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Neutral Good Male Cloud Giant
Level 3 Ranger
Level 16 Cleric (Sol Wielder)

Str 35   Dex 13   Con 23   Int 18   Wis 21   Cha 28   Hit Points: 265

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Travels with Bolas

An immense giant which the group encountered while exploring the catacombs at the west end of Loche Isle. Abertoor is a greatly obese giant with large meaty legs and a round face adorned with a large nose. Sitting down he was at least 20 feet tall, standing he was much larger. Though they expected him to be hostile, and at first thought him simple minded, the group soon learned that there was something special about Abertoor, that he was not aggressive against them, and most of all that behind his simple speech there was a great well of knowledge and intelligence. Abertoor implied that he was in fact very, very old and that for perhaps thousands of years he had lived upon Loche Island waiting for something "special" to happen - though he kept what that "special something" was that he was waiting for a tight secret. Abertoor demonstrated magical powers as well, aiding the group by healing them of their wounds when he saw that they were gravely injured. He is also remembered as having a tinge of mischievousness about him, reflected in his making Chance dunk himself in water in order to be healed, much to the candor of the rest of the group.