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True Neutral Male

Status: Unknown
Campaign Appearances:
        Ashes of Arend

Abharahab, the 'Guide at the Gate,' welcomes visitors to the Monastery of Solace and acts as the herald of Beldin Khan and as a go-between for visitors to the monastery and its residents.
    Abharahab's age is difficult to determine. By clues revealed in his speech he may be nearly one-thousand years old (~AC2515), but the cause for this extraordinary longevity is unknown. He looks much like a human, in his mid-thirties, with faded brown hair that frame his handsome and weather accented face. His attire is simple, neatly kept, typically consisting of an aesthetics garb and sandals, accompanied by a yak-wool cloak in the cold, and a walking staff never far from hand though he displays no need for it.
    When visitors come to the Monastery of Solace, Abharahab spends most of his time answering their questions and politely inquiring of the outside world. He speaks numerous dialects of many, many different languages and so he is able to converse with nearly anyone that arrives there.
    Abharahab does not flaunt his knowledge or display spellcasting prowess, though it would seem out of place for him to not be a powerful arcanist given the daunting wealth of information he seems to have absorbed. Rather, he comes across as personable, physically disarming, and conversationally engaging.