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Archmage Abu-Maris

Lawful Good Male Human
Level 20 Wizard
Level 5 Archmage
Level 5 Artificer

Status: Missing

Abu-Maris, Sorcerer of the Sixteen Winds, Mage of the Planes, and Maker of Majesty, was one of the greatest teachers of magic of all time ([2497 After Chaos] 62Before Unholy Wars to 5After Unholy Wars [2564 After Chaos]). His work in bringing new workers of magic into the world advanced the study of magic by, cumulatively, thousands of years.
    We are told that Abu-Maris came from a family of meager means, who were themselves part of a group of dissidents which had fled from the Eastern Empire. So he grew up in the wilds of what we now call the Lake Lands, located in the central plains of the continent of Irendi. Abu-Maris must have been a very intelligent and lucky child, for without tutor he learned how to manipulate the Weave and draw forth its magic.
    When he had finally come of age he left home and began to travel, seeking knowledge to improve his use of magic to the mastery which he eventually achieved. While he traveled he sought out students, philosophers, artisans, and many other cultured people to both learn their way of life, study their beliefs, learn from them, and to spread his own knowledge as it grew from meager to magnificent.
    Once comfortable in his role as a theologian and sorcerer and had come by some wealth both from donors to his cause and from his adventures, Abu-Maris began to teach and build centers of study for intellectuals to gather and exchange ideas in. He encouraged free education and the free dissemination of knowledge and was known to be a kind, earnest, and inspiring teacher.
    Abu-Maris was tireless in his work and studies. From his ever greater understanding of the world and his ever growing ability to wield the magical gifts he possessed he created many magical items and did much research into the mechanics of magic, greatly contributing to the field of magic. Many of his discoveries, including the use of "Magic on the Fly" - the ability to cast spells without preparation or components - changed the history of magical use in a grand way.
    Unfortunately, during much of his time as a teacher, much of the world was in an uproar and filled with fighting and war; it was a time which was to become known as the UnHoly wars. Among those at the head of the conflict was a powerful warrior-mage named Torim Zurkies who had rallied the powers of darkness and a good share of evil, ambitious, or easily manipulated political leaders to his banner. Like Abu-Maris, Torim was also a mage gifted in the field of magic called The Greater Path. Torim, believing Greater Path magic to be key to his supremacy made it known to the masses of the world that he would crush any who openly taught or revealed their skills in its art. Abu-Maris, a formidable sorcerer and beloved by many was one of the few mages who openly opposed Torim and eluded Torim's coven of mages, called the Order of Darkness. Knowing it was only a matter of time before Torim's massed might caught up with him, Abu-Maris openly took on as many students and others as he could find.
    Unexpectedly, Torim Zurkies was slain only months or weeks before what should have been his triumph over the worlds opposition to his rule. After slaying Abu-Maris' very close friend Sephina, a leader among the opposition which remained against Torim, the armies she had amassed along with those of Krantos Rydendow and other powerful counter-parts made a desperate strike against Torim Zurkies on the slopes of Mount Gaiden during which there was some magical accident that unleashed a force which destroyed not only Torim Zurkies, but all armies that were present and much of Mount Gaiden as well.
    This did little to change the course that Torim's Order of Darkness had set upon. With Torim's disappearance, or more likely death, they fanatically pursued the heals of all mages which had opposed Torim with regard to his command to eradicate the practice of the Greater Path outside of the Dark Order.
    About this time, Abu-Maris returned from one of his travels into the Planes of Existence with his greatest creation, a magical Chalice of incredible power and made to unlock the potential of magic in those who made correct use of it.
    Soon after returning from this journey Abu-Maris disappeared mysteriously one night. It was thought that he had been murdered by the evil Order of Darkness until it was revealed by a close friend's descendant that he had made plans to travel beyond the planes in search for the " who wove the weave of magic." Whether murdered in mystery or lost to his search of the planes the great mage, Abu-Maris, was never seen again; leaving behind him a brilliant legacy of magic and knowledge.
    By those who knew him we know that unlike many mages of that time or present, Abu-Maris did not live a life of seclusion but enjoyed taking his students into his researches and the rewards of knowledge which they gained from it. He is also said that he had many lovers, though, strangely, no text remains where any of their names are revealed. There are those who say that Abu-Maris secretly did not take many women as lovers and so conducted his intimate relationships with great care and privacy.
    It is also known that Abu-Maris was a large man who ate well and enjoyed the pleasures of the world and life itself. Often he was filled with happiness and his moods were powerful and affected people about him. He remained steadfast to his beliefs and was passionate of everything he put his time into. He was charismatic and friendly, easily winning friendship from those he met.