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Afairian Mistwolf

Chaotic Good Male Galiadre Elf
Level 16 Ranger

Str 16   Dex 17   Con 18   Int 12   Wis 16   Cha 16   Hit Points: 168

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        The Black Scourge
        Travels with Bolas

Though elfin, one might notice the fine weathered lines that grace his face from a hard and long life lived in the outdoors. Afairian, though, is spry, strong, and quick witted. He is easy to approach and enjoys taking the time to meet and learn of new people that travel through the lands that he patrols and loves. His hair is long and blackened-gray, often tied wildly with a cord of rope or just let loose. He is engaging and anything but common place.
    Born of the rebel Galiadre who inhabit the near the western hook of the Crescent Mountains, Afairian has all his life loved the beauty, warmth, mysteriousness, and danger of the woods which he has explored and traveled for over three hundred years. He knows, perhaps better than any the secrets of the forests and trails that traverse across the south eastern arm of the continent. Together with his friends that he has made who also love the forests he has formed a band of benevolant rangers, called the Mistwolves, or the Twilight Mists. These rangers lend their experienced help to all those who they encounter that travel through their forest ways.
    Though they are a group they often travel for long periods apart. Afairian is most likely to be found with his longtime friend, Lankee Roamswift. They, even before the group was born, knew and traveled with each other for over 300 years.
    Afairian behaves in a roguish manner, often using humor to lighten the mood of those who travel with him. He is wild and grew up learning much from the creatures of the forest. To some he may seem barbaric on occasion, but others may find his strange habits enchanting. Afairian is hardly one to sit still for long. He is constantly moving, streching himself and pushing new limits. Life to him is a series of improvements - and as he sees it, the better prepared he is, the better he can help other people and weather the dangers of the forest himself.
    In battle he has a carefree manner of engagement. Though his attitude is that of, "may the best man win," he is deadly careful and behind his ribald humor is a calculating seriousness for he intends to be that best man no matter what. However serious he is of a fight, Afairian always offers surrender and never strikes at an opponant who has fallen. He fights with valor and honorably. To the chargin of many opponants he speaks much during his swordplay, often offering tips and advice to those he is engaging. Most agree that it is better to engage him in friendship rather than arms.