers of the evil god Qo. The spiritual fragment of Abarat's being would slowly manipulate them and events to bring its other parts to rest in the temple complex now built upon the bones of its demon hound. Fortunately, the Qotites never realized what they had and did not reunite the staff and gem in the darkest heart of the complex. They believed that a powerful spirit of their terrible god resided there and so sacred was that darkest chamber that none could enter within.
    Abarat is said to continue to twist the paths of mortals so that one day it will be made whole and it can continue its preparations for its master's emergence.