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Lord Adrion Garan

Male Human
Level 5 Aristocrat

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Travels with Bolas

The reclusive Lord Garon governs the small town of Ravensclaw, mostly symbolically. His wealthy family has lived in the region for a couple hundred years. Though not appointed the land by a greater authority, the Garons have looked after the welfare of the region for many years and stayed rich on their gem mining business in Garnet. Lord Garon rarely intervenes in the day-to-day activities or administration of the town and so it is up to Ravensclaw's town counsel to handle problems that come up between the inhabitants.
    Lord Garon was widowed in 12865, his wife passing away from a plague that could not be cured without divine assistance, but that was during the years in which the gods were silent while the Dark God ravaged the land. He has a son who tends to family affairs in Karthay, Jorun, and a daughter, Ardette, who lives with Lord Garon and stays busy by maintaining the keep and its staff. Lord Garon is an aging man in his late fifties. His background is in military matters, but he rarely discusses the topic. Truely, he shuns most visitors except those from the town counsel, ever since his wife passed away.
    Travels with Bolas: A patron of Dr. Domini. Lord Garan keeps his residence in an ancient keep just outside of Ravensclaw and several days south of where Domini lives. The group never had a chance to meet Lord Garan as they were turned away from his door when they went to visit him regarding the presence of the werewolves in the area. Few people know anything about this lord who keeps watch over the town of Ravensclaw and the area about it.